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  • Alresford Creek Crossing

    Created by Gary // 1 thread

    Following closely the route of an old railway line between Colchester and Brightlingsea this proposed route would link Colchester to Walton-on-the-Naze. It provides a much needed commuter route out of Brightlingsea linking it safely to Wivenhoe, the University of Essex and Colchester and creates a new leisure route in a holiday district. It builds on the existing four mile NCN51 route from Colchester to Wivenhoe by adding 5 miles off-road to Brightlingsea via a new river crossing at Alresford Creek. From there it utilises an existing pleasant frequent summer ferry crossing to Point Clear and creates a 25 mile coastal route much of it off-road.

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  • A40 between Abergavenny and Crickhowell

    Created by Jack Thurston // 0 threads

    The A40 between Abergavenny and Crickhowell is a narrow, fast trunk road and totally unsuitable to cycling. This is a vital connecting route in the area, between two neighbouring towns. There are sections where it is easily wide enough for a proper, separate 2m wide cycle path, or a wider shared use path with pedestrians.

    This is a critical issue if the Usk valley is to be made accessible to people riding bikes.

    More detail on the issue on the ACG website:

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  • Joining Bath Spa Uni with Bristol-Bath Railway Path

    Created by ambrosen // 1 thread

    For additional commuter access to the Newton Park campus of Bath Spa uni, does anyone have any ideas about upgrading the footpath over the field from route 4, under the railway to the new path on the A4, linking up with the university.

    I realise that for westbound commuters, this duplicates the route which took some effort to get made on the A4, and that it needs a new right of way to be made/purchased/recovered from the historic record, but it looks like a good link.

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  • Exeter to Crediton Cyclepath

    Created by kirbyjames // 2 threads

    The primary route between Crediton and Exeter is the narrow and busy A377. It has been the site of at least one cycling fatality near Newton St Cyres.

    An alternative route is possible using the lanes north of the A377 through Sweetham. However this route is compromised at both ends - at Exeter in the Cowley Bridge area and in Crediton by the approach along the A3072.

    Development of a safe route is belived to be of high priority.

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  • Chisholm Trail

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 29 threads

    Proposed route along the rail corridor through Cambridge, part of which is in the Cambridge Local Plan.

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