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  • A602 Improvements Ware Road - Stony Hills to Sacombe Pound

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    Following planning approval in Jan 2018 (during which many objections were supported by Councillors), Herts Highways are now developing the next phase: the A119 roundabout and the section between Heath Mount School and the Stony Hills junction. They have published a side roads order (documents can be downloaded from the web link below). This is a statutory process that must be consulted on prior to making changes to any side or access roads. They have conceded installing a cyclists' bypass to the A119 roundabout, but proposals for the Heath Mount School to Stony Hills section are unchanged.

    The "improvement" of the road between the Sacombe Pound and Stony Hills junctions will lead to increased traffic speeds and volumes, making conditions for cyclists worse when cycling between these junctions, or crossing into Sacombe Park.

    ANY PERSON may object to the confirmation of the Order by notice to the Secretary of State for Transport, National Transport Casework Team, Department for Transport, Tyneside House, Skinnerburn Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7AR, not later than 25 October 2019, stating the grounds of their objection.

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  • Tea wagon opposite Cambridge North station - dangerous obstruction

    Created by David Green // 1 thread

    I cycle commute to the Science Park every day, riding Northbound on new cycle path past Cambridge North station. Over the past few weeks I've noticed a mobile tea wagon set up on the grass beside the new cycle/foot path directly opposite the station. I have no idea whether this has been sanctioned by the station authorities, or is just a trader using his initiative.

    I'm concerned that the position of this mobile wagon is making my commute less safe:

    - location obscures the view for cyclists as they ride towards the station. Location is on a curve in the path and it obstructs the otherwise clear view in both directions for cyclists, obstructing the view of cycle traffic approaching from opposite direction.

    - location restricts the path width, particularly when pedestrians are buying refreshment. There are a couple of 'bar stools' set up and the wagon itself encourages pedestrians to cross the a busy cycle path.

    - the fold-up roof of the wagon protrudes out over the path. It is a thin flat roof hard to see even in daylight. (As mornings get darker it will be invisible.). Tall cyclists, or any cyclists standing up on the pedals, could easily collide with this roof. There is a danger of serious injury/decapitation.

    Last week I stopped and politely mentioned these matters to the owner. I have asked him to instead set up in the wide lay-by 50 m further up the path but he has not moved yet.

    The roadway has double yellow lines. I believe this means that Please note that yellow lines apply from the centre of the road to the edge of the highway. This means that you cannot park on the pavement or verge either.

    Does the CCyC have any contacts at Cambridge North station who we can take this up with on safety grounds? If not, how can we get this waggon moved? It is only a matter of time that a Science Park cycle commuter has a serious accident here.

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  • Junction of A602 and A119: Planning Application PL\0851\17

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    The proposals are to enlarge the existing A119/A602 roundabout, to incorporate two-lane entries on all four arms and to provide a segregated left-turn lane on the approach from the north. The circulatory carriageway is also widened to two lanes. The footway along the A119 will remain in place. The footpath from the roundabout towards Watton-at-Stone will be reinstated and extended as part of the works to create a new link. It will be extended approximately 250m along Ware Road to connect with the existing footway into Watton-at-Stone. An uncontrolled pedestrian crossing will be provided at the A119 traffic island.

    You can view the planning applications by visiting the Herts CC planning portal and searching using the reference number PL\0851\17 (for A119)

    The planning case officer is Sharon Threlfall. Comments can be sent to

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  • Pedestrian Crossing Island Dangerously Small

    Created by acsimpson // 1 thread

    The island on this pedestrian crossing is dangerously small, whoever allowed this to be installed was being negligent. There is no safe area to wait with small children and no flat space for wheelchairs/pushchairs to wait. If I remember the guidlines correctly it shouldn't be possible to walk straight over a staggered crossing island, however this isn't the case here.

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  • A41-M1 Slip Road (near Brockley Roundabout) dangerous crossing

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    Southeast of the Brockley Hill roundabout the A41 cycle route crosses the slip road that takes A41 traffic onto the M1. The speed limit is 70 mph. There are yellow cross-lines on the main A41 carriageway to slow traffic approaching the roundabout. However, there are no cross-lines on the two-lane slip road and traffic is accelerating to merge with the M1 motorway traffic.

    The at grade cycle crossing point, over a hard shoulder and two traffic lanes, is unmarked on the road and there are no ‘Cyclists Crossing’ warning signs approaching it.

    There was a cyclist injury in 2009 and a cyclist fatality in 2010.

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  • Stirling Corner A1/A411 roundabout dangerous cycle route

    Created by JonC // 2 threads

    Stirling Corner is the roundabout where the A411 (Barnet Lane / Barnet Road linking Borehamwood to Barnet) crosses the A1 and it also provides access to a separate service road with various retail outlets. The A1 is a 50 mph, 6-lane dual carriageway and this is the last roundabout before the A1M.

