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  • Leytonstone Road - parking on footway and in cycle lane

    rskedgell // 0 threads

    The section of Leytonstone Road E15 between number 165 and Cherry Tree Road had a single yellow line waiting restrictions, loading restriction kerb markings and bollards until 2017-18 when the road was resurfaced. A new advisory cycle lane was introduced, but the yellow lines and kerb markings were not reinstated, although I can find no evidence that the traffic order has been revoked. Footway parking has since become a serious problem here, both narrowing the available width of the footway and obstructing the cycle lane. The single yellow line and kerb markings need to be reinstated. As CEOs seem unable to enforce the footway parking, consideration should also be given to converting the cycle lane to a mandatory lane, which would enable CCTV to be used to issue PCNs by post from 22 June 2020 (there is a Newham CCTV camera at the corner of Leytonstone Road and Gurney Road).

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  • No Entry at Clay Farm Centre

    Created by Eleanor Blair // 1 thread

    Bus gate at Clay Farm Centre is marked with a "no entry except buses" sign - this route it used by many bikes, and should probably be changed. I'd rather not go through no-entry signs, but I do at the moment as it's the only sensible route by bike from Trumpington Park Primary to Lime Avenue.

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  • New barrier on Addenbrookes busway bridge

    Created by Finlay KM // 1 thread

    A new set of barriers has appeared on the hospital side of the usway bridge at Addenbrookes.
    Creates the usual set of problems for cargo bikes and less confident bike users, with the added bonus of being on a steep hill that ices up regularly, and right next to a busway with a record of squishing people who fall onto it.

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  • Cycle track obstruction Byng Place

    Created by George Coulouris // 1 thread

    We have recently received several reports about obstructions on the eastbound cycle track on Tavistock Place by food stalls. I'd like to collect some images and see how persistent the problem is before reporting to the Council.

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  • Wintr Fair bins on cycle path

    Created by Amelie K // 0 threads

    Extra blue and black bins have been put along Gonville Place, near where the cyclist counter used to be. They narrow the cycle lane in real, and effectively. Their location generally is poorly thought through (if at all). They are clearly intended for visitors to the winter fun fair on Prkers Piece, who will be on foot, but to use the bins they need to cross the cycle lane.

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  • Tea wagon opposite Cambridge North station - dangerous obstruction

    Created by David Green // 1 thread

    I cycle commute to the Science Park every day, riding Northbound on new cycle path past Cambridge North station. Over the past few weeks I've noticed a mobile tea wagon set up on the grass beside the new cycle/foot path directly opposite the station. I have no idea whether this has been sanctioned by the station authorities, or is just a trader using his initiative.

    I'm concerned that the position of this mobile wagon is making my commute less safe:

    - location obscures the view for cyclists as they ride towards the station. Location is on a curve in the path and it obstructs the otherwise clear view in both directions for cyclists, obstructing the view of cycle traffic approaching from opposite direction.

    - location restricts the path width, particularly when pedestrians are buying refreshment. There are a couple of 'bar stools' set up and the wagon itself encourages pedestrians to cross the a busy cycle path.

    - the fold-up roof of the wagon protrudes out over the path. It is a thin flat roof hard to see even in daylight. (As mornings get darker it will be invisible.). Tall cyclists, or any cyclists standing up on the pedals, could easily collide with this roof. There is a danger of serious injury/decapitation.

    Last week I stopped and politely mentioned these matters to the owner. I have asked him to instead set up in the wide lay-by 50 m further up the path but he has not moved yet.

    The roadway has double yellow lines. I believe this means that Please note that yellow lines apply from the centre of the road to the edge of the highway. This means that you cannot park on the pavement or verge either.

    Does the CCyC have any contacts at Cambridge North station who we can take this up with on safety grounds? If not, how can we get this waggon moved? It is only a matter of time that a Science Park cycle commuter has a serious accident here.

