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  • Summers Road cycletrack

    Created by Jenny Barnes // 0 threads

    The route along Summers rd between Bourne Rd and the New pond Rd. could have a rather narrow two way cycle track on the southern pavement. If the parked cars were removed, it could be a good width. This would help provide a good route to Broadwater School and the Godalming Leisure Centre. If the road was made one way only (south east bound) for cars for the section from New Pond Rd to the school, where it's quite narrow, that would eliminate a dangerous turn out into the NPRd, and provide more space for a cycletrack in that section.

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  • Cycle track obstruction Byng Place

    Created by George Coulouris // 1 thread

    We have recently received several reports about obstructions on the eastbound cycle track on Tavistock Place by food stalls. I'd like to collect some images and see how persistent the problem is before reporting to the Council.

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  • Elsinore Way/A316 - TFL consultation on removal of section of cycle track

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 1 thread

    Google streetview link:

    From TFL:
    Elsinore Way junction with the A316 Lower Richmond Road

    Please find attached a letter that will be sent to local residents regarding proposed changes to the junction of Elsinore Way and the A316 Lower Richmond Road.

    We propose to cut back the kerb immediately to the east (upstream) of the junction, to allow a better turning circle and prevent turning vehicles coming onto the kerb and the cycle path. A shared cycle/pedestrian space will be marked around this junction. Please see the plan attached.

    We are consulting the local community for their opinions regarding the proposals and we would also like to know your views. The consultation is open until 21 June 2013. Please let us know your views on the proposals by visiting our consultation website at, emailing us at (with ‘Elsinore Way’ in the Subject line).

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  • Dangerous tree stump

    Created by Ian Seeley // 0 threads

    There is a tree stump about 3 feet high on the cycle track. It's particularly difficult to see at night when travelling east bound and should be completely removed and the cycle track resurfaced.

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  • Royal College Street Northern Extension

    Created by John Chamberlain // 3 threads

    Camden are consulting residents, cyclists and others on their plans to extend the Royal College Street cycle facilities to the north, across Camden Road and up to Kentish Town Road. If it is approved, we think this will be a great improvement as it will provide protected two-way cycling all the way. Later there are plans to extend it south to Kings Cross.

    We hope you will respond to Camden in support as there may be objections from residents, especially as it results in some loss/relocation of parking.

    Details of the proposals can be found on Camden’s website at:

    For cyclists, the main proposals are as follows:
    - Two way cycling all the way up and down Royal College Street with no need to use St Pancras Way or Camden Street.
    - Protected northbound and southbound cycle lanes with no loading or parking within the cycle lanes.
    - A separate green phase for N-S and S-N bound cyclists at Camden Road.

    The difficult areas are the Camden Road crossing, which we think Camden have handled in an effective and innovative way, and the southbound split at College Gardens, where motor traffic has to bear left but cyclists go straight. This is not easy to handle without the danger of left hooks, but we think that the suggested solution, which involves road narrowing and a raised junction to slow motor vehicles, is the best option.

    Please feed your comments to us via the threads on this issue, or by email to

    Our response needs to be in by 3rd October so we'll take comments on board until the 28th.

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  • Take cycle track and footpath behind petrol station

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 0 threads

    The London Road Shell garage is a pain to pass as you have to cross the path of vehicles turning in and out, and can be quite dangerous.

    It would be far better to have the petrol station closer to the road, and the cycle path going behind the petrol station. This is the Dutch standard as shown in this example:

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