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  • Watercress Park Motorcycle Inhibitor

    Created by Marcus Howarth // 1 thread


    London Borough of Sutton is considering installing a motorcycle barrier on the Spencer Road Entrance at Watercress Park to help prevent unlawful use by motorbikes and we are interested in hearing your views. The barriers are designed to allow pedestrians and those using mobility scooters and wheelchairs to enter but to stop motorcycles from gaining access.

    We are aware that motorbikes regularly access the site via the  Spencer Road entrance which can cause anti-social behaviour and safety issues.  As part of the Council's commitment to improving the situation for local residents we propose to install an inhibitor gate. 

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  • Barrier put up in Bourne Ct. shared use path

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    This developer [1] has put up this barrier in a shared use path important to local cyclists (c.f. the Campaign's original objections), apparently following complaints that the path was being used as a “cut through” by motor cyclists.

    Clearly, this constitutes a real problem for cyclists and wheelchair users.


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  • New barrier on Addenbrookes busway bridge

    Created by Finlay KM // 1 thread

    A new set of barriers has appeared on the hospital side of the usway bridge at Addenbrookes.
    Creates the usual set of problems for cargo bikes and less confident bike users, with the added bonus of being on a steep hill that ices up regularly, and right next to a busway with a record of squishing people who fall onto it.

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  • Inaccessible gate on new path to Clifton Backies

    Anon // 1 thread

    This is very odd: what was previously a dirt track access to Clifton Backies from Minchin Close now newly paved, which is obviously welcome. Less wonderful is the gate between the Backies and Minchin Close which seems to provide enough width to allow certain motorised vehicles through while giving insufficient width to trikes, trailers, cargo bikes/trikes and buggies. Also unfortunate is the placing of the dropped kerb from the Minchin Close side which is in the wrong place, away from the gap. Is it finished? Who is it supposed to be for? It really isn't clear at all.

    Another, secondary, issue is the lack of any signage, either the usual blue 'Share, Respect, Enjoy' sign at the gate itself or a blue cycle route sign pointing to the gate from the entrance of Minchin Close. I've emailed the Council officers responsible about this, so hopefully some clarity will be provided and ideally action taken.

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  • Inaccessible barrier to Clifton Backies - RESOLVED

    Anon // 1 thread

    Clifton Backies is part of an off-road route that links Clifford Moor to the Orbital Route. Entry to it is restricted by a barrier designed to prevent motorcyclists from entering it. Unfortunately this same barrier prevents non-standard cycles, like trikes, recumbents, cargo bikes, adaptive cycles etc from being able to use this path.

    Update: Following YCC representations to the Clifton Backies Management Board, this barrier has now been completely removed as part of an initiative to make the Backies more accessible to all! Excellent!

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  • Augmented barrier between Clifton Backies & Herdwick Close/Water End

    Anon // 1 thread

    This could well be the worst barrier on a marked cycle path that I've seen in York. An existing barrier has been augmented with a wooden fence, forcing cyclists to dismount and push their bike through a constrained space, right into another fence! Getting a conventional bike through unscathed is a challenge for an able-bodied person - getting an unconventional bike or trailer through, or trying to get a bike through as a disabled person, is surely impossible.

    On a marked and signed cycle path.


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  • Summershill Road - Everglades Avenue

    Created by Tim P // 1 thread

    Barrier installed between Everglades Avenue and Summerhill Road.

    This is a potentially beneficial low traffic route from Milton Road through to London Road and the shops /amenities in Cowplain.

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  • Inaccessible Barriers on Scarcroft Lane

    Anon // 1 thread

    There are barriers at the eastern end of Scarcorft Lane to stop cars driving down the lane.

    But they are too close together to get bikes through that are wider than a standard bike, such as a cargo bike or a bike with a trailer. Even on a normal bike you have to be careful not to clip your pedals, it must be very hard for less stable cyclists such as those that are older or have a disability.

    The barriers are also at knee height and painted black with scratched off reflective stickers, in a alleyway thats badly lit. At night in winter it could be easy not to see them properly until its too late.

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  • Hospital Fields Road barrier

    Kate Ravilious // 0 threads

    The padlocked barrier at the end of Hospital Fields Road is inaccessible for non-standard cycles, and difficult to pass through for anyone except the most able-bodied cyclists.

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  • Threat of barrier on existing Highworth Ave cycle route

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    I've gotten wind that some residents are pushing for an exclusionary barrier of some kind to block the existing filter at Highworth Ave / Leys Road. Right now it's a couple of nice planters with a reasonably-sized gap that any kind of cycle can ride through. I don't know exactly what they're planning but they want to stop motorbikes, which can only mean something really obnoxious for everyone else.

    While I sympathise about the motorbike problem (I see them too, being a nearby resident and frequent user of this cut-through), I am very worried about this kneejerk reaction that will harm legitimate users of the filter. A form of collective punishment for the actions of a few, basically.

    I would like to alert people who may be worried about yet-another obstacle on a cycle route, or even possibly losing a nice quiet cycle route that lets us avoid nasty parts of Arbury and Milton Roads.

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  • Cycle barrier

    Created by FrenchyF // 0 threads

    There's a nasty barrier here which is almost impossible to pass without dismounting. Anyone with a trailer or even just panniers will need to lift their bike over it.

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  • Addition of barrier at SPRI site 16/0950/FUL

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Installation of new car park control barrier, at Scott Polar Research Institute, Lensfield Road, Cambridge, CB2 1ER

    This is a heavily-used entrance for cycling and walking. The proposed cycle/walk section seems far too small.

    This might not be a problem if closed only at night, but during the day would cause an obstruction.

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  • Barrier blocking dropped kerb, with no alternative

    Created by Donald Noble // 1 thread

    A barrier has been erected when the NCN7 cycle path joins the A86, presumably to stop children from cycling onto this busy road. However, this blocks the dropped kerb at this location, and no alternative is available without cycling some distance into Kingussie on a footpath which is not marked as shared use.

    The barrier also limits the entrance to the cycle track, which could make it difficult for people with trailers or alternative bikes

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  • Really Awkward Gate

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    The pointless pedestrian gate here is really awkward for pedestrians and cyclists alike, as it's hung on the wrong post and the area of bitmac that has been laid for it is ludicrously small. This area normally ends up a muddy mess in the winter. People simply don't move in sub one metre angular movements, shunting back and forth to avoid the grass. Note the track in the grass that shows what one cyclist did shortly before the Google car got there.
    Remove all three gates and replace them with a removable bollard.

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  • Barriers across cycle path

    Created by Iain Lane // 2 threads

    I've received some further oral reports that barriers are still in place and that there may be plans to install yet more.

    We should investigate and find out what's going on here, stop it happening and have the existing barriers removed.

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  • Barrier very tight for bikes

    Created by Donald Noble // 0 threads

    This barrier is quite a tight squeeze for a normal bike without panniers, and would be very difficult/impossible to get though with an accessible bike/panniers/trailer etc.

    Presume bollards could be used here to stop vehicles entering the path without causing an obstruction for bikes/wheelchairs etc.

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  • Open gap in fence for walkers and cyclers

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 0 threads

    The fence around the car part at Inch House has no gap at the back (there is a gate to allow access to the waste bins but it's locked). This forces walkers and cyclists into a very narrow path along the wall and entrance of Inch House, too narrow to pass others and people leaving the house step right into your path.

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