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  • Green Road Roundabout

    Created by Hazel Dawe // 1 thread

    Cyclists crossing London Road from South to North at the Green Road roundabout are faced with an extremely tight ninety degree turn into a very narrow space because a signpost is blocking the middle of what should be a cycle lane. This sharp turn onto a narrow space is virtually impossible to negotiate without stopping cycling and using your foot to push your bike. It is also very difficult to align the bike to cross the next lane in the extremely narrow space available. it is impossible with a cargo bike.

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  • parked cars blocking access to cycle lane

    Created by Mia // 0 threads

    cars (particularly cars with blue badges) like to park here two abreast blocking access to cycle lane to cyclists and electric wheelchair users too forcing them to go on to the pavement (if they can) or a long detour

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  • Cars parked outside Bodrum takeaway on cycle path & double yellow lines

    Anon // 1 thread

    Cars, which appear to be delivery vehicles, are near-permanently parked outside the Bodrum takeaway on Bootham in the evenings, despite the fact that they are doing so on double yellow lines, on an advisory cycle path, and close to other junctions. This forces cyclists to swerve around these cars, and much closer to incoming traffic in the other lane on Bootham.

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  • Car parking on Blue Bridge Lane

    Kate Ravilious // 1 thread

    Car parking obstructs cyclists travelling uphill, forcing them to stop and start on a steep uphill section, or move into the path of oncoming traffic travelling downhill.

    It would be safer to have car parking on the other side of the road.

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  • Threat of barrier on existing Highworth Ave cycle route

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    I've gotten wind that some residents are pushing for an exclusionary barrier of some kind to block the existing filter at Highworth Ave / Leys Road. Right now it's a couple of nice planters with a reasonably-sized gap that any kind of cycle can ride through. I don't know exactly what they're planning but they want to stop motorbikes, which can only mean something really obnoxious for everyone else.

    While I sympathise about the motorbike problem (I see them too, being a nearby resident and frequent user of this cut-through), I am very worried about this kneejerk reaction that will harm legitimate users of the filter. A form of collective punishment for the actions of a few, basically.

    I would like to alert people who may be worried about yet-another obstacle on a cycle route, or even possibly losing a nice quiet cycle route that lets us avoid nasty parts of Arbury and Milton Roads.

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  • Closure of Netherhall school off road cyclepath

    Created by Phillip Barnett // 1 thread

    (Originally sent to Camb cyclist mailing list)
    Does anyone know why the off-road cyclepath from Cherry Hinton park to Netherhall school has been closed all week? The northern half of this is locked by gates at both ends, (private land, belonging to school) and is open daily just before school, and just at end of school, half hour at a time, for children to get to school off road. Apparently, the primary school at the south end of the path has objected (don't know why? Maybe worried about possible accidents with their children?)
    So for the first time in decades, it's been closed.
    And so now my children are being forced onto longer routes, on busy schoolrun roads, when they had a perfect off-road route, door to door offroad cyclepath all the way!
    I'm sure it's a backwards step in terms of child safety. I will take it up with the school but wondered if anyone knew what's going on?

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  • Cambridge Road, Bridge Road traffic lights

    Created by Joe Adam // 1 thread

    The traffic lights on the Cambridge Road, Bridge road t junction have just been redone.
    They have slightly widened part of the footpath/shared use cycle way. However they have put a new offside repeater light in. The pole for this goes in just where the path is narrowing again, and where people on bikes turning right from Cambridge Road are joining the path.

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  • Beverley Rd / Chiswick Lm dropped kerb

    Created by Jon G // 1 thread

    A dropped kerb here would create easy cycle access between Chiswick Lane and Beverley Road, creating a backstreet cycle route avoiding parts of Chiswick Lane and Chiswick High Road

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  • Path from View Road, Hornsey to Alexandra Park

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    Access to Alexandra Park from View Road is obstructed by a staggered barrier, which does not have space for a recumbent trike to turn.

    This is on the route of the proposed Hornsey to North Finchley Quietway.

