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  • Highgate Road Safe and Healthy Streets

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    Camden is consulting on making permanent the trial scheme put in during summer 2020:

    • Extension of hours of operation to 24/7 – “at all times” for the following bus lanes on Highgate Road:
      • the southbound bus lane CMO15 which runs from St Albans Road to Dartmouth Park Road,
      • the northbound bus lane CMO16 which runs from Carrol Close (97 Highgate Road) to Wesleyan Place,
      • and the southbound bus lane CMO17 which runs from Burghley Road to Fortess Road .
    • Waiting and loading restrictions extended to ‘at any time’ in all bus lanes.
    • Addition of two loading bays outside 109-111 Highgate Road in CMO16 and outside 12 Highgate Road in CMO17 with hours of operation of 7pm-7am for loading for commercial properties.

    They also propose the following new measures

    • the extension of the existing southbound bus lane “CMO15” to the north, up to the roundabout with Swains Lane
    • the removal of paid-for/permit parking bays along Highgate Road to remove existing pinch points and facilitate the extension of the bus lane (10 outside the tennis courts and 18 opposite Grove Terrace).
    • the introduction of ‘at any time’ waiting and loading restrictions at the junction of Highgate Road and Carrol Close, to improve road user and pedestrian safety

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  • Quietway 7 (Cycleway 43) in Westminster - east section

    Created by Colin Wing // 4 threads

    This is the proposed route of the east section of Quietway 7 (Cycleway 43) in Westminster. At the western end, it has two branches: off Quietway 2 (Cycleway 27) at Norfolk Crescent and to/from Hyde Park via Connaught Square and Stanhope Place. It was not possible to show both of those on the map.

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    1. Millfield Lane Safe and Healthy Streets

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      In June 2020, a No Entry (with cycle exception) was placed on Millfield Lane just south of the junction of Merton Lane, making the southern section one way northbound for motor vehicles. In addition, several parking spaces were removed at the bend to provide more space for walking.  This was done with an experimental traffic order and Camden is now consulting on making the changes permanent and building a proper footway at the widened section.


      Camden also proposes:

      • to convert 11 extra parking bays on Millfield Lane to double yellow lines and double kerb blips to improve visibility, reduce conflict between drivers and cyclists and to minimise vehicle movements which are hazardous to pedestrians.
      • and to remove parking on Merton Lane close to the junction with West Hill
      • and to remove parking at the junction of Merton Lane and Millfield Lane and widen the footway

      They also ask whether we would like to have Merton Lane one-way for motor vehicles (eastbound only)

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    2. Proposed Pedestrian and Cycle Improvements on Abbey Road Junction With Belsize R

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      Camden is consulting on some proposed improvements for walking and cycling through the junction of  Abbey Road and Belsize Road

      •  New diagonal pedestrian crossing points .
      • Advanced stop lines (ASL) for cyclists to be increased to 5m -
      • Existing refuge islands to be removed from the junction .
      • All guard railing around the junction to be removed. Bus cage on Abbey Road to be shortened and relocated 4m closer to the junction.
      • Footways to be widening around the junction .
      • 5 Seconds early release for cyclists on both Abbey Road approaches to the junction.

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    3. Chalk Farm Road Walking, Cycling and Road Safety Improvements

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      Camden Council installed Pop-up cycle lanes on Chalk Farm Road and the lower end of Haverstock Hill last summer. They are now consulting on proposals to make these and associated changes permanent.

      The proposals include:

      • Replacing the temporary ‘kerb and wand’ segregation with a new raised stepped cycle track
      • Improved junction layout at Haverstock Hill/ Chalk Farm Road/ Adelaide Road/ Regents Park Road/ Crogsland Road, including a new signalised pedestrian crossing across the middle and a cycle gate for norttbound cycles and bypass for southbound cycles.
      • Retaining the improvements at the Ferdinand Street- Juniper Way junction
      • Retaining the four bus stop bypasses and replacing the ride round bus stop outside Haverstock School with a new bus stop bypass east of Crogsland Road and adding a new bus stop bypass between the junctions of Harmood Street and Hartland Road. Putting the bus shelters on the island.
      • Taxi parking facility outside Camden Market to be relocated to east of Crogsland Road and to be shared with a new timed loading bay
      • New blended junctions at Belmont Street, Harmood Street and Hartland Road
      • Blue surfacing across junctions and side roads to provide an increased awareness of cyclists.
      • Installing new double yellow lines with double blip markings (no parking/waiting at any time) along the scheme route to prevent vehicles from parking and loading on the cycle lane.

