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  • Is it illegal to enter a cycle box from the right?

    Created by Paul Tonks // 1 thread

    Quote from an RAC article, April 2018, suggesting that cyclists may only enter a cycle box from the left. I can find no reference to this elsewhere online or in the Highway Code. "As with most similar issues, there are contributing factors on both sides. There are occasions when motorists flout the rules and drive straight up to the second solid white line at traffic lights, but there are also occasions where cyclists enter the zones illegally in the first place. It is only legal for a cyclist to enter an ASL from the break in the solid white line, usually found as a small gap on the kerb-side edge. So if a cyclist enters from the centre or right, they are committing an offence and potentially putting themselves in danger by weaving in and out of traffic to get there. The Cycling Embassy acknowledges the negatives of ASLs, stating there are many disadvantages including the fact that they may encourage people to filter past traffic when it may not be always safe, and to position themselves in dangerous positions in front of HGVs and other vehicles with poor visibility."

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  • Brookgate / Brooklands Ave / Hills Road junction

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Two issues, really:

    (1) It has puzzled me for some time that there is no way to cycle from Brookgate onto Brooklands Avenue. The traffic signal only shows a left green arrow from Brookgate onto Hills Road, which serves the buses, but Brooklands is a major cycle route and would make sense to access it directly from the station (there is a long way around via Clarendon & the busway otherwise).

    As it happens, when the left green arrow is showing, I have never seen any other conflicting traffic movement (although presumably Hills Road left onto Brooklands Ave is green at this time? I haven't checked). So it seems like it would be very simple to fix this problem: just convert the green left arrow into a green ball & cut any conflicting movements.

    (2) Regardless of that change, there should also be an advanced-stop-line on Brookgate, which there currently is not, so that buses do not sneak up and left-hook people. Even when making a left turn from Brookgate you can be left-hooked by a left-turning bus if they are not careful. So the lack of ASL here is rather strange.

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  • Removal of ASLs on Armley Ridge Road

    Created by M Stanley // 1 thread

    From member R.A.G.

    There used to be two very useful cycle boxes (ASLs) in either direction at the junction traffic lights where ARR crosses SR. However, they have relayed the junction, and also repainted, but these two ASLs have disappeared.

    While I actually think that a lot of ASLs are not that necessary (when the only option is to go straight on or turn left, and the volume of cyclists is always very low) as I'm sure you are more than aware, ASLs in positions such as these ones, are actually very important. If you are turning left from ARR onto SR the it is not an issue, however if you are continuing on ARR across the junction, then it is. ARR crosses SR with a slight left right shimmy, so you have to turn left first, then be in the right hand lane on SR, before you turn right to continue onto ARR, which is almost impossible/very dangerous without taking up the centre of the ARR single lane, before temporarily turning left onto the SR right hand lane of two.

    I would like to think that they will be painted back in time, but it would seem that all other painting has been completed, and the workmen have moved on, so it doesn't look likely.

    It is mildly ironic, while supposedly increasing cycling safety down SR, they have in turn decreased it on an adjoining roads such as ARR, and perhaps numerous others.

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  • Segregate the feeder lane

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 2 threads

    The feeder lane between the bus stop and the ASL in Liberton Rd northbound should be segregated. Road and pavement are very wide here, so it would be easy to add a cycle lane segregated by a kerb to replace the curernt painted feeder lane.

    The painted feeder lane is extremely dangerous as the road bends left, so that buses, HGVs and other vehicles regularly encroach on it. Just today I saw another cyclist almost pushed onto the kerb when a bus started to move.

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  • Upper Orwell Street dangerous ASL

    Created by Jon_B // 0 threads

    There is a marked ASL at the North End of Upper Orwell Street with a marked cycle lane leading up to it.

    However, this end of Upper Orwell Street is very narrow and traffic turning left into it from St Helens Street at an acute angle often swings wide encroaching into the ASL. Very large vehicles making this turn would probably have no choice but to do so.

