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  • Consultation - Two way cycling on Twilley and Furmage Streets

    Anon // 1 thread

    Wandsworth Council has opened a consultation on two-way cycling on Furmage Street and part of Twilley Street between Garratt Lane and Kimber Road in Wandsworth.  This would allow cyclists to avaoid having to make the tricky and dangerous right turn at the end of Kimber Road.   Wandsworth Cycling Campaign has been asking for this for several years.  The scheme is now being built under an Experimental Traffic order and includes physical measures using islands and armadillos to protect cyclists and direct and slow the motorists who rat-run through these small streets.  Please use this facility if it's on your route and feed back your comments to the consultation.  At the end of the experiential period in October the comments will decide whether the scheme should be made permanent or not.  Use the consultation to let them know if you appreciate it.  Let the Council and know of any problems or improvements you'd like.

    The link to the consultation which includes a plan of the changes is:

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  • High-Petergate one-way

    Kate Ravilious // 0 threads

    Like Fossgate, High Petergate needs to be made two-way for cyclists. Otherwise cyclists travelling north are forced to either get off and walk (not an option for disabled cyclists) or join the busy St Leonard's place via a difficult junction.

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  • Fossgate

    Kate Ravilious // 1 thread

    Need to allow cyclists to go both ways along Fossgate. The current one-way system forces cyclists to take a long and inconvenient route around when travelling south, either via Picadilly and its traffic lights, or Hungate Bridge. For someone with a disability this is a significant diversion, and for able-bodied cyclists it is plain inconvenient.

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  • One way system in Bangor on Dee

    Created by Chris Neston // 1 thread

    The beautiful ancient bridge at Bangor on Dee is currently signed as a one way only system. This causes a barrier for cyclists wishing to cross the other way and a long diversion. Examination should be given to amending the system to allow two way travel for cyclists. This may mean installation of lights or preferable closure to motorised vehicles which would improve access for walkers.

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  • Big Sainsbury's on Brooks Road - lack of easy cycle access

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    If you are cycling from Addenbrooke's to Big Sainsburys on Coldham's Lane/Brooks Road, there is no legal way to go there without going around the Big Frightening Roundabout. As well as the obvious hazards, this must also add several hundred yards to the journey.

    Since Sainsbury's now have wonderful cycle parking which is actually near the door (I'd not been there for several years but it's the only place in Cambridge that sell one particular grocery I use regularly so I have to), should we be campaigning to get this fixed. It needs fixing. The whole road layout to get to and from the shop is entirely car-centric, despite the fact that they've now got better bike parking than any other retailer with a similarly sized car park.

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  • Proposed one-way traffic on Hyde Park Road

    Created by M Stanley // 1 thread

    Received from a member:

    I’ve received a TRO proposing to make a section of Hyde Park Road into a one-way street

    See plan here:

    The reason for the proposal is because with cars parked on both sides of the road there is only one effective lane, and apparently there are often traffic jams necessitating the attendance of the police.

    There is no exemption for cyclists included in the proposed order.

    My view is that there should be an exemption for cyclists, although I can see that Highways will have difficulty with that proposal on safety grounds. I therefore thought I would seek your views before making a formal objection. Maybe we should seek views from the membership generally?

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  • King Cross Gyratory Redesign

    Created by User 609 (deleted) // 1 thread

    Issue now superseded by this issue discussing TfL's consultation:

    TfL, Camden Council, and Islington Council are currently developing plans to redesign the Kings Cross Gyratory and address some of the failures of the current gyratory layout.

    The current environment is very poor, and a real barrier to cycling. Fast, and congested one way traffic with 10-20,000 PCUs per day, and no cycle provision currently. Accessing the station from the east is almost impossible.

    The area has seen a number of cycle collisions including at least one fatality.

    To pre-empt the consultation due late 2015, we wanted to discuss what would be the best outcome for people on bikes.

    More information will be added when we know more, but for now, ideas please.

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  • Contraflow cycle lane

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 0 threads

    Road was converted to one-way recently, forcing cyclists from Kings Buildings out onto busy West Mains Rd where previously they could cycle within the campus to the toucan at the NE corner.

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  • consultation on Vicarage Road one-way scheme

    Created by Clive // 1 thread

    Herts County Council proposal to make currently two-way Vicarage Road a one-way street between j/w Scammell Way and Hagden Lane and provide a ''kiss and drop'' lay-by in Scammell Way. The one-way section will be for northbound traffic only (ie travelling towards the town centre).
    For further details see:

    Herts County Council will have a display at Watford Cycle Hub

    ====date and time to be confirmed====
    Place: Watford Cycle Hub
    The Pavilion
    Chaffinch Lane
    WD18 9QD

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