      Drop In Sessions

      23 September 2021 (Thursday) from 16:00 to 19:00

      30 September 2021 (Thursday) from 16:00 to 19:00

      Location: Castlehaven Community Centre, 23 Castlehaven Rd, London NW1 8RU

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    4. Prowse Place and Wilmot Place Healthy Streets

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      Camden proposes to make permanent the trial closures that were installed in Prowse Place and Wilmot Place in June 2020.

      The Prowse Place closure was originally by means of bollards but has been replaced by ANPR and signage while the Wilmot Place closure is by means of bollards.

      Camden also proposes to:

      • Improve connections for cycling on Wilmot Place between Royal College Street and St Pancras Way:
        • for eastbound cyclists a Tiger crossing into the contraflow on Wilmot Place west
        • for westbound cyclists, a bollard protected lane and a place to wait before turning right into the St Pancras Way cycle lane
        • But they have not proposed a solution of making the right turn into Wilmot Place west from the northbound cycle track on Royal College Street.
      • A blended junction on Wilmot Place at Pancras Way
      • strong blue paint markings where the cycle lanes on Royal College Street pass the junction with Wilmot Place.
      • Make Jeffreys St/ Wilmot Place, between Prowse Place and St Pancras Way, two-way for motor vehicles (introduces left hook risk - blue paint enough?)

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    5. Red Lion and Dane Street Healthy Streets

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      Camden proposes to make permanent the trial closures that were installed in Red Lion Street and Dane Street in June 2020.

      They also propose to:

      - create a pedestrian and cycle only zone on Red Lion Street south of the junction with Princeton Street with new trees and cycle parking

      - stop southbound motor traffic on Bedford Row from accessing Sandland Street, introducing a wide build-out with new trees, seating and cycle parking

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    6. Shadwell Liveable Streets Consultation

      Created by Alex Jenkins // 1 thread

      The Liveable Streets Shadwell proposal aims to improve the look and feel of the Shadwell area whilst making it easier, safer, and more convenient to get around by foot and bike.

      Overview map of proposals in Shadwell. Please click on the image to download a larger copy.

      These proposals have been developed on feedback based on residents, businesses and the local community and aim to benefit all road users. This is achieved by improving accessibility to walking and cycling for all so that those with disabilities, people of all ages, cultures and genders can feel safe. Additionally, the reduction in through traffic in the area will improve the safety and air quality for all.

      Our proposals include:

      • School Street on Bigland Street to improve road safety for students and families.
      • Creating more space for pedestrians to improve access on Watney Street.
      • Enhancing the neighbourhood with improved accessibility, lighting, planting, public art, and traffic calming measures.
      • Reducing cut-through traffic in the area during morning peak periods.
      • Improving the pavements on Cannon Street Road for pedestrians.

      What is being proposed?

      Five schemes have been developed to improve walking and cycling, create better public spaces, discourage through-traffic and improve air quality (click on each scheme to view details):

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    7. Camden Road Toucan crossings TfL consultation

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      TfL is planning to upgrade two of the existing signalised pedestrian crossings on Camden Road to Toucans.

      These crossings are:

      Rochester Road to Rochester Square

      The crossing lines up with Rochester Square (south side of Camden Road) so TfL is proposing a section of shared-use footway on the north side of Camden Road from Rochester Road to the crossing.

      Cantelowes Gardens to Cantelowes Road

      The crossing almost lines up with the footway exit from Cantelowes Road (past the planter known locally as the ‘billiard table’). TfL is proposing a section of shared-use footway on the north side of Camden Road between the western exit from the Gardens and the crossing.


      Camden is being left to make the connections at both ends of the two crossings. These are tricky e.g. cycling isn’t even allowed in Cantelowes Gardens at the moment. But those issues are outside the scope of this consultation. 

      Toucans are signalised crossings where cycles and pedestrian share the surface of the crossing as well as an area of footway on both sides of the road. They are supposed to be at least 4m wide. (LTN 2/95).