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  • Dangerous barrier on Fen Causeway pavement / cycle path.

    Created by olwen williams // 1 thread

    A cycleway runs along the pavement on the S side of Fen Causeway. There are various metal barriers, placed to prevent pedestrians coming off a footpath and going straight onto the road. 2-3 years ago, I collided with a barrier in the cycleway.because I was blinded by on-coming car headlights to my left. This barrier is uniquely dangerous because the oncoming cars are mounting the bridge over the river. In addition, oncoming cyclists on the right may both add to the difficulty in seeing the barrier and also narrow the cycleway. In rush hour, the barrier is obscured and invisible for about 25% of the time.
    I am aware of one other person who has run into the barrier, but I suspect there must be more. If you have done so, please get in touch! I have so far been unsuccessful in persuading the council that this barrier must be removed.

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  • Parking in Water Street Cycle Lane

    Created by Anna Langley // 1 thread

    It seems that the new cycle lane in Water Street, is just too tempting to be ignored for motorists looking for a place to park. The councils enforcement people won't do anything, and nor, I expect, will the police.

    We need bollards along there to physically prevent this from happening.

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  • Zugang am Ende der Pfälzer Straße zum Liederbach

    kalle // 0 threads

    Antrag vom 01.06.2016, OF 93/6

    Der Ortsbeirat möge beschließen, der Magistrat wird beauftragt zu prüfen und zu berichten, wie der Zugang am Ende der Pfälzer Straße zum Fußweg am Liederbach so umgestaltet werden kann, dass er den Ansprüchen der Barrierefreiheit genügt, z.B. indem dort eine nicht zu steile Rampe angelegt wird.


    Der Zugang vom Ende der Pfälzer Straße zum Fußweg am Liederbach weits einen Höhenunterschied von ungefähr einem Meter bis einem Meter fünfzig auf, der auf kurzer Distanz durch eine Treppe überwunden wird. An der Seite der Treppe gibt es 2 Metallschienen, auf denen man Kinderwagen, Fahrrad oder Rollstuhl die Treppe hinauf oder hinunter befördern kann. Jedoch ist die Neigung sehr steil und stellt für viele Betroffene daher ein unüberwindliches Hindernis dar.

    Die Verbindung ist andererseits stark frequentiert. Es gibt direkt an der Treppe die neue Fußgänger-brücke über den Liederbach. Direkt an der Pfälzer Straße befindet sich ein Edeka-Markt und der evangelische Kindergarten. Viele Kinder, Eltern mit Kindern, mit Fahrrädern und Kinderwagen, auch viele ältere Leute, die mit dem Fahrrad auf dem Weg zum Einkaufen sind usw. usw., benutzen die o.g. Treppe auf dem Weg von der einen Seite zur anderen Seite Unterliederbachs. Rollstuhlfahrer sind zur Zeit von der Benutzung dieser Verbindung völlig ausgegrenzt.

    Beratung im Ortsbeirat: 6

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  • Griesheim: Verbesserung der Querungsverbindungen im geteilten Stadtteil

    kalle // 0 threads

    Antrag vom 05.06.2016, OF 101/6

    Der Ortsbeirat möge beschließen:

    Die Stadtverordnetenversammlung möge beschließen:

    Der Magistrat wird aufgefordert, zu prüfen, zu berichten:

    welche Möglichkeiten es gibt, um eine barrierefreie Verbindung wenigstens für Fußgänger und Fahrradfahrer unter den Eisenbahngleisen in der Elektronstraße zu schaffen,

    welche Möglichkeiten bestehen, um die die Griesheimer Bürger benachteiligende und den Stadtteil trennende Verbindung Griesheim-Mitte und Griesheim-Nord über die Mainzer Landstraße zu beseitigen bzw. zu minimieren.

    Der Magistrat wird weiter aufgefordert, in die Planungen interessierte Bürger und Vertretern des Ortsbeirates einzubeziehen.


