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  • Private? farm roads

    Created by Tim Ward // 1 thread

    I'm new here, so this has probably been done before, but I haven't sussed out how to find any relevant previous discussion using the search. So sorry if this is repetition.

    There are lots of farm roads around Cambridge, some of which have locked gates and "bicycles by written permission only" notices, others are signed as permissive routes, others have no signs but in practice nobody actually shouts at you as you cycle through what turns out to be a farmyard.

    Are there any resources that enable us to work out in advance, before discovering the sign and the locked gate, which of these roads are passable by bike, with possibly a rather long route home if the answer is "no"?

    Just as an example, how about Battle Gate Road?

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  • Bishop's Croft

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    Old Church Road is narrow and twisty, yet some motorists see it as a good place to travel at speed and overtake. It would be nice if the Bishop of Birmingham could be persuaded to encourage people to walk and cycle along here. There is a gate at one end, but it is rotten and could be replaced with a half barrier gate, to create the required filtered permeability.
    Alternatively a small corner of land at the gated end could be used to create a direct connection with Old Church Avenue.
    Note that there is a school at the gated end, which of course encourages motor traffic. Improving the walking and cycling routes here would reduce the motor traffic.

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