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  • St Nicholas to Loke Road link

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    There's an OK cycleway alongside the Bawsey Drain from the Loke Road Junction but the link from the edge of the town centre 20mph zone isn't very good. The section between North Street and Loke Road involves negotiating your way across the multiple lanes of John Kennedy Road which is the northern approach to the town, or illegally using the narrow footway as many people do.

    This section is crying out for one of the three or four lanes to be given back to cycling and walking and the 20mph zone to be extended to the north end of North Street.

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  • Rushgrove Park Draft Masterplan

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    Plans to improve Rushgrove Park include a new crossing of the Silkstream near Colindeep Lane, with a new access point on Colindeep Lane, joining with the existing route following the western side of the park to emerge on Crossway.  The draft masterplan describes this as the "primary shared cycle and footpath with seasonal tree avenue".

    Consultation details and online questionnaire on the link below...

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  • Colindale Park Draft Masterplan

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    Plans to improve Colindale Park include a 3.2m wide shared-use pedestrian/cyclist path linking Colindale Station and Sheaveshill Avenue.

    It is described in the draft masterplan as a commuting route - it's actually the 250m long path at the NE edge of the park.

    Consultation details and online questionnaire on the link below...

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  • Cycle route to High Street via Nith Place

    Created by Rhian // 2 threads

    From the Whitesands all the crossings around Nith Place are toucan crossings. However, the current set up doesn't make it comfortable for pedestrians or cyclists for someone cycling to the High Street.

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  • Barry Road Road traffic calming & Southwark Spine route consultation

    Created by Luce // 1 thread

    Southwark became a 20mph borough in 2015. However, a review of average speeds has shown that in some areas speeds are much higher than this. On Barry Road average speeds exceed 24mph, with many vehicles exceeding 30mph. Residents have told us that these speeds can make the road dangerous for pedestrians and other road users. We have a responsibility to take action to ensure that legal speed limits are observed and protect the welfare of all road users.

    Our review of Barry Road concluded that speeds remained below 24mph between Upland Road and Peckham Rye, therefore this scheme only looks to address high speeds between Goodrich Road and Upland Road.

    Following TfL's Healthy Street guidelines, we have proposed a series of changes to the road which we think will bring speeds down to a more acceptable level and make the street a safer and more accessible environment for all. We are conducting this consultation to find your views on the measures we are proposing and whether there are additional actions we could take.

    Additionally, it has been proposed to alter the route of the planned Southwark Spine cycle route. This is intended to create a safe route for cyclists of all abilities. The route will now run along Goodrich Road and down the southern section of Barry Road, linking with the cycle quietway from Peckham Rye to Wimbledon.

    We are at the early stage of planning this, and would like your views on how we can make this section safe and accessible for all road users.

    Why We Are Consulting
    Local people are the experts on their area. We want to know what you think about these proposals, whether there are things we haven't considered or opportunities to make the plans even better.

    The questionnaire below includes a 'healthy streets' section, where we ask for a snapshot of conditions on Barry Road right now. This will help us assess your priorities, and also whether the changes we make achieve meaningful improvements for local people.

    Other sections consider the South (where the Southwark Spine is proposed to run), Middle and North parts of the road, so you can offer detailed comments on the proposals that affect you, if you wish.

    Please review the plans below before responding, and take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

    Your data will be anonymised and only used by the Highways team for the purpose described above. However, there is an option to provide us with an email address if you would like feedback on the outcomes from this survey, and to receive information about other Highways surveys and consultations in your area.

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  • S/3551/17/OL Cottenham: outline app for 137 dwellings including access

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Outline Planning Application for residential development comprising 137 dwellings including matters of access with all other matters reserved.

    Land north east of Rampton Road, Cottenham, CB24 8TJ

    South Cambridgeshire

    Application reference : S/3551/17/OL

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  • Route to the High St. via Loreburne Centre entrance

    Created by Cycling Dumfries // 1 thread

    At the moment there are toucan crossings from the Whitesands up to the High Street past the lower entrance to the Loreburne Centre (where the buses stop) but there is no actual cycle path so you end up illegally on the pavement. It would be a useful route otherwise, as long as cyclists can get past the bus stops (and waiting bus passengers).

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  • Cyclists dismount on NCN route

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    If you follow NCN 7/14/70 through Durham from west to east, then after crossing Pennyferry bridge and proceeding south towards Fleshergate you find a no entry sign which adds "Cyclists dismount". There ought to be a contraflow cycle lane on this one way street. Round the corner just further on there is a contraflow lane!

    Update, 3rd May 2016.
    The road layout has been changed in conjunction with the new office blocks at Freeman's Reach. The road was previously wide enough to be two-way, apart from the problem of the bays for coaches to offload tourists. Now the pavement has been extended to enclose the bays, and the main carriageway is much narrower. What had been ordinary footway further along is now a ramp up to the office doors, with the footway now taking the place of part of the previous carriageway. There is a shared-use sign on the pavement, if you are travelling north, but "cyclists give way to pedestrians" has been added, as though they are aware that the space is not really wide enough. On the reverse of the sign is a "cyclists dismount" sign again, so there is still no means of turning south round the corner to join the short contraflow lane.

