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  • Layer de la Haye planning application 211392 / 211393

    Created by catch // 1 thread

    Outline Planning Application for up to 39 market homes and 16 affordable homes with vehicular access from Greate House Farm Road andThe Folley with all other matters reserved.

    211392 / 211393

    Large development, so several proposals for local routes in planning objection.

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  • Lynnsport Northern Access Road NCN1/EV12/NSCR

    Created by MJR // 4 threads

    The Sandringham Railway Path is the main cycle route from Lynn town centre to the north, as well as part of National Route 1, EuroVelo route 12 and the North Sea Cycle Route. The councils tried to sneak a bit to the Local Pinch Point Fund to turn part of the cycleway into a fast 30mph drag strip of a road, open to all traffic, to serve the sports centre(!!) and some new housing developments to be built on scrub, sports fields and allotments. As far as we can ascertain, this was the only section of the National Cycle Network under threat from such downgrading. To proceed with that scheme would set a precedent which could have national implications. At the time of reporting this issue, it's now only one option of three possibilities.

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  • Cherry Hinton North Development

    Created by Al Storer // 1 thread

    As part of the Local Plan 2014 process, a 44 hectare site north of Cherry Hinton has been identified by Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) as being suitable for new residential development. The site is being promoted by Marshall Group Properties and Endurance Estates.

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  • 12/0794/REM | Reserved matters for 231 dwellings, Clay Farm

    Created by Rohan Wilson // 2 threads

    Parcels either side of Spine Road's junction with Long Road, and one along eastern edge of housing, west side of proposed secondary school site. Official deadline 19 July

    12/0794/REM | Reserved matters for 231 dwellings (outline approval 07/0620/OUT) Parcels 1B, 2 And 5 Clay Farm, near Long Road

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  • Trafford Waters

    Created by Jonathan Keenan // 1 thread

    Large housing development near to Trafford centre, Manchester Ship Canal and Bridgewater Canal. There is potential for huge increase in traffic and the plans have very little/no cycle infrastructure planned in.

    The plans show 5 lane roads and roundabouts with a simple ASL and no other infrastructure. This is an opportunity for the developers to connect the new estate into a wider cycle network, particularly the cycle path on Barton Dock Road (which needs improvement). The Bridgewater Canal will not have enough capacity in the future and is not suitable for year round commuting.

    Urgent attention needs to be given to the main roads surrounding the site and the development used as a catalyst to improve the below standard infrastructure already in place nearby.

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  • Ancoats & New Islington regeneration strategy

    Created by David Butler // 1 thread

    Manchester City Council Development strategy for the Ancoats and New Islington Areas. Includes development and urban design principles, and will be a "material consideration" in determinng planning applications.
    A recent announcement about the funding of 6000 new residential units by ADUG in this part of Manchester increases the need to ensure that cycling is given due prominence in this strategy.

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  • Mill Rd depot housing site

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 4 threads

    The Mill Road depot site has been mooted as a likely housing location in the Local Plan.

    We should ensure that the proposals are cycle friendly (possibly car-free or very low-car housing), and that the route is safeguarded for the Chisholm Trail.

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  • Jones "Parkland" development, Cheadle

    Created by David Butler // 1 thread

    Planning application submitted to Stockport Council re. Phase 4 of the "Parklands" development at Three Acres Lane (ref. DC053394). The proposals seem to purely focus on motor transport via the A34 as the means of access/egress. CycleWilmslow have long campaigned, with support from some CycleStockport members plus CTC and Sustrans for a traffic-free route from Cheadle to Handforth. This would go through this site (there is currently a footpath which would require minimal work to upgrade to bridleway standard).

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  • Magdalene Heights student accommodation proposal

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    See planning application at:

    Good points: plans include secure covered cycle places at a ratio of 1:2 which is exactly what we have recently been asking for.

    Bad points: Council officers have suggested this is too many and 1:5 would be appropriate. This is despite the fact this accommodation is relatively far off from most University sites.

    1) cycle access over footbridge
    2) ensuring development is connected to all local footpaths
    3) bike contraflow needed on Station Lane
    4) navigating Gilesgate roundabout

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  • Former Neville's Cross College student housing

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    A full planning application has gone in for the conversion of one of the buildings of the old Neville's Cross College and the demolition of the other to make room for student flats.

    Issues to consider:
    1) adequacy of cycle parking provision at the development
    2) routes to the university and to shops, both cycle and pedestrian and whether these could be improved, either at the cost of the council or the developer.

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  • South East King's Lynn Expansion (West Winch/North Runcton)

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    "The adopted Core Strategy designated South East King’s Lynn (this area) as one of the strategic ‘urban expansion’ areas around King’s Lynn. The independent planning inspector who examined the Core Strategy explicitly stated that, compared to the potential alternatives, the expansion areas identified (including South East King’s Lynn) were preferable to the alternatives in meeting the Borough’s need for substantial numbers of additional dwellings over the plan period. It is relatively unconstrained by flood risk and infrastructure problems, etc., and relatively easily accessed and serviced.

