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  • Proposed cyclepath : Murcar to Blackdog

    Created by Debra Storr // 1 thread

    Consultation open until 18th August 2019 on cycleway as shown.
    Unresolved issue of connections into Blackdog from bus stop on dual carriageway and connection at Murcar onto existing shared cyclepath on west side of dual carriageway.  

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  • NCN 15 Trent Bridge to Clifton proposed

    Created by BrianInBeeston // 1 thread

    Proposed route of NCN 15 from Trent bridge to Clifton, following the south bank of the river Trent. The idea under discussion is for the route to be temporarily signed by Sustrans volunteer rangers in the first instance. there are also plans to sign an NCN 15 to NCN6 link route via Wilford Toll, Birdcage walk, Lenton Lane, Abbey St. NCN15 from Clifton west can be signed once the A453 works are complete.

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  • A120 Proposed Roundabout to improve safety - but will it help cyclists?

    Created by Gary // 0 threads

    To improve safety after numerous fatal car accidents the Highways Agency are currently implementing speed restrictions but are also designing a new roundabout for the A120 near Pellens Corner/Horsley Cross. NCN51 passes nearby. Cyclists don't generally want to cycle the A120 but we do have to cross it to get across Tendring District. Roundabouts are particular hard for cyclists to use on A roads. So will the Highways Agency proposal include the needs of cyclists?

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  • Pedestrianise Clifton Triangle

    Created by aSemy // 1 thread

    The Freedom To Ride Manifesto, a petition run by Bristol Cycling Campaign, calls for a comprehensive cycle network across Bristol. As part of this I have sketched a plan to pedestrianise Bristol's Clifton Triangle and kick start a discussion.

    My aims were
    1) Pedestrianise the road from Victoria Rooms to Wills Memorial Building
    2) Using ideas seen in New York, plan for a minimum of work, meaning this can be done cheaply and removed if a trial doesn't work.
    3) Provide a decent pedestrian and cycle through routes, redressing the balance

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  • Proposed removal of cycle path

    Created by Chrisj // 1 thread

    Notice is herby given that Southampton city council

    proposes to make the following

    The City of Southampton(various roads)

    (movement restrictions)(amendment no9)order 2013

    1. the effect of the order is to remove the contraflow cycle lane on

    second avenue between first avenue and the north-westernmost

    access to the NXP site, approximately 150metres south-east of allington

    road thus reverting this part of second avenue to two way traffic. The

    contraflow cycle lane will remain on the part of second avenue between

    the north-westernmost access to the NXP site and allington road.

    2.Copies of the order, relevant map and statement of reasons for

    proposing may be inspected during normal working hours at my enquiry

    office. Further information may also be obtained from the Southampton

    Highways Partnership (traffic management) on 02380798064

    3.Any person wishing to object to the order must write to at the

    address given below or email: stating the grounds for

    objection within 21 days of this notice (i.e. by 2 August 2013)

    Dated 12 July 2013

    Richard Ivory Head Of Legal, HR and Democratic Services,

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  • Marlborough Street to Park Row, Bristol Dutch Style Cycle Infrastructure.

    Created by David Wilcox // 3 threads

    To investigate options to provide a safe, continuous route from St James Barton Roundabout to the top of Park Street.

    Marlborough Street/Upper Maudlin Street/Perry Road/Park Row (known as the Scope Route) is the most desirable route for cyclists from the east of the city to the University, the Triangle, Clifton etc but is heavily trafficked with little cycle provision.

    Research has identified three key perceptions that deter people from taking up cycling: lack of personal safety; inconvenience; poor image. Experience from countries in northern Europe shows conclusively that in order for cycling to become a mass activity attracting all ages and abilities these perceptions have to be tackled and potential cyclists must believe they will feel safe, valued and normal. Facilities are needed that form a coherent network, separate cyclists from fast, high volume traffic and offer them a high degree of priority and convenience both on main routes and local roads. The purpose of Bristol's 'Design Cycling' work programme is to create a network and that is convenient, safe and provides speedy access all over the city. A network which a 12 year old would feel comfortable using.

    Part of the 2013 Bristol City Council LSTF proposals.

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  • Proposed Cycle Route Sidmouth, Tipton, Ottery, Feniton

    Created by kirbyjames // 1 thread

    Pupils at The King’s School. Ottery are proposing a new cycleway follow the old railway track starting at Feniton, through Ottery and Tipton St John and finishing at Sidmouth.

    Summary from the Sidmouth Herald:-

    "A campaign for a cycleway to link Sidmouth with Ottery St Mary and Feniton will shift up a gear next month with an exhibition to show
    off its potential benefits.

    Pupils at The King’s School are spearheading the project with help from teachers and councillors.

    It is proposed the cycleway follows the old railway track starting at Feniton, through Ottery and Tipton St John and finishing at Sidmouth.

    An open evening at the The King’s School on Thursday, October 18, at 7pm will demonstrate the benefits of such schemes to the local economy and to residents’ health.

    Councillor Claire Wright, said the Tarka Trail in North Devon has given a huge boost to tourism there. She hopes volunteers will join a committee which will work towards making the scheme a reality, but funding will be the biggest issue."

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