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  • TRAF/7506 - One Way - St Nicholas Street, Colchester

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    he Essex County Council (St Nicholas Street, Colchester) (One Way) Order 202*Statement of ReasonsSummary of the LocationSt Nicholas Street, Colchester, illustrated on drawingref. 169_HAT_GA_110 Rev. B.Reasons for the Proposed ChangesThis one-way restriction is part of a wider public realm improvement project proposed by Colchester Borough Council for the area around St Nicholas Square. For details of the proposed development, visit their webpage of the Proposed ChangesTo enhance the public realm in St Nicholas Square, and minimise carriageway to create enhanced footways and space availablefor outdoor seating. The key aims of the St Nicholas Square project are to:• Create a more pedestrian friendly environment, less dominated by car anddelivery traffic• Create more outdoor seating space for cafés and restaurants to spill out• Createspace for market stalls and events to happen• Ensure the space is accessible to all usersA number of local Councillors have been supportive of the scheme and the overall ambition to create a more pedestrian friendly and open square, which supports local businesses through the creation of more external seating areas, more space for markets and events, and increased footfall in the long term.CBC have secured central government funding enabling the project to move forward.

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  • Contraflow on Park Terrace

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    The section of Park Terrace behind the hotel is wide enough for a cycle contraflow.

    Although people can cycle in front of the pavilion, this is shared use and can be busy with pedestrians. It also means encountering traffic lights involving a wait unnecessarily.

    Given that there is space, there seems no good reason not to provide a contraflow - in line with the principle that two-way cycling should be possible unless there is no space to do so.

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  • Crouch Street West contraflow spur used as further parking

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    The, albeit contrived, design expects cyclists travelling East (from or across Rawstorn Rd.) into Crouch Street to use this spur to cross to the opposite ("shared use") pavement to avoid the angled parking along the North side of the street.  Unsurprisingly, the spur isn't well used, while the short stay spaces are often full, so the spur is regularly used for parking.

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  • Cyclist access to Maldon Road from Creffield Road

    Created by Stuart Johnson // 1 thread

    Currently there is no entry from Creffield Road to Maldon Road, this means cyclists have to divert via Inglis Road which is a poor junction for cyclists. A request has been submitted for changes to the juction to let cyclists enter Maldon Road from Creffield Road. It's understood that Cllr Sue Lissimore has subimtted this to the Local Highways Panel (LHP).

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  • Contraflow on Rae St

    Created by Cycling Dumfries // 1 thread

    Allow contraflow cycling on Rae Street - the sightlines for crossing Lovers Walk to the station are better than Newall Terrace so this would allow a consistent cycle route into town

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  • One way system in Bangor on Dee

    Created by Chris Neston // 1 thread

    The beautiful ancient bridge at Bangor on Dee is currently signed as a one way only system. This causes a barrier for cyclists wishing to cross the other way and a long diversion. Examination should be given to amending the system to allow two way travel for cyclists. This may mean installation of lights or preferable closure to motorised vehicles which would improve access for walkers.

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  • Two-way cycling in one way streets - 2017

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 2 threads

    We have reached the final phase of the project to open up restricted streets to two-way for cyclists in Cambridge - and residents can have their say.

    Many restricted streets have already been opened up to two-way cycling over the last 10 years following a Department for Transport trial. Allowing cyclists to be exempt from no-entry restrictions, and to travel both ways on one-way streets, is a cost effective and easy way of expanding the city cycle network.

    After consultation with residents and stakeholders last year followed by a meeting at the Cambridge Joint Area Committee in January, we are proposing to make 15 one-way or restricted entry streets two-way for cycling. Local residents will be notified of these Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) regarding proposed two-way cycling in restricted streets in Cambridge.

    Please email policyandregulation AT by 1 September 2017 with your comments.

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  • Contraflow bike lane should have double yellows

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    Parking/loading should not be allowed in the contraflow bike lane. Drivers are often unaware that there even is a contraflow bike lane, and parked cars force cyclists to enter the oncoming lane, which causes conflict and endangers them. Ideally the bike lane would also be mandatory rather than advisory.

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  • Contraflow bike lane should have double yellows

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    Parking/loading should not be allowed in the contraflow bike lane. Drivers are often unaware that there even is a contraflow bike lane, and parked cars force cyclists to enter the oncoming lane, which causes conflict and endangers them. Ideally the bike lane would also be mandatory rather than advisory.

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  • Balfour Street Streetscape Improvement

    Created by Luce // 1 thread

    Main cycling concerns:

    Installation of contraflow lane (and removal of parking where said lane is to be - currently contraflow is allowed, with no formal lane);
    Reduction of parking;
    Tightening up of jct. with Rodney Rd - as well as most of Balfour St. (reducing reckless driving);
    Additional cycle parking at corner of Victory Pl.


    Current shared contraflow 'bypass' at corner of John Maurice Cl. and Balfour St. seems to be gone, this meant cyclists didn't have to go head-on with oncoming traffic;
    Width for safe contraflow (this is also a bit of an issue due to parking; however Balfour St. is not very busy, so I have never had any conflicts myself)


    Southwark Council has plans to enhance the appearance and improve accessibility along Balfour Street between Rodney Road and Munton Road, and its junction with Rodney Road.

