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  • St Nicholas to Loke Road link

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    There's an OK cycleway alongside the Bawsey Drain from the Loke Road Junction but the link from the edge of the town centre 20mph zone isn't very good. The section between North Street and Loke Road involves negotiating your way across the multiple lanes of John Kennedy Road which is the northern approach to the town, or illegally using the narrow footway as many people do.

    This section is crying out for one of the three or four lanes to be given back to cycling and walking and the 20mph zone to be extended to the north end of North Street.

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  • Traffic lights needed at Alloway rd Lockside

    Created by VikiJ // 1 thread

    (we Need) Traffic lights on Alloway Rd Lochside.They took the crossing away and it is now very hard to cross

    Sandy (age9)Alloway Rd Lochside Cant get across because its so busy

    Issue raised at 2018 Bike Breakfast

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  • ECC 8 - Long delay at A10 toucan crossing Salmons Brook

    Created by Oliver Bruckauf // 1 thread

    There is a 40-second or more delay after pushing the button before the ped/cycle phase (on the west side of the crossing) at the A10 toucan crossing Salmons Brook. This delay leads to some people risking crossing outside of the green phase on a 40mph road where speeding is rife.
    20 seconds would be more acceptable, as for the east side of the crossing.

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  • Lilac Avenue crossing

    Kate Ravilious // 1 thread

    Traffic is going fast and frequently jumps the red lights at this crossing. The crossing is a vital place for both cyclists and pedestrians to cross the road. Crossing reminder signs are needed, or some other form of traffic calming before the lights.

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  • Toucan crossing should change lights almost instantaneously

    Created by Alexander Dutton // 1 thread

    The lights should give pedestrians and cyclists priority as soon as the button is pressed to facilitate a smooth journey between Oxford and Kidlington. The toucan crossing is near the Water Eaton lights, but at the times where there might be phasing issues (i.e. rush hour) my observations suggest that the Cutteslowe and Kidlington roundabouts are the bottlenecks.

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  • Old Dalkeith Road/Melville Gate Road

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    Melville Gate Road is the most sensible route between the A772/Dobbie's cycle paths and the Sheriffhall-Dalkeith cycle path, but lacks cycling infrastructure. It is wide enough to have a segregated cycle route, or at least a shared use pavement.

    Nearby, there are a couple of blind junctions, which are dangerous for cyclists. One is for northbound cyclists on Old Dalkeith Road, trying to cross Lugton Brae; it is impossible to see if traffic is approaching on Lugton Brae. The other is for cyclists turning going from the King's Gate to Melville Gate Road. It is difficult to see in both directions.

    The Lugton Brae junction would be greatly improved by placing a convex mirror on
    the wall on the north side of Lugton Brae, so that pedestrians and cyclists can check if traffic is approaching on Lugton Brae.

    The King's Gate junction would also benefit from mirrors placed in the right locations, but really needs a controlled crossing.

    Alternatively, a shared use pavement/segregated cycle path on the southern side of Old Dalkeith Road would solve a lot of these problems too.

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  • Cowplain Traffic Lights - Southbound - Bus Lane & Advisory Cycle Lane

    Created by Tim P // 1 thread

    The Advisory Cycle Lane and Bus lane layout travelling Southbound on the A3 London Road through Cowplain is a very poor layout leading to a significant pinch point through the lights.

    The advisory lane is tiny, and far too often has a car sitting in it, as per the image above, yet the road layout leading to it implies that this is "safe" - it is far, far from it.

    I've seen a number of cyclists miss the "move into the main carriageway" signing, and end up at the end of the bus lane, waiting for their lights to go green - and because they never do, they jump them, only to then be left hooked.

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  • Ommision of lights creates danger on cyclepath

    Created by Chris Neston // 2 threads

    The cycle path crosses the soutbound exit from the M53 at Cheshire Oaks. The exit is light controlled for traffic as they enter the roundabout. This provides a safe time for cyclists to ride across the sliproad. However the lights are not visible to cyclist on the path and there is no light provided to advise cyclists when they can cross.

    This makes it very difficult and dangerous for cyclists to know when they can safely cross. This would require no physical change to the road layout simply a new light to show cyclists when to cross.

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  • Replacement traffic lights in Shelford

    Created by Jim Chisholm // 1 thread

    The traffic lights in Gt Shelford (Freestones Corner) are being replaced.
    They've already done the DDA compliant paving and the cabling for the new lights is I believe done.
    There may be an opportunity for ASBs and approach lanes on at least one of the A1301 approaches. Often motor vehicles turn left across those on cycles with only some 50% of left turning traffic correctly indicating

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  • Dangerous traffic light timings

    Created by David Lally // 1 thread

    These details reported on Nottinghamshire's web site:

    "The timing of the lights here poses a significant threat to cyclists. A number of times recently while westbound on Nottingham Road I have been over the stop line when seeing that the lights have changed to amber (observing the nearside light at the very corner of the junction). On each occasion I have been travelling at a pretty average commuting speed (I?d estimate 8 - 12 mph). At this speed I have been about level with the central island of Barton Lane when the lights for traffic emerging northbound from there have turned amber and right in the middle of that entrance to the junction when they have turned green. This has lead to some close encounters (not to mention abuse) from drivers setting off in the usual ?It?s on green so nothing should be in my way!? attitude. Please consider lengthening the time between amber for traffic on Nottingham Road and green for cars emerging from Barton Lane. "

    The apostrophe to question mark substitution appears to be as a result of the web site's text encoding.

