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  • Addenbrooke's roundabout - fundamental redesign

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 0 threads

    This is a hostile roundabout. It has been fiddled around with over the years, to add advisory cycle lanes, lights, pedestrian crossings, etc.

    The area needs a fundamental redesign, to replace the roundabout probably with a protected intersection design.

    It is outrageous that a health site such as Addenbrooke's has such an unsafe and anti-cycling junction as its main entrance.

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  • Four Lamps roundabout

    Created by Matthew // 2 threads

    The Four Lamps roundabout at the junction of Victoria Avenue, Jesus Lane, Maid's Causeway, Short Street and King Street was built when traffic flows were anticipated to be much higher than they actually are today.

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  • Proposed A339 Roundabout

    Created by Stephen // 1 thread

    New documents added with revised proposed access to the Manydown site.

    This includes replacing the A339 roundabout to a double roundabout with 4 circulating lanes per circle, and 3 or 4 lanes on each entry.
    But no provision for cyclists or pedestrians.

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  • Harrow Manorway

    Created by Robert Heyward // 1 thread

    Plans for segregated cycle lanes, with stepped track; involving busy roundabout at junction with Eynsham Drive / Yarnton Way . See drawings via link below (single large pdf file, which may take a while for Adobe to load).

    Map above shows wider context of area; current scheme is focused on area to north of station (with Crossrail service starting c 2019) .

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  • Barnwell / Wadloes / Newmarket "McDonald's" roundabout

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Generally poor quality roundabout with some highly unusual, so-called cycling 'infrastructure' that seems to have been added over the years, and approximately zero walking infrastructure.

    This one comes up every so often but I was not able to identify an existing issue focused on this roundabout specifically.

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  • London Road Roundabout - Pedestrian/cycl e improvements LTP3 2017/18

    Ian S // 1 thread

    To improve the layout of the existing roundabout by introducing improved pedestrian movements with future consideration for cycle facilities.

    This will consist of building out existing kerb lines and central islands. The effect of this style of roundabout is to force motorists to choose their final exit before entering the junction.

    By reducing weaving around, and increasing the predictability of the final destination, there is a reduction in potential conflict points.

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  • Cromwell / Highland / Milton / Henderson Rd RBT - LTP3 2017/18

    Ian S // 1 thread

    Cromwell Rd/Henderson Rd Roundabout has previously experienced a high level of cycle casualties.

    This scheme is designed to build-out existing kerb lines and central island to create deflection, reducing approach speeds and segregate the bus lane.

    Surfacing and lining could also be utilised to highlight to drivers the likelihood of cyclists on the roundabout, and consideration will be given to the implementation of a segregated cycle lane.

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  • Kings Road Roundabout

    Ian S // 1 thread

    Continues to be an issue despite the work done to 're-design' it underwent in May 2016 which amounted to very little other than new paint layout after re-surfacing.

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  • Sutton Lane estate roundabout, Hounslow

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Hounslow council said:

    The council is consulting on a proposal for designating the grassed area in the middle of the
    Sutton Lane estate as a roundabout. This is the result of a resident petition presented to the
    Heston and Cranford Area Forum on 17 November 2016. At that meeting, councillors agreed
    that officers proceed to consultation. As shown in the map below, the roads that meet at this
    location are: Moulton Avenue; Charles Street; Kingswood Avenue, and Queenswood Avenue.

    The council does not have a firm position on the proposal at this stage. The recorded accident
    data available shows no recent collisions in this area. However, we have carried out site visits,
    and can understand why some local residents feel that motorists are confused by the current
    arrangement. We have been told by these residents that there have been several near misses.

    We believe the following information may help in considering your response to this consultation:
    - If the grassed area were designated as a roundabout, this would result in the loss of at
    least 11 parking spaces
    - Without physical changes to the geometry of the junction, there would remain a risk that
    drivers ignore the new roundabout status and travel in the wrong direction
    - The necessary signs and lines would cost in the region of £30,000. Given constrained
    resources, the scheme would not be eligible for funding under our mainstream program,
    but we are confident of securing an alternative funding source without significant delay
    - Any future dropped kerb / crossover applications from properties surrounding the
    grassed area would be unlikely to be approved

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  • Lambeth Bridge 'North'

    Created by Colin Wing // 1 thread

    This uncontrolled roundabout is situated at the current end of Cycle Superhighway 8. TfL consulted the public on changes to it in 2012. The proposals involved cyclists and pedestrians sharing space around the edge. For that reason the scheme attracted adverse criticism from both cyclists and pedestrians. A cyclist was killed here in 2015.