    This makes the ASL a dangerous area for cyclists and I would generally avoid using it.

    The junction either needs to be revised to avoid this issue and protect cyclists waiting in the ASL or a one-way motors / 2 way cycling system considered.

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  • Missing Advanced Stop Line in Kew

    Created by Tom B // 2 threads

    Previously, there was an Advanced Stop Line on Kew Gardens Road (B353) where it joins Kew Road (A307). The junction was recently resurfaced, which removed the ASL markings, and they have not been replaced. I have attached a Google Streetview photo showing the ASL that was previously present.

    The ASL marking was very useful, as the junction can become gridlocked in rush hour, so that only cycles can take advantage of the green signal from Kew Gardens Road without blocking the junction. Cyclists therefore need the space to be able to safely wait at the front of the queue.

    It would be great if the ASL markings could be restored as soon as possible. If they have been removed for a reason, then I would like to understand what the justification is.

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  • Woolpack Junction at Tennyson Avenue / Gaywood Road

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    This junction is very important for desire lines to/from the College of West Anglia, but is largely bypassed by through cycle traffic (by some mix of NCN1, the cycle gate into King George V Avenue and routes through North End). It is very busy with motor traffic.

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  • Austin Street / Railway Road junction

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    This junction is the north end of the rather cycle-hostile town centre primary road gyratory. It currently (2014) has dangerous narrow left kerb-side cycle lanes on some approaches, which is almost worse than nothing.

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  • Road markings missing and inconsistent

    Created by Andrew Clegg // 0 threads

    Heading south on Crescent Road (on NCN23), as you approach the traffic lights there is the beginnings of an ASL feeder lane which simply ends without any ASL box. This junction could particularly do with one, as many large vehicles take a wide swing at the junction when turning from Canute Road, and an ASL would help to make sure everyone is aware where bikes will be.

    See,-1.393559,3a,75y,96.45h,56.89t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sdo7nTVlIvExjQ3aYu-2Uxw!2e0!6m1!1e1 for a Streetview image of the feeder lane

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  • Gaywood Clock Junction

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    This junction complex obstructs key desire lines between the Gayton Road cycle track, the shops and National 1. It also has acknowledged air quality problems. The design is a relic of 1980s car-based thinking which even shoved the historic clock to one side

    The suggested diversions for Gayton Road - National 1 cycle journeys are a long way round on inferior roads and tracks, plus they don't serve the shops.

    In 2014, Advanced Stop Lines are being added to two approaches to the Queen Mary Road junction, but they only have left-hand entry and crush barriers remain on most corners. (County drawing ref PJ1074-TS-001A)

    This area is crying out for a redesign that discourages through motor traffic and gives more protected space for cycling and walking.

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  • London Road / Hospital Walk Junction Signals Upgrade

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    Discovered that this junction is "due for upgrade in the 2014/15 financial year. The budget for the traffic signal upgrade programme is essentially aimed at a like for like replacement scheme with new equipment. However we try to accommodate low cost improvements that can be implemented at the same time. ... There is scope to implement an advanced cycle stop line on Hospital Walk, although there would not be sufficient carriageway width for a lead in lane."

    This is one possible way to improve westbound connectivity from the Walks and Chase through Millfleet to the town centre and southbound Route 1. The increased distance (compared to Broad Walk) is offset by light traffic, a 20mph zone and a potentially easier crossing - but at the moment, the lights make bikes exiting Hospital Walk wait a long time and then it lets hardly any out before turning red again.

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  • New road layout

    Created by Gregory // 0 threads

    New road layout has been finished here, unfortunately I didn't get a chance to look at any plans before they started work. Despite cycling past on a weekly basis, I saw no notices.

    It's not too bad, and extra lanes mean more space. However, I think it would be good to paint an ASL (cycle box) on at the Belmont Industrial Estate Junction. This will make cyclists feel a lot safer and give them a chance to cross the junction then get into a left-hand lane so motorists/lorries can over take after the junction (not dangerously overtake while turning).

