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  • Dropped curb needed

    Kate Ravilious // 1 thread

    A dropped curb to permit cycles to transfer to the cycle path from the road needed here

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  • Difficulties in joining the Water End Orbital

    Anon // 1 thread

    I've never approached from this way before but I came along the path up the left side of the river last week to join Water End Road. However on getting to the junction of the path and Water End I found that there wasn't anything to allow me to join or cross the road easily, only a full height kerb on each side.
    This meant I had to wait for a sizeable break in the traffic in order to be safe to lower my bike over the kerb - my bike is a large utility bike that doesn't take kindly to just jumping off kerbs. Fortunately even though it was 6pm on a Friday the traffic was light so a suitable break came along.
    Worse the is not dropped kerb on the opposite side to join the kerb segregated cycle path, that forms part of the city's orbital route. This meant I found myself having to cycle a third of a km on the road alongside a perfectly good cycle path, as it was too busy heading in the other direction to stop and lift my bike up the kerb without causing an obstruction or being unsafe.

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  • Disappearing cycle lane; missing dropped kerb

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    The shared use paths here end abruptly at the east and west ends, with absolutely no warning to cyclists, and no indication of where they're supposed to go. This causes conflict with pedestrians.

    Cyclists coming out of the shopping centre and heading west on the shared use path suddenly find themselves cycling along a non-shared use pavement, or are forced to cross four lanes of traffic with no controlled crossing.

    There is also no dropped kerb at the east end, so it is difficult for cyclists to rejoin the carriageway.

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  • Gap between bollards too narrow; missing dropped kerb

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    There are two lines of bollards on this path, which are set quite close together, preventing easy access for disabled people, cyclists with trailers etc.

    Also, at the top of the path, there is no dropped kerb, making it difficult to return to the carriageway at Cook Crescent.

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  • Filtered Permeability Lacks Dropped Kerb

    Created by Rob Earl // 0 threads

    This section of West Bowling Green Street is closed to motor vehicles making it a very quiet route to the Water of Leith Walkway. Unfortunately, the filtering is done in an old fashioned style which blocks cyclists. Also, the road surface is terrible. Some signs wouldn't go amiss either.

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  • Dropped kerbs

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    The cycle path at the west end of East Kilngate Wynd turns into a pavement at Lasswade Road. Dropped kerbs are needed to allow cyclists to rejoin the carriageway easily. There should be a dropped kerb on either side of the barrier, for cyclists heading in each direction on Lasswade Road.

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  • Dropped kerb

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    There should be a dropped kerb to allow cyclists to rejoin the carriageway without going round to the north side of the roundabout.

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  • Dropped kerb and ramp

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    A dropped kerb should be added at the foot of Braidwood Gate so that cyclists don't need to dismount. A chicane is *not* needed at the bottom of the hill, either.

    A ramp should also be added, either in place of or beside the steps from Dumbiedykes Road into Holyrood Park.

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  • Melvin Walk

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    Melvin Walk is a useful shared-use path between Fountainbridge and Morrison Crescent. It should have dropped kerbs to make it even better.

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  • Link Annan Road and Lockerbie Road

    Created by Rhian // 1 thread

    This is a well used route already but very muddy as there is no surfaced footpath across the playing field. A dropped kerb at the end of Noble Grove and a surfaced path around the football pitches to a dropped kerb on Parkhead Loaning would be a significant improvement. A type 1 and dust path as detailed in the attached link would perhaps be more suitable than a fully tarmacked path. Lighting at the points of entry to the grassed area would be an added benefit as this is currently a very dark route.

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  • Dropped kerb needed

    Created by Chris Lowe // 0 threads

    There needs to be a dropped kerb to access the Merritts Brook Greenway from the carriageway here. Apparently the road is private, so Birmingham City Council doesn't have responsibility here, we think. It may be that it is Bournville BVT that is responsible for this section of road, but we aren't sure.

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  • Dropped kerb needed.

    Created by Chris Lowe // 0 threads

    The shared use path along Vincent Drive needs to have a dropped kerb installed so that cycle users can access it from the carriageway.

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  • Barrier blocking dropped kerb, with no alternative

    Created by Donald Noble // 1 thread

    A barrier has been erected when the NCN7 cycle path joins the A86, presumably to stop children from cycling onto this busy road. However, this blocks the dropped kerb at this location, and no alternative is available without cycling some distance into Kingussie on a footpath which is not marked as shared use.

    The barrier also limits the entrance to the cycle track, which could make it difficult for people with trailers or alternative bikes

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  • Morville Street cycle link

    Created by Chris Lowe // 0 threads

    To increase filtered permeability here, a shared-use pavement restoring the Morville Street route for cycles would be useful. There is a dropped kerb at the Ryland Street end, but a dropped kerb will be needed at the Ruston Street end.

    It is also important to provide a contra-flow access for cycles to Ruston Street.

    These two links are already informally used by local cycle users, but could do with formalising, so that they appear on cycle route planners.

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  • 'Quick Wins' - minor cycling infrastructure improvements in Camden

    Created by George Coulouris // 2 threads

    Camden officers have indicated that they would like to receive prioritised list of suggestions for (very) minor improvements throughout the borough that will make cyclists feel better catered for. Examples of changes that will be considered:
    - dropped kerbs
    - obstructive barriers (i.e. anti-motor cycle barriers)
    - stretches of poor road surface (such that you have slow down on a Brompton or weave around holes)
    - Feeders into ASLs that are too short or non-mandatory

    Changes that shouldn't be suggested for this initiative include:
    - anything that would require a local consultation
    - anything that involves changes to parking provision
    - individual pot-holes

    To compile a list, we want suggestions from members. The Council's deadline is Monday November 25th. So can we have members' suggestions by Wednesday November 20th please. That will allow time for us to compile a list and circulate it here for comment.

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