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  • Valley walk surface unsuitable for most bike types 5 months a year

    Created by Techno Tim // 1 thread

    The surface of Valley Walk is only suitable for Mountain bikes or bikes with Mountain bike tyres from October to April each year. The surface is mostly hogging with some remnants of the tarmacadum surface laid in 2000. Since this route represents an ideal route between Long Melford and Sudbury it requires a new surface, ideally 2 to 2.5m wide and segregated in parts.

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  • Central 6 bridge - needs resurfacing

    Created by Chris Lowe // 1 thread

    The surface of this path is awful. It is very pot-holed, and it creates issues for cycles and pushchairs. And for people with visual impairments, it creates hazards as well.

    It also needs the white lines changing/removing to avoid further serious injury - Someone has told me that they saw someone slip on the line and break their hip. The white lines are raised and have been repainted - they are slippy for cycle wheels. There is also concern that the white lines would be slippy for pedestrians when wet.

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  • West Rainton to Carrville route unfinished

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    The cycle path on the north side of the A690 from West Rainton to Carrville is still not finished. The main picture shows how the path, widened in January 2015, comes to an abrupt halt when you get near the bus stop on the east side of the former railway bridge.

    The trees and hedge have recently been cut back along here, so perhaps we may see this work completed soon?

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  • Clayponds Avenue Surface

    Created by Space Pootler // 1 thread

    Clayponds Avenue is a crucial cycling link between South Ealing and the Great West Road, but the surface is so full of potholes as to be a risk to ride on. Nearly all group rides make use of the Olive Road/South Ealing Cemetery/Clayponds link, but it remains largely ignored by Hounslow Highways since requests for repairs began to be filed in 2013. As of late 2015, one individual recorded no fewer than 47 separate potholes.

    There are also scars left over from the removal of pedestrian refuge islands and other road furniture.

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  • Narrow shared-use path

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 0 threads

    The shared-use path between Union Road and Grove Road is only wide enough for two people walking side by side and is frequently used by pedestrians, effectively designing in conflict. The path surface itself is also heavily damaged by weathering and tree roots and makes for a rather uncomfortable ride.
    This route would benefit significantly from widening and resurfacing. There is a stretch of grassy bank on the east side of the fence that could be appropriated from the Hospital to create this additional space.

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  • Crab & Winkle Way surface deteriotating

    Created by Gregory Williams // 1 thread

    The surface of the Crab & Winkle Way following the old railway alignment between the two tarmac sections is getting very bad. The exposed sub base is making the surface potentially unsafe and quite unconfortable to use. The comfort aspect will be detracting from encouraging further people to choose to cycle commute via this route.

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  • Cycleway in Cassiobury Park

    Created by Clive // 0 threads

    The path that runs across the width of Cassiobury Park from Stratford Way to Cassiobury Park Avenue has not been resurfaced since I've been in Watford (13 years). Very poor condition especially in the vicinity of the j/w what seems to be known (on Google Maps) as Central Avenue.

    The problem is more than its surface - the path is far too narrow, esp in view of the high use it gets from cyclists and pedestrians.

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  • Poor Bourne Park cycle path surface

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    The surface of the cycle path, which is also National Cycle Route 1 through Bourne Park is of an extremely poor quality. This really needs to have a smooth tarmac surface, and potentially widened.

    I would expect kids to be learning to ride a bike along here, however that's not currently possible as its' touch going for an adult to cycle here never mind a child who is just learning to cycle. If this path is upgraded it would be even better if the surfacing was extended to create a circle around the park which is reasonably smooth, so that people can learn to cycle by cycling around this park.

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  • Poor Cycle Path and Pavement Surfacing

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 1 thread

    The pavement and marked cycle path is in pretty bad shape due to root damage and weathering and could really do with some resurfacing. As well as this the numerous side roads and the narrow pavement sections beyond the bus stop create numerous conflict points.

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  • Surface of path

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 0 threads

    This path is often quite muddy. It is gravel and resurfaced every year or so.

    But it's a very busy walking and cycling connection between Inch and Craigmillar, and the gravel just doesn't last very long.

    Not sure what to do. It would be a shame to convert it to tarmac, but perhaps there is some surfacing option that lasts a bit longer.

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  • Dark underpass with damaged surface

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 0 threads

    The underpass of Innocent under Milton Link is very dark (even during day); particularly unpleasant/dangerous as the path surface is badly damaged, cracked and uneven, and very often rubbish, stones or other obstacles are placed there by inconsiderate citizens.

