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  • Could Ancaster Road become a bus gate?

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Could Ancaster Road become a bus gate allowing walking, cycling, buses, and taxis only to encourage active travel and public transport use over the private cars for short journeys to the station and town. This would help to make Birkfield Drive quieter for walking and cycling, as the hill currently makes it a particularly poor experience for cycling up.

    This is a more radical idea, however is the sort of thing that's required for resolving the climate emergency and encouraging active travel. This sort of thing is very common in places like The Netherlands.

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  • Cherry Hinton Road improvements

    Created by Jon Warbrick // 1 thread

    The County Council have a consultation running on "improvements along Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge, to make it safer and more attractive for walking and cycling" between Hills road and Perne Road.

    The consultation runs until Tuesday 18 June. There are two consultation events at Rock Road Library, 69 Rock Road, Cambridge on Tuesday 21 May and Tuesday 21 May.

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  • Demand Responsive Bus Trial

    Created by Marcus Howarth // 1 thread

    Two phases firstly to the West of Manor Road / London (Wallington), the second to the East.


    It looks like an Uber fleet of 6-8 economical 14 seater buses.

    Following consultation:

    We will then report on the outcome ahead of the launch of the 12 month trial.

    It should be noted that as a research trial, collecting feedback from users as well as other groups to understand feedback from non-users too will continue throughout the 12 month trial.  

     Check the TFL site for more

    Key points:

    What are we proposing?

    This is a trial service that does not have a fixed route or schedule, but ‘responds’ to the request to be picked up by the customer. It can be booked at the desired time of travel, primarily through an app, and provide real time updates to customers of vehicle arrival time and guarantees a seat for confirmed bookings.  


    The service will run using up to eight Mercedes Cityline Low floor Sprinter 14 seater vehicles. The vehicles will be Euro VI compliant bringing them in line with the Ultra Low Emission Zone vehicle standards, and will be fully wheelchair accessible.

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  • London Assembly Transport Committee Bus network design, safety

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    London Assembly said:
    "Buses are the busiest form of public transport in London. The city has 675 bus routes, with around 9,000 buses in operation and over 19,000 bus stops. Approximately 2.5 billion bus passenger trips are made every year, around double the number made on London Underground.
    "TfL commissions private operators to run bus services in London, awarding seven-year contracts to operate bus routes. Although bus safety (in terms of casualty numbers) has improved over recent years, there was a spike in bus collision fatalities in 2015.
    "The London Assembly Transport Committee is investigating two aspects of bus services in London: Network Design and Safety."

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  • Cambridge North railway station

    Created by Robin Heydon // 15 threads

    New station that will serve the northern part of Cambridge, specifically the Science Park - but also by extension through the guided bus, villages to Northstowe.

    This provides a good opportunity to construct another section of the Chisholm Trail (especially a link over the river and on to Newmarket Road). We must also ensure that any footbridge provides facilities for those with bikes AND that there is adequate cycle parking.

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  • Central white lines on Mill Road - how well are they working?

    Created by Simon Nuttall // 1 thread

    Mill Road is an important route between central Cambridge and the suburbs of Petersfield and Romsey. It has a lot of traffic during the peak periods. There is a lot of cycling and the bridge over the railway is one of the collision hotspots in the county. It has a 20 mph limit.

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  • Queen Edith's Way and Cherry Hinton Road improvement plans

    Created by Al Storer // 2 threads

    The County Council have launched an initial consultation on improvements to Queen Edith's Way and Cherry Hinton Road (Hills Road to Mowbray Road). Very positively, what they're asking about is separated cycling facilities and bus stop bypasses. The devil will be in the detail as always, but the principle is good

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  • Segregate the feeder lane

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 2 threads

    The feeder lane between the bus stop and the ASL in Liberton Rd northbound should be segregated. Road and pavement are very wide here, so it would be easy to add a cycle lane segregated by a kerb to replace the curernt painted feeder lane.

    The painted feeder lane is extremely dangerous as the road bends left, so that buses, HGVs and other vehicles regularly encroach on it. Just today I saw another cyclist almost pushed onto the kerb when a bus started to move.

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  • Bus Lane Cameras

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    I've just spotted a County Council public notice on the post at the point noted, but applying to various areas as far as I can tell. Was in a bit of a hurry - stupidly didn't think of taking a photo of it. But the Council appear to be suggesting putting bus lane enforcement cameras in! I think this has to be good news, and ought to help cyclists - what do other people think?

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  • Newmarket Road Bus Priority

    Created by Al Storer // 1 thread

    The Draft Cambridgeshire Long Term Transport Strategy and Local Transport Plan Refresh has, as a City Deal item, a £43million project to create "Comprehensive segregated bus priority / Busway on Newmarket Road into Cambridge between Airport Way and Elizabeth Way / East Road."

    This is quite clearly an opportunity to get far better cycle provision on this corridor.