    Zu 1:

    Die bestehende Gleisanlage wird nicht nur von Zügen der Deutsche Bahn AG, sondern auch von privaten Anbietern benutzt. Oft finden nur Rangiertätigkeiten statt. Für diejenigen Bürger, die von Alt Griesheim nach Griesheim-Mitte und weiter möchten, egal ob als Autofahrer, Fahrradfahrer oder Fußgänger, hat das zur Folge, dass sie teilweise 20 Minuten an der Schranke stehen, um den anderen Stadtteilteil zu erreichen. Da es jedoch keine andere Möglichkeit gibt, um hier die Gleisanlage zu überqueren, ist es dringend erforderlich, dass wenigstens für die Fußgänger und Radfahrer eine Möglichkeit geschaffen wird, an dieser Stelle eine schnelle und barrierefreie Querung vorzufinden. Das neben der Omegabrücke/Unterführung Alte Falterstraße/Waldschulstraße für die Griesheimer Bevölkerung dies die einzigen beiden Möglichkeiten sind, von einem Teil in den anderen Teil Griesheims zu gelangen, spricht schon für eine bessere Verbindungsmöglichkeit in der Elektronstraße.

    Zu 2.:

    Durch die Gestaltung der Mainzer Landstraße so, wie wir sie heute vorfinden, wurde Griesheim nochmals in zwei weitere Teile geteilt. Diese Gestaltung hat auch bewirkt, dass man als Griesheimer Bürger- egal ob mit Auto, Fahrrad oder zu Fuß - lange Wege und Wartezeiten in Kauf nehmen muss, damit der Verkehr auf der Mainzer Landstraße schnell vorwärts kommt. Diese Teilung und Förderung einer Schnellstraße mitten durch einen Stadtteil ist heute nicht mehr zeitgemäß. Das Augenmerk sollte auf den Bewohner eines gesamten Stadtteils liegen und nicht auf der ungehinderten Durchfahrbarkeit.

    Beratung im Ortsbeirat: 6

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  • Sicherheit für unsere Kinder auf Fahrradweg

    kalle // 0 threads

    Antrag vom 18.05.2016, OF 24/3
    Anregung an den Magistrat vom 02.06.2016, OM 134

    Der Magistrat wird gebeten, den verbindenden Fahrradweg vom Sportverein SC Frankfurt 1880 von der Feldgerichtstraße zur Adickesallee durch die Errichtung eines sogenannten Drängelgitters an dessen Ende, wo dieser auf die Adickesallee stößt, sicherer zu gestalten.

    Viele Kinder fahren alleine mit dem Fahrrad zu diesem Sportverein. Auf dem Rückweg auf diesem Fahrradweg ist die Gefahr groß, mit den auf der Fahrradspur (parallel zur Adickesallee) rasch fahrenden Radfahrern zu kollidieren.

    Der Ortsbeirat will die Sicherheit und Selbstständigkeit sowie das Radfahren der Kinder fördern.

    Antragstellender Ortsbeirat: Ortsbeirat 3

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  • Errichtung von Schieberillen an der S-Bahn-Station "Frankfurter Berg"

    kalle // 0 threads

    Antrag vom 12.06.2016, OF 48/10

    Der barrierefreie Umbau der S-Bahnstation Frankfurter Berg wird sich voraussichtlich noch weiter verzögern. S-Bahnnutzer mit Fahrrad, Kinderwagen oder Rollator sind durch den ausschließlichen Treppenzugang des Mittelbahnsteigs vor große Probleme gestellt. Rollstuhlfahrer insbesondere!

    Dies vorausgeschickt möge der Ortsbeirat beschließen:

    Der Magistrat wird gebeten, die Bahn aufzufordern trotz dem geplanten Umbaus übergangsweise an den Treppen zum Mittelbahnsteig der S-Bahnstation Frankfurter Berg Schieberillen wenigstens für Fahrräder, Kinderwagen und Rollatoren zu errichten.

    Beratung im Ortsbeirat: 10

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