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  • DMMO upgrade of Footpath at Post Hill, Pudsey SE2433NE Wood Ln- Troydale Ln

    Created by M Stanley // 1 thread

    From Leeds City Council:

    Dear Sirs





    In 2003 Leeds City Council received a Definitive Map Modification Order Application to upgrade

    Leeds Footpath No’s 156 & 157 to bridleway status on the Definitive Map and Statement for

    the Leeds Metropolitan District between Wood Lane and Troydale Lane, Pudsey. The Definitive

    Map provides conclusive legal proof of the existence of public rights of way.

    In line with the Councils Statement of Priorities, a report into this matter is being compiled and

    the application is due to be considered by the Natural Environment Manager.

    The application is based on user evidence. If a way has been used as a public right of way for

    a period of 20 years or more without force, secrecy or permission, then the way is deemed to

    have been dedicated as a highway. The twenty year period is counted backwards from the first

    date of challenge and the onus is on the landowner to provide evidence to oppose the claim.

    I would be grateful to receive any comments that you may have regarding this Definitive Map

    Modification Order Application within one month of the date of this letter, so that they may be

    incorporated into the report to be presented Natural Environment Manager.

    Yours faithfully

    Helen Burrough

    Senior Definitive Map Officer

    Public Rights of Way


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  • A10 Stamford Hill and Clapton Common junction consultation

    Created by Harry Fletcher-Wood // 1 thread

    TfL note that this junction has "one of the highest collision rates in all of Hackney" and so have "come up with some proposals that aim to make this junction safer for all road users".

    The substantive changes include Advanced Stop Lanes for people cycling, continuous footways across some side roads, realignments to traffic islands and the provision of more/longer parking.

    Please make share your thoughts Tuesday 23rd February so Natalie and I can collate them.

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  • King Harry Lane - Shared footway Consultation

    Created by John Metcalf // 1 thread

    "Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) has recently undertaken a feasibility report to investigate cycle links to the new Verulamium Park (Ver Park) Route link to NCN 6 from the King Harry Lane area. We have looked at ways to improve the cycling and walking environment; particularly where this would improve the continuity of cycle routes and the movement of people via active modes around your area. A section of shared use cycle route has been recently provided by the developer Linden Homes and the intention is to extend this facility to Abbey Avenue and northwards towards The Ramparts via an upgraded traffic signal crossing point into Verulamium Park.

    The proposals include the following:

    · Upgrade the existing traffic signal controlled crossing near Verulamium Park access to a Toucan Crossing,

    · To provide improvements to the footway areas on both sides of the traffic signal controlled crossing to make it both suitable for pedestrians and cyclists, and linking into the new section of shared use footway/ cycleway that the developer has recently provided.

    · To the south of the new roundabout, on the western side, the existing footway will be widened from 0.9-1.1m to 2.5m to continue the shared use route towards Abbey Avenue.

    To upgrade the existing uncontrolled crossing at King Harry Lane jw Abbey Avenue by increasing the widths of the existing pedestrian refuge to widths that can accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians.

    This option has been carefully evaluated and full consideration has been given to the likely effects that it may have on residents.

    Please find attached a plan which shows details of the proposed scheme for Ver Park Highway Link (Cycleway/ Footway).

    At this stage we are intending to implement the proposals during the next financial year, 2014/15.

    As such we are now finalising the design and we are interested in hearing your views or any comments you may have regarding the proposals"

    Initial comments by John Metcalf

    Overall to be welcomed as better than what is there already. But, it could be improved?
    1. Traffic entering Abbey Avenue is likely to be going too fast for a safe crossing for those walking or cycling. This is a rat-run to avoid the King Harry roundabouts. Therefore tighten the radii of the junction and make a raised crossing (on a hump). Do we want a Tiger (Zebra for walkers and cyclists) crossing?
    2. The crossing of the new roundabout exit into King Harry Park is hazardous. It needs to be upgraded with a humped crossing (and a Tiger?). Is this sufficient or should there also be measures to slow down the traffic entering and leaving King Harry Park.
    3. The best solution would be to upgrade the ROW footpath from the toucan crossing of King Harry Lane to Rowlatt Drive

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  • Bollards on footway near Hemingford Road

    Created by cobweb // 0 threads

    The proposal is to install two bollards on the corner of Hemingford Road in order to prevent cars from mounting the pavement. The pavement here (as with much of Mill Road) is not that wide. A build out was considered but it was felt that this would create pinch point of cyclists.

    (Scheme 16, page 29)

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