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  • Traffic changes proposed for Cable Street, CS3 and area

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    The council is consulting with the public about making changes to traffic movements in and around Cable Street.
    The proposed changes are designed to alleviate the number of vehicles cutting through Cable Street to avoid congestion on The Highway.
    There are a number of vehicles using Brodlove Lane and Cable Street as a ‘rat run’ to travel from The Highway to Butcher Row.
    The changes to be considered by the public include one-way parts of Cable Street.
    It is also proposed that a number of measures be introduced to make the area safer for pedestrians and cyclists.
    A new bus lane will be created on a short section of Cable Street between Sutton Street and Watney Street. This will be supported by the closure of the north end of King David Lane to all motor vehicles.
    The changes will see a significant reduction in the amount and speeds of traffic using Cable Street and surrounding roads.
    In preliminary consultation with businesses and residents, the council was told cyclists are uncomfortable using the narrow two-way cycle lane.
    The council proposes the cycle lane be widened for cyclists travelling against the traffic, with cyclists travelling the other way joining the main flow of reduced traffic.
    The area between Shadwell Overground and DLR stations and Sutton Street will be completely redesigned to ensure priority for pedestrians.
    The proposals will also see the introduction of pocket parks and improved community spaces to make the area look and feel more attractive.
    Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, said: “We have developed these proposals after being made aware of initial concerns from residents, businesses and people who travel through the area. These detailed and well developed plans will improve the area for all road users. We welcome any comments to ensure that we have taken everything into consideration.”
    Cllr Ayas Miah, cabinet member for environment, added: “For far too long the safety of people using Cable Street has not been given enough priority. These proposed changes will stop vehicles from cutting through the area for the benefit of pedestrians and cyclists. The aesthetic changes proposed will enable all local people to be proud of the area that they live or work in.”
    Full details of the proposals are being sent to 5,000 addresses along Cable Street and in the surrounding area.

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  • Vauxhall Cross public consultation

    Created by Simon Munk // 2 threads

    TfL say:
    We are proposing a number of transformational changes to Vauxhall Cross as part of our Road Modernisation Plan.
    The Road Modernisation Plan is the biggest investment in London’s roads for a generation, consisting of hundreds of projects to transform junctions, bridges, tunnels and pedestrian areas, making our roads safer and more reliable.
    Working closely with the Lambeth Council, we are aiming to return the one-way road system at Vauxhall to two-way roads and significantly improve pedestrian and cyclist provision to help create a safer and less intimidating environment for vulnerable road users. The proposed changes would also help to improve connectivity throughout the area, and create a better environment for people living, working, and travelling through Vauxhall.
    Following our initial consultation in 2014 on our high level proposals, we are now inviting your views on our detailed design proposals.

    What are we proposing?
    The changes we are proposing include:
    Removing the existing one way road system around the transport interchange (Parry Street, Wandsworth Road, Kennington Lane, South Lambeth Road) by converting these roads around Vauxhall to two way
    Providing more cycle and pedestrian crossings as well as segregated lanes and parking for cyclists
    Improving existing and providing new public spaces
    Redesigning the transport interchange, including a new central bus station

    Why are we proposing this?
    Reducing traffic dominance
    The current gyratory creates an environment heavily dominated by motor vehicles. The wide carriageway encourages high speeds, especially outside peak periods
    The gyratory can be difficult to navigate, and the one-way arrangement means that vehicles often follow indirect routes
    Lack of facilities for pedestrians and cyclists
    Large numbers of pedestrians pass through Vauxhall each day but the existing crossings do not always follow the most direct or popular routes, which can lead to pedestrians crossing roads away from the crossings
    The Vauxhall gyratory has some of the highest numbers of collisions involving injury to pedestrians and cyclists in London
    Cycle Superhighway 5 will improve conditions for cycling along Harleyford Road and Kennington Lane. However, there is limited cycle provision on the other roads surrounding Vauxhall Cross and a lack of connectivity between facilities
    Supporting the transformation of Vauxhall
    Vauxhall is the gateway to one of Europe’s largest regeneration zones, with 25,000 new jobs and 20,000 new homes coming to the Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea area
    Supporting Vauxhall’s distinct local character, the proposals look to the future – preparing for the increase in the numbers of people living, working, and visiting Vauxhall and its existing and new shops, businesses and attractions

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  • East-West Cycle Superhighway - phase 2 consultation

    Created by Rosie Downes // 11 threads

    TfL are consulting on plans for the East-West cycle superhighway in Hyde Park and St James's Park. The proposals can be seen at

    The LCC office has set up this thread to facilitate discussion in advance of submitting its response to the consultation. The consultation closes on 29th March.

    To ensure that your comments will be taken into account when composing LCC’s response please make sure that your registered identity on Cyclescape includes your full name and whether you are a member of LCC and any local LCC group. (You can add these details by clicking on your name at the top of the page and then the Edit Profile tab.)

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  • The TfL North-South cycle superhighway consultation

    Created by George Coulouris // 4 threads

    Full details of the consultation are at:
    closing date for comments is 19 October 2014.

    Camden Cyclists we propose to send a response to this consultation on behalf of our members. This will focus only on the part within Camden (the section between Charterhouse Street and Euston Road - as detailed on the map attached). But note that the alignment of the route north of Greville Street is not agreed between Camden and TfL and is not formally considered a part of the consultation.

    So it makes sense to have two discussion threads for the sections in Camden south and north of Greville Street.

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