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  • Obstructive anti-cycle barriers between Charles Street and Rustat Road.

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    There are 1970s-style barriers separating Charles Street and Rustat Road.  This means that the large numbers of cyclists heading in both directions often have to give way to each other.   These barriers need replacing by a removable bollard in the centre of the route, so cyclists can easily pass on the correct side as they would any other traffic island but cars can't get through.  This is a literal barrier to easy safe convenient cycling and has no place in 21st Century Cambridge.   Especially when there is an easy solution around it.

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  • Dangerous right turn onto cycle route

    Created by Donald Noble // 1 thread

    It can be dangerous to make the right turn from Russel Road northbound onto cycle route 1/76, because drivers often cut this corner.
    Problem exacerbated by parking on the northeast side of the corner.

    Would be good if a traffic island or bollards could be installed here

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  • NCN12/61 crossing Mill Green Lane, Hatfield

    Created by Chris Whitehouse // 0 threads

    This refers to the southernmost end of the short loop of Mill Green Lane to west of the A1000.

    Heading north on a bike past this side road requires simultaneously looking
    - 180deg back to check for vehicles turning in
    - to left to check for vehicles exiting
    - ahead to check for bikes heading south

    Heading south on a bike past this junction requires
    - looking 120deg right for vehicles exiting
    - looking ahead at road for vehicles turning in
    - looking ahead at cycle path for bikes heading north
    - moving as far as possible to the left, ie almost into the main road because visibility of the cycle path is obstructed.

    A cheap and effective solution would be to block this junction with a safety rail or similar on the line of the edge of the A1000. Motor traffic can use the north end Mill Green Lane, where there is no conflict with cycle traffic on the cycle path because cycle traffic crosses to the east side of A1000.

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