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  • Tesco development Grafton Way/Star Lane/Greyfriars/Stoke bridge/Nicholas Street

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 1 thread

    Total re-design of this important junction.
    Very complicated junction with 4 routes entering/leaving .
    Covers very large area.
    Proposal is for one large oval to replace existing double roundabout.
    The junction has an existing reported and unreported high level of vehicle/cyclist crash.
    An ideal opportunity for Ipswich to have a radical design which protects the more vulnerable road users ?
    Please post your opinion here.

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  • West bound cycle filter too narrow for wide bikes

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 2 threads

    When cycling west bound from Rope Walk into Eagle Street through the cycle filter (where cyclists are unaffected by the traffic signals except giving way to the traffic from the left), the width between the bollard and the kerb and the sudden left movement required make the travel through the junction more difficult especially when using bikes with trailers, cargo bikes. Ordinary bike users also find it difficult to use and will avoid it instead.

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  • Cycle barriers on Northgate cycle route

    Created by Gregory Williams // 1 thread

    The cycle link between Brymore Road and Forrester Close, Canterbury has two sets of cycle barriers. These make it difficult to cycle and impossible to take a tandem cycle along the route. They also cause difficulties to people pushing prams and those in wheelchairs and using mobility scooters. The cycle barriers should be removed.

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  • Missing cycle parking for CA//10/00295

    Created by Gregory Williams // 1 thread

    Planning application CA//10/00295 to provide three warehousing units at Marshwood Close, Canterbury has been essentially complete for a number of months now. However the cycle parking provision detailed in the plans has not been installed. This cycle parking provision needs to be installed to offer people working and visiting these units a location to securely park their bikes.

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  • Insufficient cycle parking at bus station end of Canterbury Lane, Canterbury

    Created by Gregory Williams // 0 threads

    The cycle parking at the bus station end of Canterbury Lane is full and has several bicycles parked against the railings. This means that people don't have places to park their bicycles and either choose not to cycle or park their bikes where they may cause a hazard or appear unsightly to others.

    The cycle parking at the side of Wilkinsons, nearing the Zoar Chapel, does have spare capacity, but is poorly used because it has a low level of passive surveillance. Some of these stands could potentially be moved towards the bus station end of Canterbury Lane to satisfy the demand there.

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  • Lack of Cycle Parking Leeds City Centre

    Created by LeedsCyclists // 1 thread

    Central Leeds is badly lacking cycle parking. Many locations have no cycle parking at all, or only a few token stands, which are often full. At the recent Cycle Consultation Forum, the Council asked for suggestions of locations that need cycle parking: send your suggestions to Mark Robinson at Leeds City Council.

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  • TfL Consultation: CS5 Cycle Superhighway

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Barclays Cycle Superhighways are cycle routes running between outer and central London. They provide new cycle lanes and other dedicated infrastructure so that cyclists can enjoy swift, direct, safer journeys around the city. We have developed plans for a new route and would like to hear your views.

    What are we consulting on?
    We’re proposing to introduce a new cycle route between New Cross Gate and Victoria. Barclays Cycle Superhighway Route 5 (CS5) would run via Peckham, Camberwell, Kennington and Vauxhall.

    Proposed road layout changes
    The new route would bring substantial changes to the road layout to improve safety for cyclists, including:

    More space for cyclists and buses, through reallocation of road space

    New mandatory cycle lanes, all at least 1.5 metres wide

    Improvements for cyclists at 52 junctions, including new Advanced Stop Lines, cycle feeder lanes, and speed reduction measures

    An innovative cycle ‘early-start’ facility at Vauxhall Bridge Road/Millbank to help cyclists get ahead of traffic

    Banning some turns for cars and lorries to reduce conflict with cyclists

    Extended 20mph speed limit in New Cross

    Other benefits

    Over 3,000 new cycle parking spaces along the route

    Cycle safety checks

    Free cycle training

    Industry-recognised safety training for drivers of large goods vehicles

    Proposed route

    Click here to download a larger map of Barclays Cycle Superhighway Route 5.

    How do I view the proposals and have my say?

    Detailed proposals

    Find out more about the proposals for each section of the new route by clicking the links below.

    ► Section 1 – Vauxhall Bridge Road north (Neathouse Place to Charlwood Street)

    ► Section 2 –Vauxhall Bridge Road south (Charlwood Street to Millbank)

    ► Section 3 – Vauxhall Bridge Road / Millbank junction

    ► Section 4 – Vauxhall Bridge

    ► Section 5 – Vauxhall Gyratory

    ► Section 6 – Kennington Oval / Harleyford Street

    ► Section 7 – Oval Junction

    ► Section 8 – Camberwell New Road

    ► Section 9 – Camberwell Green (consultation in January 2013)

    ► Section 10 – Peckham Road west (Benhill Road to Southampton Way)

    ► Section 11 – Peckham Road east (Lyndhurst Way to Peckham Bus Station)

    ► Section 12 – Peckham High Street / Queen's Road west (Peckham Bus Station to Carlton Grove )

    ► Section 13 – Queen's Road (Carlton Grove to Pomeroy Street)

    ► Section 14 – Queen's Road east (Pomeroy Street to Pepys Road)

    ► Section 15 - New Cross (and other local cycling improvements in Lewisham)

    To request a paper copy of our proposals, please email

    Public Exhibitions

    You can also view the plans at our public exhibitions. Dates and locations are given below.