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  • City centre - road designations

    Created by Katja Leyendecker // 1 thread

    The (draft / emerging) 1Core Strategy seems to hint at a bus loop (Policy UC7) and a motor vehicle "ring road" (Policy UC9) too. It mentions pedestrian routes but there's no mention of cycle routes. See attached photo. (I didn't mark up the map, as it might become a tad too messy)

    The "ring road" is just like Scott / esde84 described before (in comments)

    The photo in the attachment is from "Newcastle Proposals Map" listed here (not sure how long thi link will stay live, link rot may happen)

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  • Durham bus station redevelopment

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    The Durham City Integrated Transport Approach document, part of the proposed new County Durham Plan, states that it is the Council's intention to relocate the bus station in Durham and to remove the A690 roundabout by the railway station, converting it to an ordinary junction with lights.

    The document can be viewed at http://durhamccconsult. and the relevant sections are 3.49 onwards. The document mentions improving the area for pedestrians but neglects to consider the potential for cycling infrastructure improvements in the area.

    The DBUG response to the County Plan (available at ) devotes a section to this matter (see pages 21 to 23).

    Opportunities for better cycling infrastructure include:
    * restricting vehicle access to North Road and allowing two-way cycling
    * linking the station to neighbouring cycle lanes
    * better connection to Framwellgate Peth and the north of the city
    * remodelling the Milburngate roundabout also
    * removing through traffic from the portion of North Road beyond the viaduct

    We need to lobby not just for immediate cycling needs to be taken into account in the design for the new road layout, but also for future possibilities by bringing forward design of strategic cycle routes through the city, otherwise we risk losing a very rare opportunity to transform provision at a key city-centre junction.

    According to the document, construction will commence in the 2014/15 financial year, with a timescale of 18 months. This means the plans must already be fairly fully developed.

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  • 12/0793/FUL Unex House Car Park, Hills Road: extra office space

    Created by Rohan Wilson // 0 threads

    "... office development adjoining Unex House (Savills), providing 5 storeys of B1(a) office space (4688m2) and two storeys of associated parking spaces (3102m2). Providing a total of 7790m2 gross internal floorspace of development. | Car Park Unex House 132 - 134 Hills Road..."

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  • Better Bus Areas Fund

    Created by Robin Heydon // 1 thread

    Proposed package: Streamlining bus services through Cambridge city centre

    A package of measures including some of the following is proposed:
    • Cambridge Core Scheme extension – potential remove all traffic but buses and cycles from St Andrews Street north of Emmanuel Street through the day.
    • Address taxi overcrowding in St Andrews Street.
    • Remove / relocate some on-street parking in Jesus Lane.
    • Bus priority measures along Chesterton Road
    • Improved bus stop infrastructure in Hobson Street and Jesus Lane.
    • Removal of some parking on Histon Road and Station Road.
    • On Street ticketing at busy or constrained boarding points to reduce bus standing time and pedestrian congestion.
    • Enhanced enforcement of infringements on key bus routes and stops.
    • Rerouting of some buses away from Bridge Street / Magdalene Street.
    • Park and ride capacity enhancements
    • Rural interchange enhancements on longer routes benefiting from the city centre improvements.

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  • Training of drivers of commercial vehicles

    Created by Jim Chisholm // 2 threads

    We have serious concerns over the standards of driving of certain classes of vehicles in Cambridge.
    We have an opportunity to push for both bus companies and and local authorities to train their drivers to a higher standard

    Under the 'Certificate of Profession Competence' drivers of certain classes of vehicle are required to undertake 'continuing training'

    There has been an article in Local Transport Today about training in London. see:

    "A COURSE designed to cut the number of lorry accidents in urban areas, particularly those involving cyclists and pedestrians, has gained industry accreditation.

    The ‘safe urban driving’ (SUD) course developed by Transport for London and London boroughs has been accredited by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training, the body set up by the sector skills councils for freight and passenger transport to manage the driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). "

    "EU directive 2003/59 requires lorry and van (over 3.5 tonne) drivers to obtain a CPC by completing 35 hours of training every five years. The requirement came into force in 2009, so the first deadline is September 2014. "

    "The second half of the course sees the lorry drivers get on bicycles and go on-road to understand how cyclists position themselves on the road, and how to drive in the presence of cyclists. This module was developed by Cycle Training UK for the London Borough of Lambeth. "

    I've already pointed out this scheme to the cycling officers

    It may be that we can get the LA's to approach Stagecoach on this issue and it could form part of any 'Quality Contract'

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  • Bike & Bus Harmony leaflet

    Created by John Hall // 1 thread

    Warrington Cycle Campaign have produced a leaflet aimed at improving the mutaul understanding of cyclists and bus drivers points of view.

    It is called "Bus Drivers & Cyclists in Harmony"

    We hope to promote better relations between the two groups via a similar leaflet. The key goal is safety but enhanced respect by both parties would be of benefit.

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  • Bus drivers and cyclists in harmony

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Various issues in Cambridge regarding bus driving and cyclist interactions. Work needs to be done to deal with this.

    (This is actually a city-wide issue, but I've marked this as the bus station for now.)

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