      The Rochester Road crossing width will be increased to 4m. The crossing at Cantelowes Road is already over 3.5m wide. In both case the island width will be increased to 2.5m

      Drawing of the proposals for the two crossings

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    8. Three sets of road closures to be made permanent Sandall Road, Savernake Road, C

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      Sandall Road Safe and Healthy Streets scheme

      In May 2020, as a trial, bollards were placed across Sandall Road by the width restriction to prevent motor traffic from cutting through residential streets between Camden Road and Kentish Town Road or Leighton Road.

      Camden is now consulting on whether the trail scheme should be made permanent. Drawing here.

      The consultation and the Online Survey are here

      Savernake and Cressy Road Safe and Healthy Streets scheme

      In May 2020, as a trial, bollards were placed across Savenake Road by the entry to Saverrnake Bridge to prevent motor traffic from cutting through Constantine Road and Savernake Road to avoid the signals at the junction of Agincourt Road and Mansfield Road.

      Camden is now consulting on whether the trail scheme should be made permanent with some enhancements - three separate water absorbing planting areas to include three new trees. Plans.

      They are also proposing two-way cycling on Cressy Road between Agincourt Road and Constantine Road – a very welcome extension of the recently implemented two-way cycling on Cressy Road south of Agincourt Road.

      And an electric vehicle charging point.

      The consultation and the Online Survey are here

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    9. Electric Scooter Trial in Camden

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      On the 7th June 2021 Transport for London launched a trial on the use of rental electric scooters across some parts of London.

      E.g. in Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham, Richmond, Kensington and Chelsea and Tower Hamlets (ride through only) and Canary Wharf.

      The City of London and Westminster plan to join the trial on the 5th July 2021.

      Camden Council is now consulting on taking part in this trial.

      Service operators Dott, Lime and Tier.

      The e-scooters would be unlocked through the operator’s app on the user’s mobile phone and would be required to be parked within a designated parking bay at the end of a journey.

      They would be permitted on public highways in Camden and cycle lanes and will share cycle contraflow facilities.

      They would not be permitted on pavements or any public pedestrian space.

      Riders would need to be 18 years of age or over and have a full or provisional driving licence to rent an e-scooter

      Speed would be limited to 12.5mph. GPS managed speeds..

      They would be parked on street in assigned dockless hire parking bays, GPS enforcement of using bays

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    10. Goods Way Scheme

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      Goods Way has been one way westbound for motor vehicles for most of its length during recent construction works. The section between the Kings Cross Station service road and York Way is two-way to allow service and construction vehicles to access York Way directly.  Two-way cycling has been maintained right along Goodsway. 

      Camden proposes to make the current arrangements permanent

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    11. Proposed Zebra Crossing / Temporary Parking Relocation - Ferdinand Street NW1

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      The main proposal is for  a new Zebra crossing outside the Harmood Children’s Centre

      The new zebra will be 6.5m wide and replaces a 12+ m wide crossing with a pedestrian island. The consultation says: “Reducing the carriageway width can also have a traffic calming effect.

      Space will also be provided for rain gardens (SUDs) and cycle parking for 6 to 8 bikes

      The other proposal is to provide a temporary bus stand for the 27 bus during the Morrisons development and to relocate the affected parking bays. The new bus stand will be beside the Denton residential block at the northern end of Ferdinand Street.

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    12. Brick Lane Liveable Streets consultation

      Created by Alex Jenkins // 1 thread

      The Council is committed to supporting Brick Lane’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and wants to use the investment of the Liveable Streets programme to support Brick Lane businesses and the local community in months and years ahead.

      Future Visualisation of Brick Lane(External link)

      These proposals have been developed on feedback based on residents, businesses and local community. We are consulting on these proposals now, so that if they are supported we can implement them in time for Summer to benefit businesses, the local community and visitors.

      Our proposals:

      • Pedestrianising sections of Brick Lane in the evenings and the weekends (Brick Lane will be open to all traffic before 5.30pm on weekdays) to support businesses to trade safely and make use of outside dining space.
      • Improving the accessibility of Brick Lane with dropped kerbs and new disabled parking spaces.
      • Enhancing the neighbourhood with improved lighting, planting and traffic calming measures to create a better and safer environment for the local community and visitors to walk and cycle around Brick Lane.
      • Installing new cycle hangars and cycle stands to encourage sustainable travel.
      • Creating accessible and safer school travel routes to improve air quality and road safety for children.

