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  • Private? farm roads

    Created by Tim Ward // 1 thread

    I'm new here, so this has probably been done before, but I haven't sussed out how to find any relevant previous discussion using the search. So sorry if this is repetition.

    There are lots of farm roads around Cambridge, some of which have locked gates and "bicycles by written permission only" notices, others are signed as permissive routes, others have no signs but in practice nobody actually shouts at you as you cycle through what turns out to be a farmyard.

    Are there any resources that enable us to work out in advance, before discovering the sign and the locked gate, which of these roads are passable by bike, with possibly a rather long route home if the answer is "no"?

    Just as an example, how about Battle Gate Road?

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  • Consultation on a proposal to re-surface part of Longstanton Bridleway 10

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    From the county:

    In addition to the notification which I sent to you on Monday 11 April 2022 regarding the order to divert part of Longstanton Bridleway 10, I am emailing you to consult you on a proposal to re-surface the northern part of Longstanton Bridleway 10 between the new bridge across the access road to Northstowe and the southern end of the Wilsons Road by Falcon Park.


    The proposal to re-surface the northern part of Longstanton Bridleway 10 is related to Condition 59 of Northstowe Phase 2 (S/2011/14/OL) which is subject to submission of details to Greater Cambridge Shared Planning consultation S/2011/14/COND59.  In order to achieve a continuous all-weather NMU link between Longstanton, Bar Hill and the new A14 NMU path I am consulting you on what type of surfacing you would like to see on the route (coloured in pink on the attached plan).  The route will need to provide an upgraded route that caters for all non-motorised users (walkers, cyclists and horse-riders) all year round.    


    The southern section of Longstanton Bridleway 10 between the A1307 and the new NMU bridge over the Northstowe access road was surfaced last year and I am interested in whether a similar type of surface would be suitable on the northern section of the bridleway.  The northern section of Longstanton Bridleway 10 is generally quite wide and located between tree/hedge lines.  I am proposing that any re-surfacing on the northern part of the bridleway follows the principle of providing a 50-50 parallel surface (50% retaining grass/natural surface next to 50% smooth surface suitable for cyclists and pedestrians such as the surface which is in place on the southern part of Longstanton Bridleway 10 or the surface which has just been completed on Reynolds Drove, Rampton north of the busway).  Between the boundary features on the northern part of Longstanton Bridleway 10 there is generally at least 5 metres of width available which in theory could accommodate 2.5 metres of natural surface next to 2.5 metres of foot/cycling surface.   


    The re-surfacing of the bridleway associated with the planning condition is for the developer (Homes England) to deliver, but I am seeking your opinions on what you would like to see in this location which I will then use to inform my feedback to Homes England and Greater Cambridge Planning on the condition which needs to deliver improvements to the northern part of Longstanton Bridleway 10. 


    I would be much obliged if I could have your comments back on this matter by Friday 29 April 2022.

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  • Food, Farming and Countryside Commission

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Date: 10th May

    Time: 5 – 6.30pm

    Location: Online, please sign up using this link:

    The Food, Farming and Countryside commission is 'touring' the countryside to gather views about land in Cambs and Peterborough:

    Listening Tour: Your Views on Land in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

    We ask a lot of land. We need it to grow food, restore biodiversity and nature, decarbonise the
    economy and adapt to climate change – while also providing space for new homes, access to nature
    for leisure and wellbeing and the infrastructure for business, energy and transport. In England, there
    is currently no coordinated way of balancing all of these pressures.
    Planners are often faced with agreeing the ‘least-worst’ development proposals. Local people have
    little say when their valued open countryside, green spaces, or even allotments are lost to other
    uses. We want to test ideas for a more strategic and effective approach that will support action to
    deliver net zero, nature recovery, clean air and water, economic development, and food production.
    A land use framework will also help individual landowners and farmers make long term plans as they
    face a raft of new support mechanisms; to help assess what their land is best used for in the context
    of the wider landscape.
    We want to hear from people about the places where they live and work and what they value most
    there. We want to hear people’s hopes, fears and aspirations for their local environment and what
    they would like to improve. We’re interested in towns, villages, farms, landscapes and wildlife, food,
    roads, rivers, transport, heritage and employment. What changes are coming and how can they best
    be addressed? How can local people be involved in defining what Cambridgeshire is like in 20 years’
    We hope the meeting will be interesting and lively, and that you share your views. We will include a
    short introduction to the topic about how places have been changing over time and the competing
    pressures on land to open up the discussion.
    These meetings will form part of a wider “tour” gathering views right across Cambridgeshire. They
    will all contribute to a Land Use Framework being developed by people and organisations right across
    Cambridgeshire. For more information:

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  • Obstructive anti-cycle barriers between Charles Street and Rustat Road.

    There are 1970s-style barriers separating Charles Street and Rustat Road.  This means that the large numbers of cyclists heading in both directions often have to give way to each other.   These barriers need replacing by a removable bollard in the centre of the route, so cyclists can easily pass on the correct side as they would any other traffic island but cars can't get through.  This is a literal barrier to easy safe convenient cycling and has no place in 21st Century Cambridge.   Especially when there is an easy solution around it.

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  • 22/00758/FUL: 9apartments (1 building), 303 Histon Road

    Created by Rosamund Humphrey (Admin Officer) // 1 thread

    Erection of 9 dwellings within 1 apartment building comprising studios, one and two bedroom apartments, together with landscaping, parking arrangements, bike and bin provision and associated infrastructure (following demolition of the existing dwelling)

    303 Histon Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB4 3NF

    Application reference: 22/00758/FUL

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  • PA 220411 1LondonRdMTey

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    Outline application for the construction of a single storey dwelling following the demolition of an existing extension to no. 1 London Road, Marks Tey. (All matters reserved apart from access).

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  • PA 220556 NStationMDU

    Created by Steven Moseley // 1 thread

    Application for Prior Approval under Part 18 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order (As Amended) - Installation of an MDU building, to improve railway services in Colchester and Essex.

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