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  • Elmers End junction

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    This junction can be dangerous for cyclists due to narrow pinch points, and drivers being too eager to jump past them, and are happy to frighten cyclists by honking their horns due to them "being in the way", when they are just taking the primary position so that they don't get knocked off their bike.

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  • Wandle path bypass for Earlsfield

    Created by Andy Allan // 1 thread

    Garratt Lane at Earlsfield station sucks massively for cyclists, and is a jarring interruption to the Wandle Trail (Sustrans route 20). It would be great to extend the riverside path underneath the railway to avoid this dangerous stretch of road.

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  • Missing "except cyclists" sign

    Created by Andy Allan // 1 thread

    When heading west along Leigham Court Road towards Streatham Hill Station, there is a sign saying no right turn into Mount Nod Road. However, there is a "cycle plug" there, so the no right turn sign should have an "except for cyclists" underneath.

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  • Can't cycle along Hillside Passage

    Created by Andy Allan // 1 thread

    There's a nice cycle route along Mount Nod Road into Hillside Road that's interrupted by a short section of path marked "No Cycling". Adding a cycle path would remove an (unsigned) detour via Faygate Road.

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  • Regent Terrace

    Created by Simon Nuttall // 1 thread

    Get rid of the car parking in this street and replace with cycle racks - swapping 10s of customers for 100s for local businesses.

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