      What is being proposed?

      Three schemes have been developed to improve walking and cycling, create better public spaces, discourage through-traffic and improve air quality (click on each scheme to view details):

      Our proposals include environmental enhancements and traffic calming measures to improve accessibility and safety for all and to encourage active travel.

      Why are these proposals important?

      Brick Lane is an iconic area of London that attracts over 18,500 pedestrians every day. This space is also shared with over 4,000 vehicles, many of which use Brick Lane to cut through the area. This means they are not visiting local businesses, schools or places of worship but are significant contributors to the already unacceptable levels of air pollution and congestion along Brick Lane.

      School streets are central to our Brick Lane proposals to address key safety and air quality issues. Our initiatives will create accessible and safer school travel routes by reducing the number of cars polluting the school environment and improving road safety for children.

      These proposals are a key part of Tower Hamlets commitment to support Brick Lane’s economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and aims to attract more visitors to the area and support businesses to trade safely.

      Overview of Brick Lane Proposals

      Overview plan of all proposed works in the Brick Lane area. Please click to enlarge(External link)

      Have your say

      Your views on our Brick Lane proposals are important to us. You can have your say by providing your feedback through our online survey.

      If you have any issues or questions you can either leave a question via our Q&A tool or alternatively email link)

      If you would like to raise any questions in Bengali or request a translated copy of the consultation booklet in Bengali then please fill out the request form here.

      The consultation is open from Wednesday 17th March and closes at 11:59 on Wednesday 14 April 2021.

      Coronavirus update

      Our Liveable Streets programme team are following government advice and are currently working remotely. Work will continue as planned on the projects and the team will adhere to all guidelines.

      Please note that construction timing is subject to change depending on changes to coronavirus restrictions, weather and coordination of works in the area. We will update the website with any changes to the programme and hope you will continue to help us improve the look and feel of your neighbourhood.

      For coronavirus updates from Tower Hamlets or to join our mailing list please click here(External link).

      If you have any questions regarding the construction phase please see below, or get in touch with the team by emailing link) or calling 0203 092 0401.

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    13. Proposed Trial Changes to Haverstock Hill and Rosslyn Hill

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      Camden proposes the following measures:

      • New cycle lanes, protected by flexible wands, will be installed on both sides of Haverstock Hill and Rosslyn Hill (between Prince of Wales Road and Belsize Lane).
        • On the northbound side, cyclists will have to use the existing bus lane from Belsize Avenue on – the bus lane times will be made 24/7.
      • All parking and loading spaces are to be removed from this section of Haverstock and Rosslyn Hill to make space for the cycle lanes. Some will be replaced in side roads.
      • All pedestrian refuges at informal crossings are being removed to make room for the cycle lanes. Five of the existing ‘uncontrolled’ crossing points on Haverstock Hill will be replaced with four new zebra crossings and one new signalised crossing .
      • Shared use bus boarders will be deployed at the eight bus stops – bus stops will be moved into the carriageway to allow for the cycle lane to continue next to the kerb.
      • At the junctions with England’s Lane and Pond Street ‘pedestrian countdown’ facilities, ‘early release’ for bikes and extended ‘Advanced Stop Lines’  will be provided subject to approval from TfL
      • Timed loading bays (Mon-Sat 10 am - 2pm) along (on southbound side opposite Steeles Road Haverstock Hill  and full time loading bay opposite Belsize Lane.
      • If the consultation is agreed, cycle parking will be added at the shopping parades.

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    14. Camden Square Area Safe and Healthy Streets

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      The Camden Square area is bounded by Camden Road, Camden Park Road-York Way, Agar Grove and St Pancras Way. Most of this area already benefits from some road closures made in the 1970s at junctions with Agar Grove (St Augustines Road, St Paul’s Crescent and Stratford Villas) and at junctions with Camden Road (Rochester Square and Cantelowes Road). But Murray Street is still used as a rat-run between Camden Road and Agar Grove.