    There is an at grade, circular pedestrian & cyclist route around the entire roundabout, which crosses each of the 5 arms via refuges in the middle of each. On the west side, the A1 cycle route uses part of this circular cycle route to cross two arms of the roundabout. Speed, volume and unpredictability of traffic makes using most parts of this circular cycle route extremely hazardous.

    It is a high volume roundabout with up to 4 lanes of traffic and traffic flow is partially controlled by traffic lights at 2 places on the roundabout and at 2 entry points (see diagram). There are no traffic lights on the west or north sides.

    At the two entry points controlled by lights (A1 northbound & A411 westbound) there is no ‘green man’ light to assist pedestrians or cyclists.

    The most dangerous crossing points are the two 3-lane exits from the roundabout serving the A1. A possible safer east-west route would be to take pedestrians/cyclists via the centre of the roundabout, making use of the existing traffic lights (and converting them to Toucan).

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  • A4040 Junction, Harborne

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    This junction is appalling badly designed. The only thought behind it appears to be how to maximise traffic flows on the A4040. The weird junction with the high street proper just causes confusion and near-misses. The roundabout is notorious for collisions, and facilities for pedestrians are poor. Facilities for cyclists are non-existent. It is a major barrier to cycling.
    The junction should be redesigned, taking into consideration all road users and traffic flows over a wide area with a view to reducing conflicts. For example, consider closing roads to motor traffic so as to simplify the situation and improve permeability for walking and cycling. Motor traffic on the high street (which is looking run down) is bad for trade.

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  • Dangerous infra fail Clyde Gateway A728/Dunn St

    Created by Lizzie // 1 thread

    Protected space for cycling Eastbound along Clyde Gateway, it's marked along the footway, too narrow but not bad. Then reach the junction with Dunn St and the cycle path joins the carriageway and immediately in conflict with a huge sweeping left turn filter lane. This is terrible, dangerous design.

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  • Bournville Lane - Hay Green Lane Junction

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    There are regular collisions at this junction because motorists speed on Bournville Lane and the site-lines are very, very poor. The simple solution is to change the priority. This would solve the problem for motorists, and make it easier for cyclists to use Hay Green Lane as part of a cycle route.
    I have suggested the change of priority to BCC but was given a list of excuses why this cannot possibly be done. One of these was that Bournville Lane is a blue route. I see no benefit in an emergency journey ending here because someone pulling out of Hay Green Lane couldn't see the approaching police car.

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  • Use of Spray and Chip

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    This new path has been finished in spray and chip, creating a very unstable surface. It is unnecessarily narrow and twisty. It is a typical example of BCC building a footpath and then calling it a cycle route. It is unusable for cycling unless you want to cycle at the same speed as a pedestrian, which defeats the point of cycling. In needs to be rebuilt.

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  • Witherford Way Roundabout

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    The roundabout here has a carriageway designed for multiple lanes of traffic, and some motorists take full advantage of it and just blast through without slowing, which is extremely dangerous. The design is hopelessly obsolete, yet it has been recently carefully preserved during resurfacing works. The island needs to be extended outwards to force motorists to drive around it. The roundabout is so large it could possibly be made single lane without an overrun area. Better still, build a Dutch roundabout and cycle paths connecting to it.

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  • Dangerous tree stump

    Created by Ian Seeley // 0 threads

    There is a tree stump about 3 feet high on the cycle track. It's particularly difficult to see at night when travelling east bound and should be completely removed and the cycle track resurfaced.

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  • Cob Lane - Bristol Road Link

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    This path has been built recently as part of the Merritts Brook Greenway walking and cycling route. It would be quite useful were it not narrow, twisty, and covered in loose chippings. As it is, it is all but useless for cycling, so it needs to be rebuilt properly.

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  • Upper Orwell Street dangerous ASL

    Created by Jon_B // 0 threads

    There is a marked ASL at the North End of Upper Orwell Street with a marked cycle lane leading up to it.

    However, this end of Upper Orwell Street is very narrow and traffic turning left into it from St Helens Street at an acute angle often swings wide encroaching into the ASL. Very large vehicles making this turn would probably have no choice but to do so.

    This makes the ASL a dangerous area for cyclists and I would generally avoid using it.

    The junction either needs to be revised to avoid this issue and protect cyclists waiting in the ASL or a one-way motors / 2 way cycling system considered.

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  • Dangerous T junction

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 1 thread

    Twice in the past week I have been cycling up St Johns to make a rh turn onto Cauldwell Hall and nearly been taken out by a driver taking the corner too fast as they travel north bound along Cauldwell Hall and turn down St Johns Rd.
    The problems are too fast traffic on Cauldwell Hall and poor design at that junction , need an island to separate traffic.