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  • St Michael's roundabout

    Created by Rhian // 1 thread

    There is no straightforward way to negotiate this roundabout for cyclists or pedestrians. The principle need is a safe way to access Dock Park via Pumpfield Loaning.

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  • Fountain Roundabout

    Created by Andy Allan // 2 threads

    The Fountain Roundabout is a major barrier to cycling around New Malden. It's a large, multi-lane roundabout with no cycling facilities (and poor pedestrian crossing provision too). Lying just to the south of New Malden High Street it's key to unlocking short journeys by bike to the town centre.

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  • Cycle crossing on Barton Road roundabout

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 2 threads

    I am writing to point your attention to a "danger spot" on the Barton Road cycle route.

    I and many others cycle this route every day and really appreciate how safe it is. However, there have been a number of near accidents at the sliproad from the M11 southbound onto the Barton roundabout. The problem is that the cycle path means that all cyclists must cross the road leading onto the roundabout. This is fine when the traffic is not busy. However, during rush hour the left lane going onto the roundabout is always queued up. This means that, to cross the the road, a cyclist needs to wait for a car to let them out. However, the problem lies with the right lane going onto the roundabout. If there is a queue in the left lane, you are unable to see into the right lane and so quite a few cyclists are nearly knocked off at this point

    The problem is that:

    a. The right lane is too short and so cyclists are unable to get out of the way in time if a car does not does turn onto it. It seems to me that there shouldn't be a right lane as it's too short to be of any use and poses more of a danger to cyclists.

    b. Cars tends to (understandably) be going quite fast as they've just come off the M11 and also are usually looking onto the roundabout rather than the road in front of them. This has meant that I've seen lots of cars having to break very heavily having only seen a bike crossing in front of them at the very last minute.

    I, and the other cyclists that routinely use this otherwise very safe route, would hugely appreciate it if this problem could be looked at.

    [RL; sent by post, 27th June 2015]

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  • Roundabout

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 0 threads

    Roundabout needs cycling and pedestrian provision, extremely difficult to turn right from Newcraighall Rd or cross from B&Q to Fort Kinnaird.

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  • Irlams O'th Height Roundabout

    Created by Grahame Cooper // 1 thread

    Irlams O'th Height roundabout has been the location of a number of collisions involving cyclists (including myself and my daughter last September).

    There was a consultation last year over proposals produced by Sustrans for the improvement of this, and I showed my comments (annotations on proposed plans) at a previous GMCC meeting. You can find this annotated document here: (large PDF - need to download to see all pages).

    A leaflet on the intended imrovements can be found here:

    I am disappointed with this for the following reasons:

    - Extensive use of shared footways in the scheme (Salford Council seems to be in love with these, but they are bad).

    - Southbound approach on A666 looks impractical & dangerous: a sharp left turn onto the shared footway right at the busy entrance to the roundabout!

    - Whilst carriageway widths have been reduced, kerb radii at the mouth of entrances and exits do not seem to have been reduced, so "drivers looking right whilst accelerating left" will still pose a danger for cyclists who do not want to use the shared footways.

    - Limited improvements to the subways (tile removal, lighting and resurfacing) will probably not result in an attractive facility for cyclists. Access to this from Bolton Road (northbound) looks awkward.

    - There is no undertaking mentioned to ensure that facilities will be maintained and swept.

    - I'm still not confident regarding the social safety of the off-road parts, especially in the dark winter months.

    Those are my immediate reactions. Could be more to add.

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  • A120 Proposed Roundabout to improve safety - but will it help cyclists?

    Created by Gary // 0 threads

    To improve safety after numerous fatal car accidents the Highways Agency are currently implementing speed restrictions but are also designing a new roundabout for the A120 near Pellens Corner/Horsley Cross. NCN51 passes nearby. Cyclists don't generally want to cycle the A120 but we do have to cross it to get across Tendring District. Roundabouts are particular hard for cyclists to use on A roads. So will the Highways Agency proposal include the needs of cyclists?

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  • King Harry Lane - Shared footway Consultation

    Created by John Metcalf // 1 thread

    "Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) has recently undertaken a feasibility report to investigate cycle links to the new Verulamium Park (Ver Park) Route link to NCN 6 from the King Harry Lane area. We have looked at ways to improve the cycling and walking environment; particularly where this would improve the continuity of cycle routes and the movement of people via active modes around your area. A section of shared use cycle route has been recently provided by the developer Linden Homes and the intention is to extend this facility to Abbey Avenue and northwards towards The Ramparts via an upgraded traffic signal crossing point into Verulamium Park.