    Due to the ongoing regeneration of the local area, we would like to enhance the appearance of Balfour Street and its junction with Rodney Road by widening the footway to improve access for all users, creating a safer environment for cyclists, upgrading the public realm and increasing tree provisions, and improving safety for all road users at the Rodney Road junction.

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  • Eastbound Flambards Way Cycle Path

    Anon // 1 thread

    The High Street only permits cycling in one direction (westbound), and it appears unlikely we will get permission to cycle against the flow traffic down the High Street. Instead an eastbound only cycle path along Flambards Way would alleviate the need for a High Street contraflow. This could easily be achieved if all the brickwork down the side of Flambard Way was removed, and it wouldn't restrict the amount of space for cars.

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  • Bear Lane contraflow

    Created by Thomas Lancaster // 0 threads

    Coming off the Scholars Greenway out of Farnham Park, cyclists currently have to detour along Park Row and the heavily trafficked Castle Street and The Borough to get to The Woolmead, East Street development and South Street to the Station. Bear Lane is wide enough to accept a contraflow to The Woolmead. The Woolmead is currently one way but designated for 2-way traffic as part of the East Street (Brightwells) development.

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  • Contra-flow cycling on Godalming High Street

    Created by Chris Peck // 1 thread

    A long, tortuous issue, where no progress has been made, despite large amounts of effort. Godalming High Street was recommended for adopting as a trial two-way working for cyclists in 2001, thanks to Alec McCalden's excellent presentation to the Planning Inspector at the time.

    However, the trial was never carried out. Cyclists continue to use the street in both directions, as there are plenty of ways to get out of the way of oncoming cars.

    The City of London has introduced dozens of contra-flow cycling schemes on narrow streets and lanes across the City. A third of all the cyclists are now using the contraflow. There has been 1 cycle crash three years post-introduction (there were 2 in the three years before). See here for more details:

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  • The Common Contraflow

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    The Sustrans map erroneously shows part of this route as an on road cycle path. No such path exists.

    The Common is one way south west bound. In order to spare cyclist having to use the on road cycle lane on Queensway which is badly engineered, especially at the Woods Ave roundabout, WelHatCycling believe there should be a contraflow cycle lane or shared use pavement along this route, extending accross Lemsford Road and connecting with the existing cycle path on St Albans Road West. This would create a route through the town centre to connect north and south Hatfield.

    The photo shows the north end of the Common as currently arranged for cycling.

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  • One Way Streets - Make 2 way for Bicycles

    Created by Ross // 3 threads

    At the April '15 cycling liason group, Richmond Council asked members of the public to submit one way streets that would benefit from a treatment to make them 2 way for bicycles. When implemented correctly this can be a great way to facilitate bicycle journeys over other modes. The list that RCC are submitting is below, if you know of others post here and RCC will add them to the list.

    Somerton Avenue @ Clifford
    South Worple Way East End
    Richmond Hill
    Ormond Road
    Paradise Road
    George Street
    Eton Street
    Richmond Green
    Grove Road
    Park Road
    Glebe Way
    1st Cross Road
    Kew Station Approach
    Wiggins Lane Ham
    The Vineyard
    Cumberland Road
    Leybourne Park
    Priests Bridge

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  • Loading motors on Bath Street cycle lane (LCN0)

    Created by ma499 // 1 thread

    I ride through Bath Street daily and am getting cheesed off by the regular occurrence of motor vehicles loading at the southern end of Bath Street. They are a combination of deliveries for the supermarket and other shops on Old Street (north side, east of Bath Street) and mini-cabs waiting to pick-up.

    The motors are invariably parked on the southbound (contraflow) cycle lane despite the presence of both a double yellow line and double yellow flashings (meaning no loading). Because of the proximity of the Old Street junction this is particularly dangerous because when you cycle out into the northbound lane to bypass the motor vehicle, you may run into a vehicle entering from Old Street at speed.

    How do we get London Borough of Islington to properly enforce waiting and loading restrictions here?

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  • Contraflow cycle lane

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 0 threads

    Contraflow here would make it much easier to get from Pleasance and Geography Dept in Drummond Street to South Bridge and avoid the uphills detour to Hill Place.

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  • Contraflow cycle lane

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 0 threads

    Road was converted to one-way recently, forcing cyclists from Kings Buildings out onto busy West Mains Rd where previously they could cycle within the campus to the toucan at the NE corner.

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  • Convert Dove Street to 2 way cycling

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Dove Street is currently one way. It would be useful if it could be made 2 way for cycling for peopl coming from St Helen's Primary School to NCN 1.

    The left turn from St Helens Street into Dove Street is much easier than a right turn from St Helens Street into Regent Street, as you don't have to block a lane of traffic and hope for a gap in the traffic in the opposite direction, especially with kids. It's also a shorter route when heading towards the town centre.

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  • Morville Street cycle link

    Created by Chris Lowe // 0 threads

    To increase filtered permeability here, a shared-use pavement restoring the Morville Street route for cycles would be useful. There is a dropped kerb at the Ryland Street end, but a dropped kerb will be needed at the Ruston Street end.

    It is also important to provide a contra-flow access for cycles to Ruston Street.

    These two links are already informally used by local cycle users, but could do with formalising, so that they appear on cycle route planners.

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