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  • Dangerous T junction

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 0 threads

    Recently a cyclist was knocked off here while trying to turn right out of Constantine Road . The car driver took the corner without obeying the white line markers. Needs hard infrastructure changes .

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  • Roehampton Lane needs safe space4cycling

    Created by MB // 0 threads

    A fast road - dual carriageway in both directioms and with 6 lanes at one end. Speed limit of 30mph rarely respected - except in rushhour when speeds can be down to zero mph at times.

    Cyclists can not cycle safely along either side of the road. Cars, lorries, busses etc are travelling too fast, with drivers jostling to change lanes, overtake busses or 'beat the lights'. The cyclists I see are on the pavement & I don't blame them - frankly the layout is not fit for cyclists. Fortunately the pavement is wide, there are few pedestrians and there is ample room for considerate cyclists to travel this way. More cyclists would use this roue if it was safer & if it joined up properly with Danebury Avenue & the other cycle routes in the area.

    With the wide pavements & carriageway there is room for segregated cycle, pedestrian and motor vehicle routes. There may even be room for 'floating' bus stops. A zebra or Toucan crossing on the road would also reduce average speeds.

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  • Barrier across cycle lane - DANGEROUS!

    Created by Simon Redding // 0 threads

    The barrier in the photo blocks the route where NCN67 joins Storforth Road at the end of the Rother Washlands in Chesterfield.
    Perhaps the council was trying to be safe here, but since it's not a well lit area, a cyclist travelling this way at night might well have a nasty accident flying over this barrier.

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  • Underpass unfit for cycle use

    Created by litwardle // 0 threads

    The most frustrating part of the journey is when I get to the square. To get to Castle Street you either have to cycle under the bridge. This underpass is far to narrow and has blind entry..It makes a heart racing cycle when someone comes in the opposite direction narrowly avoiding collision! The surface is also very slippery in the wet. The only way to avoid this is by continuing to the T junction at the square and turning left... Ooops No left turn!! Of course, even if you could there is no way to get to castle street without going over the bridge and doubling back! Any improvement here would make a huge difference!

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  • Dangerous cycle route at Heath Road

    Created by Caroline Page // 1 thread

    Eastbound cyclists wishing to avoid the double roundabout at this point are routed onto the pavement, across the exit for the Shell garage (often to the surprise of exiting drivers), and then (still across pavement) onto a piece of decommissioned road used as access and double-sided parking for a parade of shops. This road has a separate car entrance from the roundabout.
    Its a lethal combination -I have personally once been hit by a car turning fast from the roundabout on the road entrance as I entered it from the bike route. The driver was very angry because it was my fault that she didn't look out for me. You then have to cycle between two sets of parked cars/vans: there are frequent hazards: suddenly opened doors, people reversing/leaving the parking place without looking behind.
    At the end, the cyclist is signed again onto pavement heavily used by schoolchildren/old people at the eastbound Heath Road Roundabout bus stop, before being routed back onto the road along the pull-off for the bus itself.
    My personal view is that this scheme has been created and signed by a maniac

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  • Belvedere Road near Tuddenham Road

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 1 thread

    Very narrow carriageway and very narrow footpath on one side only ( I have seen a woman struck on the shoulder by a bus mirror on this route).
    High number of pedestrians and cyclists at peak times, poor visibility and abrupt hill make this a very dangerous route.

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  • Dangerous junction on Cross Street

    Created by Jack Thurston // 0 threads

    The four-way junction at Cross Street / Monk Street is dangerous for cyclists, with large vehicles making the turn, crossing onto the other side of the road. It is even more dangerous for pedestrians. There are no pedestrian crossings provided at this crossing requiring pedestrians to walk a very long way around to get from one side of Cross Street to the other, or to take a chance by crossing through the motor traffic.

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  • Burgess Road 80cm cycle lane

    Created by Dan Doherty // 0 threads

    Very narrow cycle lane between University Road and Violet Road and Broadlands Road. Encourages very close passes when cycling in the lane (with 10cm of your handlebars), or aggressive impatient driving if you cycle outside of the lane. Additionally to cycle within this cycle lane it is necessary to cycle closer to the kerb than the recommended 50cm from kerb (
    Lane markings are extremely faded. Lane contains several drains.

    No cycle lane would be better than the current cycle lane.

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  • Western Park Road - Cars avoiding speed bumps

    Created by MikeF // 0 threads

    When cycling along western park road towards mutley. On sections that have speed bumps without the traffic islands/bollards, car/taxi drivers dangerously position their cars (across both lanes) at speed to avoid the speed bumps. Friday & Saturday nights is the worst time with the taxi's.

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