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  • Sheen Road _ Pedestrian Crossing Consultation

    Created by Ross // 2 threads

    Let's see what happens!

    Council Plans to change the Zebra crossing in this area. RCC responded to try to shape the plans to encourage more cycling and walking.
    Sheen Road Zebra Crossing Proposed Upgrade - Response from Richmond Cycling Campaign (RCC)

    RCC is in general supportive of improving crossings when the upgrades benefit both pedestrians and cyclists. This proposal unfortunately has not fully thought through the interaction of cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicles, unfortunately we cannot support it in its current form.

    RCC would recommend that the scheme is implemented with the changes outlined below. The recommended changes will ensure that vulnerable road users safety is prioritised and the comfort of the cycling and pedestrian experience is enhanced:

    The crossing should be raised to slow approaching vehicles. Vehicle speeds are too high in this area, particularly considering the proximity to a primary school.
    Removal of the central refuge to create a single stage crossing is to be applauded. This will remove a cycle pinch point and will correctly prioritise pedestrians over other road users.
    The new road space that is created by the removal of the central refuge should be used to extend the existing mandatory cycle lanes on each side of the carriageway. It is our understanding that the 2015 TSRGD (traffic signs regulations and general directions) will permit the extension of the cycle lanes over the crossing. The work should pay heed to this so that this can be incorporated when the new regulations go live.
    Keep the zebra crossing. RCC cannot support the removal of the zebra crossing at this location, changing to a traffic light controlled crossing, prioritises vehicular traffic over pedestrians and those on bicycles. It is RCC’s belief that concerns, from users, that vehicles are not stopping in a timely fashion at this location are due to excessive speeds rather than the style of crossing. As mentioned earlier lower speeds should be achieved through a raised crossing to make the zebra crossing more effective. An enhanced zebra crossing keeps priority with the most vulnerable road users.
    The proposal suggests widening the pavement to make the crossing shorter. This would only have a marginal impact on the time to cross. The pavements should not be widened since this will not permit a continuous cycle lane. It will force cyclists to pull in front of fast moving motor vehicles, creating a new pinch point and hazard for cyclists.
    The railings on either side of the road should be removed. TfL research has shown that these encourage high traffic speeds and do little to protect vulnerable road users.

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  • Quiet Routes into Central Richmond from Ham

    Created by Kate // 1 thread

    This spot is part of the route that has potential to help people cycling avoid congested unappealing George Street in order to get to Richmond station or other parts of Richmond from the riverside. When you come up Friars Lane from the riverside you reach a junction where the traffic is one way away from central Richmond.

    If you follow the one way system left around the Green you add at least 5 minutes to your journey time. You cannot turn right and take the quicker route because it is one way. You also cannot turn right up King Street to join George Street because that is also one way.
    You also cannot go straight across the path on the Green as this is officially a footpath.

    There is more than one possible solution here: a contraflow for cyclists on the side of the Green nearest to George Street. A cycle path alongside the footpath straight across the Green.

    King Street would also benefit from a contraflow which would open up the options for cyclists - particularly when the riverside route is flooded.

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  • Blind Corner - Richmond Riverside leading to Friars Lane

    Created by Kate // 2 threads

    This corner is little used by motor traffic but those that do use it often go round this corner too fast. There is no pavement and high walls on both sides of the road. Cyclists and pedestrians come from the riverside path are not expecting motor traffic so signage is needed.

    There is a particular danger from delivery lorries and rubbish lorries which use this route to deliver to the pubs along this stretch of the river. I had a near miss with a Night Freight lorry.

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  • Twickenham Bridge to Thames Path

    Created by Paul James // 1 thread

    The cycleways along the Thames Path and along Ducks Walk are not connected with the south/east side cycleway across Twickenham Bridge and only to the north/west side cycleway via a long detour through Old Deer Park or along The Avenue.

    A ramped way down from the bridge would create a useful route for people into and out of Richmond town center that is currently only possible by using two flights of steps.