    On the industrial estate is a local church, two sports centres, the Royal Mail sorting office, and a number of small businesses. As a result, there is a lot more cycling here than there was 5 years ago. Yet there are lorries and now buses(the bus depot has moved here) causing possible space-tensions between road users.

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  • TfL Consultation: Proposed improvements at the Nag’s Head on A1 Holloway Road

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    A1 Holloway Road - Nag's Head
    Transport for London (TfL) has developed proposals to improve road safety for pedestrians and cyclists on the A1 Holloway Road in the Nag’s Head area.

    The main objective of the scheme is to put in place a pedestrian crossing on the A1 Holloway Road, enabling people to cross the road easily and safely and to improve access to businesses on the south-western side of the road.

    In summary, the proposed measures include the following:

    New signalised pedestrian crossing outside the Nag’s Head Shopping Centre

    New cycle lanes in both directions

    Advanced stop lines added to the junctions of Holloway Road and Tollington Road/Camden Road and Seven Sisters/Parkhurst Road

    Resurfacing of the footway and carriageway
    In order to make space for these improvements some other changes are required. These include

    Relocation of the northbound bus stop (Stop L) approximately 50m north of its existing location

    Changes to parking and loading provision, with and overall slight reduction in parking and loading availability

    Loss of one small tree on the median island where the crossing will be located. There may also be the potential loss of one other small tree and two relatively mature trees due to kerb cutbacks required in order to relocate the bus stop.

    Relocation of several items of street furniture including the removal of a redundant telephone box
    The proposals are shown on the attached map. In addition to these proposals, an informal pedestrian crossing with a central refuge island is planned for the A1 Holloway Road adjacent to Jackson Road.

    All of the measures that we propose are subject to change as a result of this consultation. Given no unforeseen issues, it is anticipated that the scheme will be implemented in Spring 2014.

    Please gives us your views by completing our online consultation form below by Monday 6 January 2014.

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  • ASLs at King William junction

    Created by mike1727 // 1 thread

    The roadworks at the King William Junction seem to have been complete.
    We should asses them and produce a report on what they are like to ride. It would be useful to produce an on bike video whowing what they look like from a cyclists' point of view in traffic, especially contrasting the Marshalswick lane experience with the Sadridge road experience.

    There are ASLs on the Sandridge Road arms with feeder lanes but nothing on the Marshalswick Lane arms.

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  • Consultation on Cobden Junction

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 5 threads

    Camden Council proposes major improvements to Cobden junction – the junction of Camden High Street with Crowndale Road and Hampstead Road at its southern end.

    They propose the following measures:

    - eliminate the unnecessary northbound road on the east side of the island

    - gain extra footway space on the east side of the road (uses to include cycle parking, trees, seating)

    - widen the footway outside Mornington Crescent Station

    - safer, quicker and simpler pedestrian crossings

    - improved link for cyclists to the Mornington Crescent quiet route (from Arlington Road).

    - new ASL boxes with lead-in lanes on the approach to the junction from Eversholt Street, Crowndale Road and Hampstead Road.

    - re-site the statue of Richard Cobden and the war memorial

    Proposal for contraflow cycling on Crowndale Road:

    A few months ago, we were shown designs for a contraflow on Crowndale Road between Hampstead Road and Bayham Street with some junction changes at the latter to accommodate it. Unfortunately, this was rejected by TfL on the grounds that it would delay buses. This consultation notes that the layout has been designed to accommodate the contraflow at a future date.

    This consultation also says that in addition, alternative options for providing a west to east link are being explored at both Delancey Street / Pratt Street and Oakley Square. We need to encourage Camden to pursue these essential links. In the case of the latter, there is an urgent need to allow cyclists to make right turn right into Hampstead road from the southern end of Mornington Crescent.

    See consultation on Camden Council website:

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