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  • Chicane, dropped kerbs and toucan crossing

    Created by FrenchyF // 0 threads

    There is a really nasty chicane in the middle of this path; it should be removed.

    Dropped kerbs should also be added at the ends of the path, where it meets Lasswade Road (east) and the Burdiehouse Burn Valley Park path network (west).

    The pedestrian crossing at Lasswade Road should be made into a toucan crossing.

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  • Chicane

    Created by FrenchyF // 0 threads

    Chicane at west end of path between Malbet Park and Yewlands Gardens; should be removed.

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  • Lovers Loan barriers and kerbs

    Created by Sefton // 1 thread

    The Lovers Loan shared path through the Grange has at least 5 very tight barriers along its length, and missing dropped kerbs - especially at the crossing of Dick Place. Removing barriers or widening them would make it much more easy to use for bikes, buggies and wheelchairs. Even some double pushchairs don't fit!

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  • Dropped kerbs

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    Dropped kerbs should be added on either side of the road here, so that it's easier to get between the two paths.

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  • Upgrade footway on Wherestead Road over A14 to allow cycling and sign

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Improving the connectivity from Bourne Hill over the A14 to Wherestead with dropped kerbs, allowing cycling and signing as a cycle route would be a step in the process to improving cycle access south from Ipswich to various places including Jimmy's Farm (a family leisure venue, which should be cycleable to by a family with young children), Shotley Peninsula, and the land route to Harwich International ferry port for cycling to The Netherlands.

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  • St. Mark's Road to Holloway cut-through

    Created by t1mmyb // 0 threads

    This shortcut is technically pedestrians-only, but forms a useful link from the environs of Bath Spa station (Widcombe) to Holloway, a dead-end for motor vehicles and therefore a quiet, if steep, climb to Bear Flat, Wellsway and beyond.

    Dropped kerbs, barrier/chicane removal etc. would make this route usable by parents with cycle trailers, people on cargobikes and the like.

    It was slated as a piece of work to be done by Bath & NE Somerset, but there's been no news lately.

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