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  • Difficult crossing at airport way roundabout

    Created by Jacob Bramley // 1 thread

    There are better-than-average cycle paths either side of this junction, but actually crossing at this point is very difficult because there is a near-constant stream of vehicular traffic leaving the roundabout to head into town.

    Alternative routes (avoiding this crossing) involve lengthy detours.

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  • Purbrook - A3 - Pinch Points & Parking/Cycling

    Created by Tim P // 1 thread

    The current A3 route through Purbrook is very dangerous both northbound and Southbound.
    From both directions, there are shared Bus/Cycle lanes, which approaching from the south stop at the roundabout, and from the north stop at the traffic lights before it.

    When traveling Northbound, the uphill section past the shops results in a slower moving cyclist, generally holding up Traffic, which causes lots of aggressive, close overtakes, which in a narrow road when "sharing" with HGV's and buses, is not a pleasant experience. Many cyclists therefore jump onto the pavement if feeling unsafe, or do not cycle this section.

    When travelling southbound, most of the time the traffic is slow due to queuing for the roundabout, but the narrow, on route cycle route squeezes cyclists between parked cars and slowly moving traffic, directly in the door zone.

    Given the remainder of the A3 Portsmouth/London Road corridor is of signficicant benefit to those that commute from Denmead/Waterlooville/Clanfield area towards Portsmouth, this is a real bug bear.

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  • Cotteridge

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    Cotteridge town centre has been allowed to degenerate into a hostile place for cyclists and pedestrians. Motorists have multiple lanes for driving and parking, whilst pedestrians are blocked from crossing the road by steel railings. Cyclists are given nothing. Watford Road and Rowheath Road are both OK for cycling, but their junction with Watford Road is horrendous. Midland Road has no contra-flow, so it is obstructive to cyclists trying to avoid the multi-lane horror of the Pershore Road. The two lane double-roundabout is difficult to negotiate even in a car.
    This whole area needs to be redesigned, putting cyclists and pedestrians first. I'm sure I'm not the only person who doesn't shop in Cotteridge because the environment is /vile/.

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  • Cycling on A2

    Created by Gregory Williams // 1 thread

    The A2 is a hostile environment for cycling. Cyclists should be directed away from using the A2 towards existing safe alternatives (e.g. RCR16) and the current A2 cycle signs should be removed.

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