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  • Hazard near Cambridge North Station

    Created by Joseph Tucker // 1 thread

    A friend recently smashed her shoulder by cycling into the car trap which awaits anyone who misses the "Except guided buses" sign and then misses the "Car trap" sign, while heading from North Station towards Milton Rd.

    In the dark, this is actually an easy mistake for an inexperienced rider, since

    a) you believe that you're on a road when actually you're on a piece of Guided Busway

    b) these signs can appear to belong to the cycle path, where they are mounted.

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  • Rubble used to fill potholes in Daws Lane

    Created by Justin // 1 thread

    Someone appears to have dumped large rocks and rubble into the pot holes in Daws lane. This might make the area more passable to cars that use it to access the allotments but poses a severe danger to cyclist given the size of the rocks, and that the area is poorly lit and frequently flooded.

    I tried reporting the issue to the council but received the response:

    The issue you raised with us is the responsibility of the landowner. Unfortunately we do not have records of who is responsible for this location and we are therefore unable to take any action.

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  • Guided busway hazard

    Created by User 3428 (deleted) // 1 thread

    Sunday 26th of September 10.15pm I was cycling from Cambridge North to Histon.  I collided with a fence immediately after exiting the A14 tunnel and sustained a dislocated shoulder along with other injuries.

    There is definitely a hazard here because 

    1) the busway and tunnel from Cambridge North are brightly lit.  The busway after the tunnel towards Histon is unlit.  

    2) about 30m after the tunnel the width of the busway tarmac surface suddenly reduces due to the introduction of the gravel strip (approx 1m wide).  There is also a fence near the start of the gravel strip (I assume for the small animal tunnel)..

    I cycled through the tunnel and noticed a cyclist coming in the opposite direction (without lights), so I took avoiding action by moving to the left.  I may have then glanced at my mobile phone on my handlebars.  When I looked up I saw the fence in my headlight.  I then hit or clipped the fence.

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  • Cars parked outside Bodrum takeaway on cycle path & double yellow lines

    Anon // 1 thread

    Cars, which appear to be delivery vehicles, are near-permanently parked outside the Bodrum takeaway on Bootham in the evenings, despite the fact that they are doing so on double yellow lines, on an advisory cycle path, and close to other junctions. This forces cyclists to swerve around these cars, and much closer to incoming traffic in the other lane on Bootham.

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  • Dropped Kerb Needs Repaired

    Created by acsimpson // 1 thread

    The dropped kerb on cycleroute 9 at the shell garage has been badly installed/damaged and is now a relatively large step, capable of damaging a bicycle wheel.

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  • Bike Gate between Wharncliffe Rd & Brunswick St

    Created by WildNorthlands // 1 thread

    Generally I'd say Brunswick St works well as a bike route but the gate between these two roads and the junction is poorly placed - in order to get through it you need to be on the wrong side of the road on a blind bend and it is common to find yourself coming head to head with a car coming the other way. if there were too gates for each direction, and the northbound was lined up with the cycle lane, it might help.

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  • Accidents at Davy Road/Rustat Road roundabout

    Created by Tom Corder // 1 thread

    My work colleague crashed when crossing the painted roundabout this morning as it was icy and therefore very slippery (she didn't go around the painted area as there was a pedestrian on the road). As she was recovering she met another lady who had also just crashed and as they walked together away from the roundabout, a third cyclist crashed behind them.

    It has been reported on the County Council highways fault page.

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  • Should we campaign for more rush hour (enforced) loading bans?

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    Dropped bike off for service at Grand Arcade and walked to get Uni4 bus from outside Pembroke at around 8.30am today. At least four separate lorries stopped on double yellow lines between Little St Mary's Lane and Fitzwilliam Museum, causing traffic chaos. This is really dangerous for cyclists since even if a cyclist has had the courage to get past the obstruction, or has right of way, drivers just don't seem to see them or think they really are only about six inches wide. This also causes massive traffic hold-ups. Congestion (where there is no mandatory or advisory cycle lane) is generally dangerous for cyclists as it tends to lead to "white lining" or squeezing through gaps. This is a busy cycle route. I'm sure Peterhouse have a back entrance for lorries for example.

    Why is loading allowed on double yellow lanes on busy cycle and bus routes during the rush hours? OK, I know there's an alleged loading ban on Hills Road which is rarely, or if ever enforced, but at least there is a ban there. I've highlighted that bit of Trumpington St as road users were having to do a slalom there this morning, but this is a Cambridge-wide problem and I'm sure members can also provide evidence of other examples.

    I can't quite believe that certain businesses being allowed to hold up the traffic willy-nilly is good for the Cambridge-wide economy in general.

    Do we have a position on this? Should the new Police and Crime Commissioner have a position on this? Should Stagecoach (who probably find it causes them a problem, even though they're not our favourite people) have a position on this? Is there a Chamber of Commerce? What do they think about employees who are late for work or deliveries they are expecting being delayed by these sort of hold-ups?

    I have lots of photos which will tell me how long I was standing at the bus stop observing these lorries, which I will unload when I have the means.

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  • Restrictive Permeability between Bristol and South Gloucestshire on Wordsworth Road

    Created by Sam Saunders // 1 thread

    A northern stretch of Bristol's waymarked "Concorde Way" runs along a quiet residential street, Wordsworth Road. On the newest housing development as Bristol gives way to South Gloucestershire there is a barrier between the end of Wordsworth Road and the start of Eighth Avenue to prevent motor vehicles passing through. There is a raised curb, offset railings and large grey concrete bollards and only a narrow passage either side of one bollard for cyclists to ride through. Tricycles, cargo bikes, or trailers might be to be lifted over the raised curb. In dusk or darkness neither the bollards nor the curb are easy to see. There is a light on the traffic sign offering some help, but a less intimidating arrangements or reflective/high-visibility surfaces could be considered.

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  • Advisory Cycle Lane Onto Queens Road Bristol Problem

    Created by Sam Saunders // 0 threads

    A twenty metre stretch of advisory cycle lane at the end of Whiteladies Road, from a zebra crossing to its junction with Queens Road, encourages cyclists to take a position near to the curb as they enter the and leave the junction. This puts them exposed to frequent buses turning immediately left into Queens Avenue and in a vulnerable position from which to continue a journey south west towards Park Street or Park Row.

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