      This consultation focuses on

      • The removal of the rat-run on Murray Street and of another potential rat-run via North Villas
      • Improvements to the cycle route that runs from Cliff Road, through Camden Square and on to Royal College Street.

      The rat-run reduction scheme proposes two filters:

      • A diagonal filter on Murray Street at the junction with Stratford Villas enforced by ANPR camera. (right turns into Camden Road from Murray Street will be permitted)
      • A filter with a removable bollard at the top of Camden Square west side which will become two-way for all vehicles.
      • Mandatory left turn signs where Camden Mews meets Camden Park Road.

      The proposals for improving the cycle route are:

      • Randolph Street with flow and contraflow cycle lanes protected by wands
      • Marked cycle crossings over Royal College Street at the junction with Randolph Street (with relocation of the bus stop to the south of this junction).
      • A radical improvement of the junction of Agar Grove, St Pancras Way and Randolph Street;
        • on each of the four arms of the junction, cycles will get a green at a stage in the signals where they can cross safely without conflict with motor vehicles.
        • pedestrians can obtain an all green stage on demand
        • the approach from Agar Grove will be in a lane protected by wands
      • A Tiger Crossing over Agar Grove at the southern end of Stratford Villas
      • Cliff Road: the contraflow lane will be moved behind the parked cars while the with flow lane runs with general traffic but all parking will be removed on this (the south) side.

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    15. Draft Sutton Sustainable Transport Strategy 2020-2025 Consultation

      Created by Marcus Howarth // 1 thread

      The draft document is linked right at the bottom of the consulation page, again here

      from 1.3

      Everyone benefits from sustainable transport because it means that we are:
      • Keeping the air cleaner through alternative travel choices, such as walking, cycling to work, using public transport or using electric vehicles, while improving public health;
      • Improving safety for travellers, especially for people with disabilities, children, older residents and other vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists;

      1.13 In July 2019, the London Borough of Sutton declared a climate emergency, and pledged to make the borough carbon neutral. Air quality improvements and carbon reduction are byproducts of, and some of many reasons for, sustainable transport.

      from section 4

      Cycle mode share is low, 1.1% of all journeys and among the lowest share in London. 

      5.7 Essentially, more people in Sutton are choosing to use their car for journeys of less than 2km than anywhere else in London.

      See Section 6 re. cycling. 

      6.12 The existing number of cycling trips made each year in Sutton is 7,700, out of a total in outer London of 208,200 trips.
      However, there is a potential for 234,900 daily cyclable trips, which would mean that 3% of all borough journeys would be by cycle. This
      figure is higher than boroughs of similar size and population such as Harrow, Merton and Richmond upon Thames.
      6.13 As with walkable trips, Sutton also has the highest number of potentially cyclable trips per resident that are currently made by a motorised mode of travel22.

      Targets include

      Appendix F : no mention of cycleways

      also saw under Developer checklists:

      G6g) The Council, landowners, developers, infrastructure providers and funding agencies will work together to implement the place-based projects in the Sutton Public Realm Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (adopted January 2020).
      G6h) The Council, landowners, developers, infrastructure providers and funding agencies will work together to implement the Liveable Neighbourhoods schemes and to bid for and implement future schemes where possible.

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    16. Queen's Crescent Motor Traffic Free Environment Trial

      Created by George Coulouris // 1 thread

      The proposals will trial a motor traffic-free environment that reduces traffic volumes and speeds, supports the existing market and local businesses, and allows more space for social distancing, walking, and cycling. The proposals also include measures at the junction of Queen’s Crescent and Grafton Road to prevent rat running traffic from using Grafton Road and Vicar’s Road and create a safer and quieter environment for residents in that area.

      Camden have announced a consultation trial closures of Queen's Crescent (the market area) and Grafton Road. The resulting reduction in motor traffic will improve cycling conditions massively on Grafton Road in particular and in adjacent streets to a lesser extent. This, in conjunction with this scheme including the closure of Anglers Lane (decision to go ahead) should result in a sizeable LTN in all but name.

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    17. Six new School Streets - Feb 2021

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      All of the schemes operate timed road closures on Mondays to Fridays e.g. from 8.15am-9.15am and 3pm-4pm in term time.

      In all but one of the schemes, it is stated that the restrictions will be enforced using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.

