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  • Barracks Lane

    Created by Hazel Dawe // 1 thread

    There is a walkway between Leafield Road and Barracks Lane chichi could be made into a good cycle cut through by the addition of a dropped kerb.

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  • ramp for pedestrian bridge over Manor Rd level crossing.

    Created by MB // 1 thread

    A cycle ramp on the pedestrian bridge over the Manor Rd level crossing would be a great idea. Cyclists could continue their journey by crossing the bridge and ensure they were out of the way of drivers impatient to set off when the barriers rise. If done correctly, ramps would ensure that parents with buggies could also cross the bridge - getting them & their youngsters on their way & out of the pollution generated by the drivers who rarely switch off engines while waiting for the barriers to rise.

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  • Ramp at York Road to railway bridge

    Created by mike1727 // 0 threads

    Provide a ramp alongside the steps to access the York Road railway bridge.

    STACC member request from May 2011.

    Enables a low traffic E/W link paralleling Hatfield road linking Fleetville to the north of the city centre.

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  • Ramped access to Victoria Bridge from riverside path

    Created by t1mmyb // 0 threads

    There has been stepped access from the riverside to Victoria Bridge for years, possibly since the bridge's construction.

    Victoria Bridge is currently closed pending refurbishment/reconstruction due to its dilapidated and dangerous condition; there may be S106 money available from the developers of the adjacent Western Riverside housing development. It's crucial to write to local councillors expressing the community's desire to have the bridge access not merely restored, but enhanced, for the benefit of cyclists, pedestrians and less-able users of the bridge and riverside.

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