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  • Cycling and Walking Link - Rickmansworth Station/Colne Valley Trail

    Created by Peter Loader // 1 thread

    The Colne and Crane Green Infrastructure Strategy includes a proposed new walking and cycling link between Rickmansworth Station and the Colne Valley Trail at Rickmansworth Aquadrome. At its meeting on November 4th 2019, Batchworth Community Council set up a project to ensure that this new route was implemented via Rickmansworth Town Centre, in line with two of Rickmansworth Parish Councillors' strategies.

    This would involve designing the preferred route via Bury Lane, Rickmansworth and then part-funding Hertfordshire County Council to create it.

    This shows the course of the preferred route, which is open to a phased implementation as funds permit.

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  • rat run Tovels Road/Caudwell Avenue

    Created by Leigh P // 1 thread

    Tovells Road and Caudwell Avenue are a huge rat run in the morning for a limited period of time for parents going to St Mary's Catholic School. I understand the school catchment is not local. Cars turinging into these roads too fast and quite clearly without looking whist rusing to get children to school on time. Often have to swerve on bike to avoid.
    Tovellls Road is the only way cars can get from the south and east of the town to St Mary's primary school...well it's not actually, but it's the route most of them take....They should be using Woodbridge Road and Caudwell Hall Road that are maintained for such traffic. Tovells Road is single file traffic only (due to parked cars), but the reason they all get away with it is they are all going in the same direction at the same time! They seem to have a system of most going to the school along Tovells Road, and returning along Holland Road.
    I assume St Mary's shool has a travel plan and this includes regular liaison with parents to use safer and appropriate routes, in an appropriate manner.

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  • Discourage through traffic

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 0 threads

    Apparently it is not possible to close the road to through-traffic, but it could be significantly discouraged by making it a less convenient ratrun.

    I suggest at the entrance to the carpark of Inch House the road could be changed to create a very tight corner. This would not affect people going to Inch House from either direction, but it would make it less convenient to drive through, and slow down the cars (there is a blind corner behind the house).

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  • Nicolson Sq Gardens

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 0 threads

    Make more pedestrian friendly and discourage car use. There has been a fatal collision in 2012 but near hits are common.

    Remove the fence around the garden, or add additional entrances on all four corners, to open it up and enable pedestrians to use the garden to cross the square in East-West direction and diagonally. At the moment it doesn't have an exit in the west, making it a dead end and barrier for people moving between Nicolson St and Potterrow.

    The pavement on the south (from Mosque kitchen to the libanese restaurant) are far too narrow. Double yellow lines regularly ignored, creating blind corners, making it difficult for pedestrians to cross.

    Marshall Street should be narrowed considerably to one lane, as it's really only used for a few bus lines, no need to have two fairly wide lanes here. The southern pavement far too narrow, but it is very busy with pedestrians.

    It is used a lot as ratrun between Nicolson Street and Potterrow.

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  • Ilford Road / Rectory Drive - inconsiderate driving

    Created by Katja Leyendecker // 0 threads

    It's a route to school and a natural route for Gosforth residents to walk and cycle into the city centre. Yet it's incredibly over-run by inconsiderate drivers, speeding and blighted by pavement parking. It's 20mph but due to its rat-run nature feels like a motorway thorough-fare. There are blind spots at the metro bridge crossings either end which are dangerous to navigate too. Drivers turning into Ilford / Rectory are also cutting corner, so you'd find a situation of an oncoming cars in your traffic lane.

    Newcastle City Council have said there's nothing they can do. I don't believe that to be true. I think they are putting drivers needs before the needs of people walking and cycling.

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  • Hamlet - Auckland - Lancaster Rat Run, Bro/Cro border

    Created by angus hewlett // 1 thread

    Hamlet, Auckland and Lancaster roads are used as a rat run by traffic avoiding jams on the Crystal Palace Triangle. Several schools along here and no real need for through motor traffic to be allowed - there are two "A" roads on parallel routes (Church Road / S Norwood Hill, and Croydon Road) within a short distance.

    Use of this road as a rat run also creates extra through traffic on Fox Hill, Sylvan Hill, Southern Avenue and other roads that access it. It's not particularly dangerous by usual London standards (apart from getting beeped by impatient van drivers - no space to overtake along a lot of it) but could be made a lot safer so that the kids at the Harris Academies can cycle to school.

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  • Kings Avenue/Milner Street rat run.

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 1 thread

    Motorised vehicles currently use the rat run through Milner Street to avoid the fraffic lights at Grove Lane/ St Helens St.
    This is part of NCN 41 , any extra traffic passing through here detracts from the cycling experience and is negative for residents.
    Cyclist comments are needed now !

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