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  • Failing to maintain NCN paths

    Created by anna // 1 thread

    Over the past couple of years of regularly cycling between Waterbeach and Cambridge on NCN11 I have noticed that the path between Waterbeach and Baits Bite Lock is in really bad repair and is getting gradually worse. I have been in touch with the council to ask them to repair it, and they told me that as far as they are concerned the path is only a footpath, and they have no obligation to maintain it to a standard suitable for bikes. Sustrans tells me they have no responsibility for maintaining that section of the route, and that the council should be responsible for it.
    It seems absurd to allow the path to fall into total disrepair, but at the moment it doesn't seem like anyone recognises any obligation for its upkeep.
    I am happy to go out occasionally with some secateurs and chop off the more annoying bits of greenery, but the path needs resurfacing and that feels a bit beyond me!
    Does anyone have any experience with this sort of problem? Have they come across it on other sections of the NCN?

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  • Cobbles on NCN 11

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    There are three strips of cobbles across NCN11 here, or maybe they're setts. It seems bad to have these on a cycle route because they are unpleasant for cycling and especially bad to put them so near a junction because rider attention should be on the junction and other road users, rather than man-made problems with the road surface.

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  • King's Lynn Transport Interchange

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    Some of (the last of?) the s106 money from two out-of-town big box supermarkets is being used to remodel the connections between the bus and rail stations. National Route 1 runs through this area and the bus station may also be Lynn's biggest cycle park, so there's quite a lot of potential for this to do good - or to do harm.

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  • New Hinxton ford flood barrier will block road to cyclists between Duxford and Hinxton

    Created by James Gilbert // 1 thread

    New barriers will be used to prevent cars driving into the ford when the river is too high. Almost all of the time when the ford is in flood it is still passable by cyclists and pedestrians on the footbridge. On the Duxford side (pictured), cyclists will have to squeeze past on the verge next to a ditch to get round. This will be hard for cyclists with trailers, children in seats etc...

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