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  • A316 car park entrance

    Created by Paul James // 0 threads

    The carpark entrance cuts across the cycleway and has shallow corner radii encouraging fast entrance and exit speeds which are a danger to cyclists using the cycleway.

    The cycleway should be curved away from the roadway at the junction and a marked crossing put in place a cars length from the roadway allowing space for entering and exiting cars to giveway to cyclists moving along the cycleway.

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  • Park Shot junction

    Created by Paul James // 0 threads

    The entrance to Parkshot from the A316 cuts with a wide fast radii across the cycleway (as it becomes a narrow shared use pavement). Vehicles come at speed from the Circus and turn without seeing crossing cycles.

    With access to Parkshot from Clarence Street, this entrance could easily be closed to motor traffic.

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  • Richmond Circus Kew Road south toucan crossing

    Created by Paul James // 0 threads

    The tucan crossing is out of phase with the lights at Church Road meaning that traffic coming along the A316 into Kew Rd is not held at the tucan but is then stopped at Church Rd so that cyclists and pedestrians have to wait for traffic to enter Kew Rd.

    Re-phase the lights so that the tucan crossing is red for the roadway at the same time that it is red for the lights at Church Rd, so that there is a single green phase along the cycleway across the end of Kew Rd.

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  • Queens Road - pavement cycling school run

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    Doing the school run on bikes - with hiviz, helmets and cycling on the pavement. Queens Road, Richmond, northbound. Cyclists feel vulnerable due to high traffic volumes. There is a wide pavement and wide road here; with enough space to create a dedicated cyclepath.

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  • Sheen Road - more pavement cycling

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 1 thread

    This dad with kids in a trailer clearly doesn't feel safe enough to use the bike lane so he cycles on the pavement. Probably because he's on the way to one of the 7 schools or nurseries near to this route; and the cars are doing 40mph on that nice wide road. This is a regular sight on this route.

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  • Unmarked path to Richmond Park from Queen's Road

    Created by MB // 1 thread

    There is a useful but unmarked path from Queen's Road to Richmond Park and through to Sheen. It is used by pedestrians and cyclists & I have never seen it on any map! From Lower Grove Road, it takes you to the park via Bog Gate, or Sheen via Sheen Common.

    If it were better marked on maps, better maintained & wider in places, it could form a useful section of Richmond's (paved, segregated, Dutch style?) cycling network.

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  • Sheen Road - Pinch Point

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    Pinch point outside Courtlands on Sheen Road. Despite resurfacing, pinch point has not been addressed. Because of the poor road layout vehicles frequently encroach into the cycle lane. At off peak times the wide road encourages speeding - vehicles often approach this pinch point at 40mph.

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  • Upper Richmond Rd West / Sheen Rd v2

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    Pinch-point at zebra crossing where cyclists are forced to share space with traffic that is often speeding. Cars try to squeeze past cyclists or brake suddenly. Cars frequently speed up to 40mph on approach to this crossing.

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  • Upper Richmond Rd West - LCN Signage

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    LCN 37 provides a quiet route from Upper Richmond Rd West to Sheen, Mortlake & Barnes. To follow it eastbound the sign post for the left turn into Denehurst Gardens is located high up on the opposite carriageway - see top right in the photo. This is a completely obscure sign that 99% of cyclists will miss.

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  • Richmond Green - one way street

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    Cyclist coming from the river come up Friars Lane exit and have to currently route right round Richmond Green because it is one way. Many do not and simply cycle across the green. The path across the green should be formally opened up to cyclists - as a share path with pedestrian priority - or a seperate track provided along the south side of Richmond Green.

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  • Queens Road - share path

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 1 thread

    There is room on this pavement for a properly segregated cyclepath that would feed up to Christ's school and continue up as a quiet route up to near the top of Richmond Hill as an alternative to the busy and unpleasant Queen's Road.

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  • Grove Road - footpath

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    This stretch of Grove Road is pedestrianised. Formally opening this up to cyclists - and marking it so - would help establish a quiet cycle route all the way up/down Richmond Hill as an alternative to the busy Queens Road

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