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  • Footpath conversion

    Created by Angela Dyer // 0 threads

    Convert firm track (nominally a f/p) from Pipers Lane to Ferrers Lane to a bridleway. Avoids having to use narrow hedged lanes and a bit of climbing. (South of Harpenden)

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  • Hassell Drive Open Space Formalised Path

    Created by David Wilcox // 0 threads

    To widen the path that links Trinity Street/West Street with the Bristol Bath Railway Path.

    The Railway Path is one of the City's busiest parks, with an estimated 5,000 sustainable transport journeys made along the St. Philips end of the path each day either by foot or by bike. Many of these journeys access the railway path via a narrow path from Trinity street. The path is 1m wide, which is unsuitable for the volume of cyclists and pedestrians that use it.

    Part of the 2013 Bristol City Council LSTF proposals.

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