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  • Missing Advanced Stop Line in Kew

    Created by Tom B // 2 threads

    Previously, there was an Advanced Stop Line on Kew Gardens Road (B353) where it joins Kew Road (A307). The junction was recently resurfaced, which removed the ASL markings, and they have not been replaced. I have attached a Google Streetview photo showing the ASL that was previously present.

    The ASL marking was very useful, as the junction can become gridlocked in rush hour, so that only cycles can take advantage of the green signal from Kew Gardens Road without blocking the junction. Cyclists therefore need the space to be able to safely wait at the front of the queue.

    It would be great if the ASL markings could be restored as soon as possible. If they have been removed for a reason, then I would like to understand what the justification is.

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  • Kew Rd Puffin Crossing Proposal

    Created by Paul L // 3 threads

    Richmond Council say
    "a signalised PUFFIN crossing with pedestrian countdown outside number 182 Kew Road (previously outside 180) Footway widening both sides of Kew Road. We have attempted to minimise the impact on the cycle lanes by introducing long tapers and following existing extended footways where possible. The kerb widening is essential to ensure sightlines to the signal heads past the many street trees."
    We suggested cranked supports for the signals to avoid the loss of cycle lanes but they claim TFL disapproval.

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  • A316 Marksbury Avenue crossing

    Created by timlennon // 1 thread

    Text of message from TfL:


    We are proposing to convert the current dual PUFFIN crossing at the above location to a dual TOUCAN crossing, formalising the facility for cyclists.
    The initial design is attached, which includes localised resurfacing of footways and some carriageway works. A lighting assessment has also been undertaken which recommends a full lantern replacement of the columns retaining all lighting columns once structural testing has been completed and passed.

    We also propose to extend the shared use footway further north on Marksbury Avenue and further south on Manor Grove to enable safer entry/exits for cyclists to the TOUCAN crossing.

    The impact (if any) is currently being determined by Traffic Signals.

    If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me have these by cop Friday 27th June.

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  • Provide Route from A205 to the Riverside Path

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    Provision of a well signposted, well-lit, and well-surfaced route from the riverside path through to Kew Riverside school would open up a traffic-free route from Mortlake to Kew Riverside school, avoiding the A205 and Chalkers Corner.

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  • Safe access to school for children cycling

    Created by timlennon // 0 threads

    Facilities to cycle to school are extremely limited, mostly involving sharing pavements which are busy in the morning. Lots of dropping of by car in a very restricted area, and disjointed, incomplete routes, especially around the South Circular, where no-one really wants to cycle, least of all with children.

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  • Join Kew Gardens east side to Thames Path

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 1 thread

    It would be useful to provide a route from east side of Kew Gardens station; via Burlington Avenue; along Mortlake Road and up the service road alongside the district line to the Thames Path. The service road is already closed to traffic; but cycling is obstructed by a large ugly concrete barrier (see photo). There is room on the north side of Mortlake Road for a short section of dedicated cycling space to link to the junction with Burlington Ave - see The crossing could be problematic.

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  • A205 Mortlake Rd - segregation needed

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 1 thread

    Despite the mandatory cyclelanes there are few cyclists who use them, probably due to the high volumes of traffic. The street is wide enough for proper segregation; and is a main route to Kew Riverside school.

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  • Cumberland Rd Kew - one way street

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 1 thread

    This street provides the main access way to both Queen’s CE Primary School and Kew College (private school). Because it is currently one-way; anyone wishing to cycle to these schools from the south is forced to cycle north up Leyborne Park, onto the A205 (or the narrow pavement-based cycle path) and then down Cumberland Road. This puts some significant extra distance onto the journey, plus the unpleasantness of cycling alongside the A205. Similarly, for those leaving these schools to travel north, they are forced to travel south for the length of Cumberland Road and then turn back up Leyborne Park – again adding unnecessary distance and effectively making cycling a very inconvenient way of getting to these schools. Streetview:

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  • Kew Station Approach - one way street

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    This is the approach to Kew Gardens station and is an area with many shops and cafe’s. Enabling this street to become 2-way for cycling will make access to the station and shops more convenient for cyclists and should therefore bring economic benefits to the area. Streetview:

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