    By the end of Pennyferry Bridge there is now a little shared use sign indicating that it is permissible to cycle on the new walkway round the river side of the office blocks. Mixing bikes and pedestrians along this route will probably be unpopular.

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  • Weyside Greenway - Guildford Rd to Kimbers Lane

    Created by Thomas Lancaster // 0 threads

    The NCN 22 final route (Weyside Greenway) through the Farnham town centre needs to connect from the Guildford Road to Kimbers Lane (and thence the riverside path). The Guildford Road at this location has no footway and parked cars on the north side. A alternative via Guildford Road Trading Estate only connects to Kimbers Lane via a 1m wide path.

    Path widening would require taking a 40m long by 1m wide strip of land from the leasehold of Rowan House at the NW end of the Trading Estate. Alternatives welcome as this is the only fundamental block for NCN 22 to run through the town centre, linking many of its amenities.

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  • Sustrans "Handbook" - comment on new chapters by 30 June

    Created by Rohan Wilson // 4 threads

    Sustrans' "Handbook for cycle-friendly design", intended as a non-aligned expression of standards and processes for cycling provision, for public and specialist guidance, was published at the same time as the Campaign's "Making Space for Cycling". It received some criticism from members of CCyC.

    Sixteen draft new chapters are at and comments invited.

    Subjects include: new developments; parking; design concepts; network planning; community involvement; signing; cycle-rail integration; and more...

    Deadline for comments: 30 June

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  • Consultation on Central Somers Town proposals, March 2015

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 3 threads

    Camden Council proposes some changes in Somers Town including:

    - new buildings for Edith Neville Primary school with the entrance moved to the corner of Purchese Street and Polygon Road

    - new housing

    - closure of Polygon Road between Ossulston Street and Chalton Street

    - new landscaped park and open spaces

    See the consultation at:

    A model and exhibition about the proposals is on display at Somers Town Community Association until April 27th


    The plans show what looks like a wooded park enclosing the cycle route on Polygon Road between Purchese Street and Ossulston Street as well as the little square at the southern end of Charringon Street.

    Angela and I have met with the Louise Trewavas (the officer responsible); she assures us that Camden intends to provide total permeability for cycling through the area. But she was talking of cycling slowly through the wooded part. We pointed out that this is a major N-S route that uses the safe crossing over Euston Road to Mabledon Place and quoted figures from the RCS counter. (She is a cyclist and did understand that point).

    We noted that when the RCS southern extension down Pancras Road is extended down Midland Road to a safe crossing over Euston Road to Judd Street that many cyclists may prefer that route which will decrease pressure on the Somers Town route.

    We discussed two alternatives to improving the route through Somers Town between Goldington and Ossulston Street:

    - a route down Charrington Street provides a good straight run but would require something like the Ampton Street track through the square. It would avoid the new entrance to Edith Neville school. But there is an issue as to how cycles will cross the footway in Polygon Road where there will be many pedestrians at school opening and closing times

    - a route down Purchese Street as far as Brill Place which will only be acceptable if the cobbles are covered with a smooth surface of an acceptable width with one track in each direction. 

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  • Barriers across cycle path

    Created by Iain Lane // 2 threads

    I've received some further oral reports that barriers are still in place and that there may be plans to install yet more.

    We should investigate and find out what's going on here, stop it happening and have the existing barriers removed.

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  • Mona St / Grace Ave new Dismount signs

    Created by David Lally // 0 threads

    The path between Grace Avenue and Mona Street (Part of NCR 6) has had a ramp added for much better cycle access on the Mona Street end and a useful mirror at the other end to be able to see round the corner to and from Grace Avenue. All very good until... this was followed by the fitting of Dismount signs.

    Sustrans Rangers are aware of this.

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  • Lammas Land

    Created by Monica Frisch // 2 threads

    There are various cycle routes across Lammas Land and along the southern edge. There are already the following Cyclescape threads:

    #126 cycle path on Lammas Land (proposal for a new cycle path on the southern side of Lammas Land)
    #329 Lammas Land car park route improvements (as far as I can tell this covers much the same issue as #126)
    #986 route obstructed at Lammas Land

    I am about to create a new thread for lighting on Lammas Land, as there's a trial and consultation underway

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  • Inappropriate surface treatment for cycle route ie Fen Road, Milton

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    I've had a letter from the council. Not sure if someone put a copy through my door as they knew I was interested in the Fen Road, Milton, as it's dated 30th June which is over two weeks ago.

    I think "suface dressing" ie loose chippings, is a totally inappropriate treatment for a road which has not that much motor traffic and rather a lot of cycle traffic. The loose chippings will be a skid and physical hazard for cyclists for months to come.

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