    Needs better lighting and resurfacing.

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  • Cycle improvements for Fisk's Lane and Whitton Lane

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    There are 3 main problems with this cycle route which would be easy to rectify:
    * This cycle track is only signed from the retail park side, with no signage from the residential end of this link.
    * The surface is pretty poor along here, especially if you have some shopping in panniers.
    * There is also a problem with a gate part of the way along, which could pose a problem for people with a trailer or cargo bikes.


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  • Inappropriate surface treatment for cycle route ie Fen Road, Milton

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    I've had a letter from the council. Not sure if someone put a copy through my door as they knew I was interested in the Fen Road, Milton, as it's dated 30th June which is over two weeks ago.

    I think "suface dressing" ie loose chippings, is a totally inappropriate treatment for a road which has not that much motor traffic and rather a lot of cycle traffic. The loose chippings will be a skid and physical hazard for cyclists for months to come.

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  • Hipper Valley Trail: Walton Dam and Somersall Park Poor Surface

    Created by Nicola Peck // 1 thread

    This well-used trail is in desperate need of resurfacing. During spells of wet weather, it has large puddles at regular intervals and there is a particularly huge "mud bath" at the western end of Walton Dam just by the entrance to the woods. Currently (July 2014) the mud bath is reasonably, but not completely, dry but as recently as June it has been very muddy and was terrible over winter.

    This is one of Chesterfield's major cycling routes and these conditions make it unreasonable to use it for transport journeys (ie. commuting and shopping) in normal clothes because the bike gets caked in mud and it splashes over your shoes and trousers, even with mudguards.

    Alongside Walton Dam, I believe this path is supposed to be nominally 3 metres wide but vegetation has grown into the gravel surface making it significantly narrower (single file) in places.

    The sloped tarmac section at the Walton Road end is suffering encroachment from overgrown vegetation and there is an unnecessary pinch-point part way down (a row of wooden posts) which could be opened up with perhaps only a single post if really necessary, or ideally none at all.

    In Somersall Park, immediately to the south of the river bridge, there is a particularly rough patch of surface which, ironically, is the most recently resurfaced section of path. It's so incredibly rough that you have to be extra careful and slow if carrying delicate items like a laptop or fragile shopping (eg. soft fruit or eggs).

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  • No top surface on this path

    Created by Simon Redding // 1 thread

    Since this site was abandoned by the bankrupt developer and not adopted by the council the path surface hasn't been put on and the path is a bit rough. Weeds are now starting to grow through the tarmac base layer.

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  • Poor road surface on Stockport Road (Nbound) after Plymouth Grove junction.

    Anon // 0 threads

    There is a very poor road surface on the left hand northbound lane of Stockport Road (A6) after the Plymouth Grove junction.

    This is dangerous as if you bear left it encourages traffic behind you to sneak past you, if you go through it can damage your bicycle or even cause you to come off, if you bear right brings you into direct conflict with traffic which often wants to merge into the right hand lane.

    The solution is very simple, resurface this small section of road.

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  • Bad path surface in Cut Throat Alley, Ham

    Created by Kate // 1 thread

    This alley connects Ham Street with The Ham Avenues and is an excellent way to avoid the fast traffic in Sandy Lane. It is a cut through which is particularly useful as a safe car-free route for parents and kids on foot and bikes to get to the German School and the Russell School.

    It is also creates a link to help people avoid a stretch of the busy Petersham Road, as it connects with Riverside Drive and on to Kingston.

    It is a dirt track which becomes dangerously and unappealingly muddy for autumn/ winter/ spring. I know some people choose to drive to school rather than attempt this route with children (and buggies).

    If changing the surface is not an option due to drainage then this path should be included in the council's leaf clearing schedule so that the mud does not have the opportunity to develop each autumn. I have tried advising the council to clear the mud - no reponse as yet. Two years ago the Council put down stones on the worst affected part but that created a skidding hazard.

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  • Tibbetts Corner to Telegraph pub path maintenance

    Created by MB // 0 threads

    The cycle (and pedestrian) path between the Telegraph pub & Tibbetts corner needs repair & maintenance. Undergrowth has grown over it, narrowing the path, there are cracks & ridges where tree roots or wear & tear have deteriorated the path & the path markings are no longer clear.

    In addition, the route through the car park is often strewn with broken glass and pot holes.

    If the path were widened back to its original width, resurfaced & remarked, there would be less conflict between pedestrians & cyclists.

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