    Saturday 8 December 11:00-15:00, Peckham Library, SE15 5JR (view map)

    Tuesday 11 December 15:00-19:00, Oval House Theatre café, SE11 5SW (view map)

    Wednesday 12 December 15:00-19:00, Parnell House, SW1V 1LW (view map)

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  • S/2347/12/FL Bard Pharma site

    Created by Rohan Wilson // 1 thread

    Cambridge Science Park though in the northern edge of the city, is administratively in South Cambs.

    I propose to attach a thread relating to a new planning application for the Bard Pharma site, northeast corner.

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  • Extend Prom to Sea Lane

    Created by Fonant // 0 threads

    The current Promenade has "NO CYCLING" a few dozen yards before its western end, so cyclists have nowhere to go. The parallel road, especially Eirene Road, is dangerous and unpleasant for cycling, so many continue to ride along the footpath to Sea Lane.

    There is plenty of room to widen the path, using concrete on top of the stable shingle. The same method could be used as was used to the east of Worthing some years ago.

    This project has the full backing of local cyclists as their number-one priority in Worthing, and has local resident support too. It was included in WSCC's last LSTF bid document, which won them £2.36 million of funding from central government.

    Can we just build it, please?

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  • Cycle path too narrow, road space needs reallocating

    Created by Fonant // 0 threads

    This stretch of NCN2 has not had the too-narrow footway widened to allow for safe shared use. Oddly the part just to the east, where the existing road was narrower, has been widened.

    We need some of the wasted five lanes of motor vehicles to be re-allocated to allow the footway to be widened to be wide enough for shared use. They could even make use of the now-redundant cycle lane on the road heading west.

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  • Travis Perkins Development

    Created by Michael Cahn // 2 threads

    Travis Perkins Development has major impact on Chisholm Trail.

    We have a letter from the developer outlining their position - let's see if I can attach this...

    There is a lengthy discussion of the Chisholm Trail, the gist of which is that they don't see why they should make any further accommodation for it when it is mainly Network Rail's land that is earmarked for the route. They dangle a small carrot in that they might release the corner piece of land to mitigate the pinch point you identified - but only if this application is given the go-ahead.

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  • High motor traffic area of Sustrans Route 4

    Created by ambrosen // 1 thread

    Sustrans route 4 coming from the canal path on its main route into Bath city centre has a high level of traffic conflict and the need to filter between two tight lanes of traffic with a large proportion of LGVs coming down the A36 Beckford Road.

    The right turn from Sydney Place southbound into Great Pulteney Street is signposted as no right turn as well as being route 4, and has no refuge to turn from.

    It should be possible to route the path through Sydney Gardens as the Darlington Place/Sydney Place westbound/Great Pulteney Street junction has been improved to increase pedestrian flows.

    Some non-cycling residents are also concerned about cyclists using the pavement in this area too.

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  • TfL Consultation: Further safety improvements at Bow roundabout

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Further safety improvements at Bow roundabout
    Transport for London (TfL) is working with interested parties - including cycling, road user and safety organisations - to review and improve cycling provision at junctions.

    Why We Are Consulting
    As part of this work, we have developed proposals to further improve safety at Bow roundabout.

    What we’re proposing and why

    Bow roundabout is a key junction for cyclists travelling between central and east London.

    Cycle Early Start
    A cycle early-start would operate at the traffic signals on the westbound approach to Bow roundabout.

    This would provide a dedicated green light to allow cyclists to wait ahead of other traffic before moving onto the roundabout.

    A new mandatory cycle lane on the westbound approach would allow cyclists to get to the roundabout entrance without having to filter through traffic.

    The early-start area would be 18 metres deep, so there's a clear space for cyclists in front of any traffic.

    This cycle early-start would improve safety, due to the reduced risk of conflict between cyclists travelling straight ahead and vehicles turning left. It would also provide a quick and direct route through the roundabout for cyclists.

    The eastbound early-start was completed in June 2012. Our provisional monitoring to date shows that the eastbound early-start has been effective in reducing the left turning conflict risk that it was designed to address. It also shows that the cycle lane on the approach is well-used, with significantly fewer cyclists using the footway than before. We will continue to monitor and analyse the operation of these facilities.

    Cycle Bus Stop By-Pass
    TfL is proposing to introduce a new cycle lane around the back of the bus stop on the approach to the roundabout to help cyclists get ahead of other traffic and reduce the risk of conflict between cyclists and buses pulling in and out of the bus stop.

    To accommodate the new cycle lane, the bus lay by would be filled in so buses would stop on the carriageway instead. .

    Please click here to see the map for further information on the proposals.

    We continue to explore further improvements for cyclists and pedestrians as part of planned longer-term regeneration of the Bow area.

    We intend to begin work at the roundabout in January 2013. We’ll write to residents and businesses nearer the time to advise on the timing and impact of construction work.

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