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  • Make traffic lights as St Helen's St / Rope Walk junction permenant

    Created by Jon_B // 0 threads

    There are currently (29/06/15) temporary 3 way traffic lights in place at the junction where Rope Walk meets St Helen's Street.

    This is normally a really painful junction for people cycling from Rope Walks onto St Helens Street at busy times with long waits for a gap in traffic and bad sight lines, particularly where west-bound traffic backs up leaving a gap at the yellow box junction so that people cycling have to venture out halfway across the road to see if there is any traffic coming east-bound.

    The lights make this considerably easier and would be worth considering as a permanent signal.

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  • Traffic lights at junction do not change for bikes

    Created by edge // 1 thread

    When approaching this junction from the East on Widney Lane (and possibly other directions as well), the traffic lights do not detect the presence of waiting cycles.

    Since the default priority at this junction is for traffic on the Blossomfield Rd / Marshall Lake Road axis, this means that cycles heading from Widney Lane to Longmore Road have to wait indefinitely to cross the junction.

    In busy times this is not a problem, because a waiting car will trigger the traffic lights to change.

    However, at quiet times this effectively means cycles cannot cross this junction legally at all. I have experimentally waited more than 5 minutes for the lights to change. Unless a car comes to trigger the change, cyclists are stuck.

    This "bike-blindness" built into the road signalling infrastructure is unfortunately not uncommon. As well as being inconvenient for and disrespectful of cyclists, it reinforces the notion that bicycles are second-class road-users - indeed that they do not really belong on the road at all.

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  • Woolpack Junction at Tennyson Avenue / Gaywood Road

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    This junction is very important for desire lines to/from the College of West Anglia, but is largely bypassed by through cycle traffic (by some mix of NCN1, the cycle gate into King George V Avenue and routes through North End). It is very busy with motor traffic.

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  • Austin Street / Railway Road junction

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    This junction is the north end of the rather cycle-hostile town centre primary road gyratory. It currently (2014) has dangerous narrow left kerb-side cycle lanes on some approaches, which is almost worse than nothing.

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  • Conflict created by left filter from Raneleigh Road into Princes Street

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    The left turn filter from Raneleigh Road into Princes Street outside Ipswich station creates a conflict between cyclists in the cycle lane and advance stop line and motor vehicles turning left when the left turn filter appears.

    As a cyclist you come up the cycle lane and sit in the advance stop box, however it's too short and also awkward to sit in front of the right lane for traffic going straight ahead, thus cyclists sit in front of the left lane. This annoys drivers as the cyclists still have a red light whilst the cars behind them have a green thus holding them up, at which point the car drivers then drive around you.

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  • London Road / Hospital Walk Junction Signals Upgrade

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    Discovered that this junction is "due for upgrade in the 2014/15 financial year. The budget for the traffic signal upgrade programme is essentially aimed at a like for like replacement scheme with new equipment. However we try to accommodate low cost improvements that can be implemented at the same time. ... There is scope to implement an advanced cycle stop line on Hospital Walk, although there would not be sufficient carriageway width for a lead in lane."

    This is one possible way to improve westbound connectivity from the Walks and Chase through Millfleet to the town centre and southbound Route 1. The increased distance (compared to Broad Walk) is offset by light traffic, a 20mph zone and a potentially easier crossing - but at the moment, the lights make bikes exiting Hospital Walk wait a long time and then it lets hardly any out before turning red again.

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  • Grove Lane traffic lights (Northbound)

    Created by Jon_B // 1 thread

    This junction has recently been "upgraded", but it still has a single lane at the lights, with a left filter arrow which turns green before the main light to proceed straight ahead.

    If you are waiting to proceed straight ahead this effectively means you are marooned in the middle of the junction with traffic behind you waiting to turn left.

    Not much fun in a car either, but it is considerably more unpleasant and dangerous on a bike.

    I'm not sure if there is an answer other than removing the left filter cycle.

    There is a general difficulty with decent routes from this area north up to Woodbridge Road in the rush hour, and this would seem like the best route if it were not for this issue.

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  • New Inn junction

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    The picture shows the view as a cyclist, waiting at the lights on Church Street. Considering the numbers cycling to the university it is extraordinary that the recent remodelling of the junction (2010, with further work on completion of the Palatine Centre) made no provision for cyclists.

    It is not obvious how cyclists are meant to access the shared-use paths on campus from this junction, or how to rejoin the road from the campus.

    Basic features like advanced stop lines would help, but even better would be a general "green phase", not permitted as yet in UK but under consideration by the DfT. This concept involves green lights for pedestrians and cyclists simultaneously for all directions and is very successful in the Netherlands. It's also what tends to happen, in reality, to some extent at this junction already. Couple it with cycle lanes approaching the junction from each direction instead of the wasteful dual car lanes, and this would be a big improvement.

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