      Each scheme would be introduced as a trial for a maximum of 18 months with  a further consultation After 12 months.

      Exemptions: properties and businesses in the closed section of the affected road, emergency services, bin lorries, blue badge and pupils of the school that have a disability that prevents them from using active travel.

      A few nice surprises here, marked with asterisks ***

      Brookfield School

      A Healthy School Street on Croftdown Road, between the junction with Chester Road and the east side of the junction with St. Albans Road.

      And close with planters and bollards the west side of the junction Croftdown Road/ St Albans Road

      Consultation on Camden’s website:

      Kentish Town Church of England Primary School

      A Healthy School Street on Islip Street, from Frideswide Place to the junction with Hammond Street.

      *** Create a permanent restriction on Hammond Street by placing planters halfway between Islip Street and Caversham Road.

      Temporary widening of footway outside school. Why temporary?

      Removal of some guard rails

      Consultation on Camden’s website:

      Christopher Hatton Primary School

      1. A Healthy School Street On Mount Pleasant, between the junction with Grays Inn Road and the junction with Elm Street.

      No mention of the use of ANPR cameras.

      *** 2. Make permanent the trial scheme in Laystall Street north of Rosebery Avenue which implemented a mid-point closure and allowed two-way cycling.

      Consultation on Camden’s website

      Argyle Primary School

      A Healthy School Street road on Bidborough Street, Hastings Street and Tonbridge Street.

      *** The one-way systems on all three streets would remain in place, with the addition of a contraflow for cycles.

      Consultation on Camden’s website

      St Mary and St Pancras School

      A Healthy School Street on Polygon Road between Chalton Street and Werrington Street.

      Consultation on Camden’s website:

      Ecole Jeanine Manuel

      A Healthy School Street on the south side of Bedford Square which is one-way westbound.

      from the junction with Bloomsbury Street to Adeline Place

      *** Add a contraflow cycle lane to the southern side of Bedford Square

      Consultation on Camden’s website:

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    18. Mansfield Road and Estelle Road Safe and Healthy Streets consultation

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      The proposal is to made a Tiger crossing over Mansfield Road between Estelle Roads and the cut-through to Elaine Grove. This will replace the existing zebra crossing. The following supporting measures are also proposed: 

      • No Entry to Estelle Road from Mansfield Road
      • Introducing small sections of shared space (pedestrians and cycles) areas around the proposed crossing
      • removal of 9m parking bays on Estelle Road close to this junction

      The improvement of this crossing is in preparation for the extension of C6 from Kentish Town via Castle Road, Castelehaven Road and Grafton Road to reach Hampstead Heath at Savernake bridge.

      Implement on 18 month ETO,

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    19. King Henry's Road area Safe and Healthy Streets

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      This scheme is intended to reduce through traffic on King Henry’s Road and Elsworthy Road, both of which have ~ 2000 motor vehicle movements per day in each direction, 74% of which is through traffic. In addition, average speeds are well in excess of 20 mph.

      To stop the rat-running and to reduce the traffic volumes and speeds on King Henry’s Road and Elsworthy Road, Camden proposes the following point closures:

      • Elsworthy Road at the junction with Avenue Road
      • Elsworthy Road to the east of the junction with Elsworthy Rise
      • King Henry’s Road to the east of the junction with Elsworthy Rise

      In addition, Camden proposes:

      • A Healthy School Street for St Paul’s School (in the eastern end of Elsworthy Road) operating 8am to 9am and 3pm to 4pm with exemptions for people who live in that section of road
      • Footway widening on Primrose Hill Road near to St Paul’s School
      • and a new Zebra crossing near Oppidans Road

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    20. Baynes Street Safe and Healthy Street Scheme

      Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

      Camden Council is consulting on changes to Baynes Street which will prevent motor traffic (except buses, emergency and refuse vehicles) from using Baynes Street as a cut-through between St Pancras Way and Royal College Street.  They will be able to use Georgiana Street instead.

      Baynes Street will be made two-way for all vehicles (including cycles) but no motor vehicles will be able to enter Baynes Street from Royal College Street. Motor vehicles can enter from St Pancras Way to access properties and some parking will be removed to facilitate turning round.

      On St Pancras Way - a proposal to widen the northbound cycle lane and to remove the turning pocket.

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