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  • Forest rd (Wolesey ave-Bromley rd)

    Created by Gerhard Weiss // 1 thread

    Plans for a new scheme can be found here

    We have met with an engineer on site and generally agreed with the principle: proper cycle lane uphill but no cycle lane down hill, removal of pinch points, raised zebras 2 wide lanes outside William Morris with removal of pinch points, no real change further east before The bell junction will be improved.

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  • Cambridge Sport Lakes

    Created by Robin Heydon // 1 thread

    Cambridge Sport Lakes has been approved by South Cambridgeshire District Council. This provides an opportunity to create a safe and direct route from Milton to Waterbeach.

    I think we should contact this organisation and attempt to get the best possible cycle tracks possible through the development.

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  • 45 Burleigh Street - student bedsits and shop

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread


    Erection of building to accommodate ground floor retail (Use Class A1) and 14 en-suite bedsits (HMO) at first and second floor level (Sui generis), together with two communal kitchens, laundry room, cleaning rooms and associated bike and bin storage.

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  • Phasing of Eagle Street Lights eastbound such that you always get caught at second again

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 0 threads

    The traffic lights at Eagle Street were timed such that travelling eastbound you would always get caught at the second set unless you were extremely fast setting off. After discussions with the council and it brought up at the Sustainability Forum by Cllr Smart, it was fixed to increase the length of time that those lights were green, and was great as you always knew you could get through the second set of lights without having to wait unless you just went through the earlier ones just before they went red.

    However over the past few days the signal timing has changed back to the older timing where the probability of getting through the second set is virtually nil. In an ideal world they would be phased such that the first set would go green, then the second set would go green several seconds later at the point where you would be arriving at them, rather than having them change to green almost at the same time.

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  • Busway cycleway flooded

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 2 threads

    The busway cycleway is sometimes flooded in this section.

    The County Council need to address this.

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  • Aire Valley Towpath (NCN 66) Closure

    Created by Clare // 1 thread

    Towpath (NCN Route 66) is closed to cycles and pedestrians at Wharf Approach. No diversion is in place so alternative is busy Kirkstall Road (A65) to travel west in direction of Horsforth.

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  • Should Cambridge 'Go Dutch' (or Danish)

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 4 threads

    London Cycling Campaign has reorientated its policy towards a 'Go Dutch' approach.

    This aims to learn from best practice abroad rather than continuing with the 'hierarchy of provision' that, in 20 years in the UK, has arguably failed to deliver meaningful change.

    This is an overarching issue for conceptual discussion of this issue.

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  • Cambridge Cycling Campaign's "Project Orange"

    Created by Michael Cahn // 12 threads

    Project Orange is an attempt develop our general strategy during the year 2013.

    It involves

    1) Should Cambridge Go Dutch (or Copenhagenize)

    2) A more assertive stance in our interactions with agencies: Demanding of them to make feasible what seems infeasible

    3) focus on a regional area 10 miles (15 km) around Cambridge and a dartboard network structure to connect villages,

    4) the development of a Bicycle Infrastructure Assessment Tool (BIAC) which will allow us to grade and praise provision

    5) Priority over sideroads as part of a Dutch-style approach

    5) Development of Visualisation Tools for major projects (Chisholm Trail, Newnham to Newmarket Rd, Mitcham's Corner)

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  • Cyclists dismount on NCN route

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    If you follow NCN 7/14/70 through Durham from west to east, then after crossing Pennyferry bridge and proceeding south towards Fleshergate you find a no entry sign which adds "Cyclists dismount". There ought to be a contraflow cycle lane on this one way street. Round the corner just further on there is a contraflow lane!

    Update, 3rd May 2016.
    The road layout has been changed in conjunction with the new office blocks at Freeman's Reach. The road was previously wide enough to be two-way, apart from the problem of the bays for coaches to offload tourists. Now the pavement has been extended to enclose the bays, and the main carriageway is much narrower. What had been ordinary footway further along is now a ramp up to the office doors, with the footway now taking the place of part of the previous carriageway. There is a shared-use sign on the pavement, if you are travelling north, but "cyclists give way to pedestrians" has been added, as though they are aware that the space is not really wide enough. On the reverse of the sign is a "cyclists dismount" sign again, so there is still no means of turning south round the corner to join the short contraflow lane.

    By the end of Pennyferry Bridge there is now a little shared use sign indicating that it is permissible to cycle on the new walkway round the river side of the office blocks. Mixing bikes and pedestrians along this route will probably be unpopular.

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  • Dangerous and blocked cycle-lane

    Created by WillC // 0 threads

    Leeds-bound cycle lane adjacent to Coopers Pub is regularly blocked by cars using the pizza shop next door. The cycle-lane itself is only useful if you are wishing to turn left into The Green. If you wish to go straight ahead then you have to use the main carriageway. This is , not wide enough for cars to pass so you have to take the primary position for safety. This causes irritation for drivers who do not understand the the cycle lane provided is not for cyclists travelling straight on. Junction needs rethinking, and illegal parking addressed.

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  • Dangerous junction

    Created by WillC // 0 threads

    Leeds-bound cycle lane stops at junction and continuing in a straight line would mean hitting pavement, so cyclist need to pull out into traffic that up until then has been safely passing them. At the same time as cyclists are pulling into the main carriageway - in the center of the junction - vehicles are pulling into the left side as the carriageway narrows on the other side of the junction. It is a regular source of near-misses and very intimidating.
    The junction needs realigning/redesigning.

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  • Dangerous drain cover on Newtown Road

    Created by Gregory Williams // 1 thread

    The drain cover in Newtown Road at the point that the cycle path to the station crosses it is orientated such that the slots in it could trap a bicycle wheel.

    The drain cover should be replaced with a "waffle" style cover.

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