    5.2.4 Policy CS09 of the Core Strategy, ‘Housing Distribution’, provides for an allocation here of at least 1600 new homes, with supporting infrastructure. It also identifies this as establishing a direction for future growth beyond the plan period (i.e. beyond 2026). From the sites put forward during the consultation, informed by the work of the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment in connection with the Neighbourhood Plan (see below) a total of 3,000 to 3,500 additional dwellings could be accommodated in the fullness of time. This is indicated diagrammatically in figure 7 of the Core Strategy.

    5.2.5 This is likely to be the largest residential development opportunity in the Borough for many years. It provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to form a thriving and vibrant new community immediately south of King’s Lynn. The intention is to integrate a large number of new homes and associated facilities with an existing village community, generate a range of major improvements in a range of areas, and shape a place that promotes a sense of community among its residents, existing and new." (From the Borough Council KLWN, "Preferred Options for a Detailed Policies and Sites Plan", October 2013)

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  • Mount Oswald development

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 2 threads

    The Mount Oswald development received outline planning permission a while ago. A full application has already gone in for the first phase, at the southern end of the site. It appears connections will be provided for cyclists and pedestrians to the A167 (car access is from South Road). The greater concern is whether an opportunity is being missed to create a new off-road route parallel to South Road.

    The picture is taken from the Design and Access Statement of the planning application for the first phase. The big unknown is the middle area, where the large self-build houses will be. No plot divisions are shown on the plan. Will there be public access north-south through this area?

    South Road is not shown as a strategic cycle route in the County Durham Plan. The Mill Hill Lane route and the A167 are accorded the status of primary routes, but there is not even a secondary route along the South Road axis, despite it being the obvious route to the University from the south and from all the new housing on Mount Oswald.

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  • Student flats at former County Hospital

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 2 threads

    The planning application has just gone in for conversion of the former County Hospital on North Road to student accommodation, demolition of outbuildings and erection of more buildings to provide a further 367 student bedrooms.

    The plans include provision for cycle parking. The travel plan for the site assumes walking and cycling to be the main means of travel for the inhabitants. Interestingly the travel plan cites the existence of DBUG as supporting the viability of cycling to the University.

    The travel plan includes maps showing recommended cycle routes in the area. We know that many of these have limitations.

    Points for discussion:
    a) is the quantity of cycle parking sufficient?
    b) can we put pressure on the Council, via this application, to enhance the cycle routes to the University campuses?

    To view the application, go to the Council's planning portal:

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  • Conningbrook Lakes development

    Created by Gregory Williams // 1 thread

    The Conningbrook Lakes development proposes 300 dwellings together with the creation of a country park and water sports facilities. The development offers the opportunity to improve the alignment of NCR18 by making it shorter and removing the blind junction at Blackwall Road North / Willesborough Road and the uncontrolled crossing of the A2070 near Premier Foods.

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  • Chilmington Green development

    Created by Gregory Williams // 2 threads

    The Chilmington Green planning application proposes approximately 5750 dwellings, four primary schools, a secondary school, local shops, community facilities, and a Park & Ride facility.

    NCR18 runs through the heart of the proposed development.

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  • Folkestone Harbour development

    Created by Gregory Williams // 1 thread

    Planning application Y12/0897/SH proposes the redevelopment of a significant portion Folkestone Harbour and surrounding land. The proposals include up to 1000 dwellings and up to 10000sqm of commercial landuse. NCR2 runs through the development area.

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  • 138 homes on City FC site, Mitcham's Corner 12/1211/FUL

    Created by Rohan Wilson // 1 thread

    An application for 148 homes 11/0008/FUL was refused by Planning Committee(against officer recommendation) on 4 April. Cycle parking "storage" is generally less easy to reach than car parking, and it appears that for the central blocks it is proposed in a shared basement area - I haven't found the drawing for the basement.

    There is no access to the site except by the narrow road around the existing Westbrook office block - the site is a deep enclave.

    The issues for cycling are probably virtually identical to previously. One of various reasons for previous refusal was "...lack of transport mitigation measures..." and the Highways provisional comment on the current one outlines concerns. I fear that cycle and pedestrian access issues were not previously considered grounds for refusal and that therefore we might be fighting a lost cause... have contacted the officer about this, and hope to submit a comment for Sustrans.

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  • Orchard Park Sites A & B Planning Application

    Created by Richard Moss // 3 threads

    Planning application submitted for housing near the primary school and a mixed use housing plus retail development at Unwin Square, east of the Permier Inn. Concerns about provision for cycle parking contained in the plans submitted.

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