    The proposals include the following:

    · Upgrade the existing traffic signal controlled crossing near Verulamium Park access to a Toucan Crossing,

    · To provide improvements to the footway areas on both sides of the traffic signal controlled crossing to make it both suitable for pedestrians and cyclists, and linking into the new section of shared use footway/ cycleway that the developer has recently provided.

    · To the south of the new roundabout, on the western side, the existing footway will be widened from 0.9-1.1m to 2.5m to continue the shared use route towards Abbey Avenue.

    To upgrade the existing uncontrolled crossing at King Harry Lane jw Abbey Avenue by increasing the widths of the existing pedestrian refuge to widths that can accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians.

    This option has been carefully evaluated and full consideration has been given to the likely effects that it may have on residents.

    Please find attached a plan which shows details of the proposed scheme for Ver Park Highway Link (Cycleway/ Footway).

    At this stage we are intending to implement the proposals during the next financial year, 2014/15.

    As such we are now finalising the design and we are interested in hearing your views or any comments you may have regarding the proposals"

    Initial comments by John Metcalf

    Overall to be welcomed as better than what is there already. But, it could be improved?
    1. Traffic entering Abbey Avenue is likely to be going too fast for a safe crossing for those walking or cycling. This is a rat-run to avoid the King Harry roundabouts. Therefore tighten the radii of the junction and make a raised crossing (on a hump). Do we want a Tiger (Zebra for walkers and cyclists) crossing?
    2. The crossing of the new roundabout exit into King Harry Park is hazardous. It needs to be upgraded with a humped crossing (and a Tiger?). Is this sufficient or should there also be measures to slow down the traffic entering and leaving King Harry Park.
    3. The best solution would be to upgrade the ROW footpath from the toucan crossing of King Harry Lane to Rowlatt Drive

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  • Hospital roundabout, King's Lynn

    Created by Rob Archer // 2 threads

    Letter written to NCC today, 08/01/2014. Says it all!

    I visited the roundabout today for the first time since completion en route to Gayton. Whilst it appears to have been constructed to high standard I have to say my fears have been confirmed as to it's usability and safety. I should like to make the following points:

    Eastbound, I used the carriageway. The road was relatively quiet at about 13:00 but traffic speeds seem higher than before and I had a car overtake me then cut left across my path. As an experienced cyclist I anticipated this but a less experienced rider may well have been hit. I accept that whilst this is case of poor driving such a multi-lane road layout encourages this kind of behaviour. To access the new cycle path from the cycle path along the north side of Gayton Road (or from the hospital) would involve crossing all four lanes just beyond the mini roundabout and would be exceptionally dangerous.
    On my return, about an hour later I used the cycle path. It was easy to access from the B1145 but crossing the bypass was very difficult. Drivers leaving the B1145 and travelling south are looking to their right for a gap in the traffic and not looking to the left for a cyclist crossing the road and several drivers appeared confused by the new lane markings and carried on straight ahead onto the bypass whilst indicating to turn left! Crossing the three northbound lanes took 4 minutes 28 seconds at a relatively quiet time of day. The crossing will be impossible to use at peak times without wriggling between stationary vehicles - extremely hazardous with HGVs.

    In my opinion the roundabout is extremely dangerous for cyclists. I would have expected that the Stage 3 Safety Audit would have picked up on these issues. Could you please send me a copy (electronic preferably)?

    I would like to make the following recommendations to be applied immediately if serious injury or death of a cyclist is to be avoided:

    The speed on all approaches to the roundabout should be reduced to 30mph. At the moment it is 60mph which is totally inappropriate for such a sensitive location. (As this will require a modification to the TRO I suggest that temporary speed limits be implemented in the meantime)
    'Cyclists ahead' warning signs (950) be installed on all approaches.
    'Cycle' markings painted on the appropriate carriageway to direct eastbound cyclists to use the roundabout. (We are strongly advising potential users NOT to use the cycle path in this direction because of the difficulty getting onto the eastbound carriageway of the B1145).
    The point at which the path joins the B1145 should be reconsidered. We repeat our call for the path to be extended to the crematorium as soon as possible. In the meantime, extension to a point where a central refuge can be installed is essential.
    In the medium term a toucan crossing should be installed here to cyclists to cross at busy times.
    It also urgently needs sweeping and a maintenance schedule implemented as it was covered in debris presumably thrown up by passing vehicles.

    I'm afraid I cannot overstate the hazardous nature of the roundabout and, in particular the new cycle path. This route is already being used by schoolchildren and their safety must take precedence over 'keeping the traffic moving'.

    Can you let me know as soon as possible what measures will be implemented to improve cyclists' safety. If it would help I would be happy to meet you on-site.

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