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  • Overgrown vegetation blocking Love Lane

    Anon // 1 thread

    Towards the west end of Love Lane, vegetation overhanging from the south does not allow an adult to pass (on foot or cycle) without bending. (Photo is looking west.)

    Noticed on 13 July, confirmed still there 20 July.

    Reported to Cambridgeshire County Council 19 July (ref 00438005). They closed the report 24 July, saying "The issue you raised with us is the responsibility of the landowner. Unfortunately we do not have records of who is responsible for this location and we are therefore unable to take any action."

    (This area has been problematic previously -- see KW's reporting in March 2023 on the 'exclusionary barriers' thread. Not sure if exactly the same vegetation, but same general area.)

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  • 23/02685/FUL Part demolition and refurbishment of the Grafton Centre

    sound+fury // 1 thread

    i) Demolition of 11-12 Burleigh Street and Abbeygate House, ii) Part demolition and alterations to the Grafton Centre, removal of existing facades, erection of new floorspace for life science use, new and replacement façades and shopfronts, provision of terraces at fourth floor level, installation of plant and enclosures, iii) Redevelopment of existing bus turning head and redundant service area to provide new hotel and leisure quarter, iv) New pedestrian access route from Christchurch Street to Burleigh Street, provision of cycle parking spaces, public realm and landscape improvements, v) Highway works to East Road providing new bus stops, pedestrian and cycle routes and other associated works.

    Grafton Centre Fitzroy Street Cambridge Cambridgeshire


    Application reference : 23/02685/FUL

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  • Overgrowth on Equiano Bridge

    Created by jack // 1 thread

    The bushes/trees are pretty overgrown into the left side of the cycle path, meaning you have to move away from the edge at points, on an already narrow cycle track (fairly narrow for bidirectional travel, anyway).

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  • Cambridge Environmental Improvement Programme (EIP) 2024

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    Cambridge City Council has launched its Environmental Improvement Programme (EIP) for 2024, which gives residents the opportunity to identify where they would like the council to fund small-scale improvements to the city’s streets and open spaces.

    Cambridge residents are invited to put forward their ideas for the EIP through the council's online consultation platform. A total of £170,000 is available to be allocated to the proposed projects – up to £5,000 is available for local projects unless they are strongly supported in which case up to £10,000 could be made available. Up to £20,000 is available for projects that will enhance larger areas of the city.

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  • 23/01966/ Change of use for first floor at 13-14 Burleigh Street, into two flats

    sound+fury // 1 thread

    Change of use of the first floor only at 13-14 Burleigh Street, Cambridge from use falling within Class E (commercial, business and service) to two flats comprising one 1xbed unit and one Studio unit (Class C3 (dwellinghouse)).

    13 - 14 Burleigh Street Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 1DG


    Application reference : 23/01966/PRIOR

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  • Camber on bike entrance going east on Glisson Road not trike-friendly

    Created by Robert Watson // 1 thread

    Turning from Hills Road onto Glisson Road going east, there’s a “cycles only” lane on the left-hand side, with a concrete separate from traffic in the other direction. The camber is extremely steep in the cycle gap, and risks our cargo trike overturning. The barrier is well meant, but ultimately the steep camber means we have to enter on the wrong side of the barrier, which is less rather than more safe than not having a battier at all.

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  • Damaged bridleway sign

    Created by sarah // 0 threads

    The Heathfield Bridleway is generally a good piece of off-road provision that links Thriplow to Heathfield/Duxford whilst avoiding the A505. The sign is damaged; Cambs CC say it’s not their duty to repair/replace.

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  • 23/01701/FUL Change of use of from office to student accommodation - 8 rooms

    sound+fury // 1 thread

    Change of use of first, second and third floors from office (Class E) to student accommodation (Class C2) comprising 8 student rooms and ancillary facilities. External works comprising the installation of an external staircase and entrance, PV panels to the roof and an Air Source Heat Pump at ground floor level. Installation of two openings into the listed wall for means of access and daylight to the rear.

    First Floor And Second Floor And Third Floor 98 Regent Street Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB2 1DP


    Application reference : 23/01701/FUL

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  • Planned layout of new cycle/pedestrian crossing on Milton Road near Ascham Road

    I noticed that on the plans for the ongoing Milton Road development, the plan for a new double split cycle/pedestrian crossing across Milton Road near Chesterton Hall Crescent/Ascham Road has the cycle crossing on the East side and the pedestrian crossing on the West side. The problem with this is it is the opposite way round from the way cyclists/pedestrians approach the crossing from Chesterton Hall Crescent (cyclists on the West, pedestrians on the East). In the mornings, this crossing is extremely busy with pedestrians and cyclists travelling from South to North (to reach Milton Road primary school and Chesterton Community College), and at the north side of the crossing, cyclists need to be on the West side to travel up Ascham Road and the pedestrians tend to walk on the east pavement.  The new crossing plan would mean cyclists having to cross the flow of pedestrians on both sides of Milton Road. This would lead to queues of bikes on the crossing (in the road) and seems quite dangerous. I think it would create a natural flow if the crossings were switched to have the cycle crossing on the west (and this is how cyclists and pedestrians naturally organise themselves on the current toucan crossing)? I've included a photo where I've drawn arrows showing the cyclist/pedestrian flow lines in the current plan and if the crossings were switched. It hasn't been built yet so I wondered if there is a way to suggest this to GCP and do you think a change would be considered at this stage?

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  • Mile Road /Roman Road /A 1307

    Created by cpax // 1 thread

       Hi !  ,  I am writing to you to voice my concerns that the Bridleway ( Mile Road ) between the Roman Road and the A 1307 is 

    under threat .

    As a regular user of this route ( cycle ) I first noticed that the finger post on the A 1307 had been removed some weeks ago 

    and  on passing that way today found mounds of earth had been pushed up to the large gate making it almost impossible to 

    pass through . This route is heavily used by people wanting to go from Fulbourn to Babraham or just for walking . It is a well 

    defined route on all the maps / cycling Apps . I am incredulous that this threat to this route can so easily be blocked .

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  • New scoping application for 'Land South of Coldham's Lane'

    Created by KW // 0 threads

    Hybrid Planning Application at Land South of Coldhams Lane comprising: Full Application for 'Parcel A' Building 1 (Use Classes E(g)(i) (Offices), E(g)(ii) (Research and Development)) and the Hub Building (sui generis) with associated car and cycle parking, Outline Application for the remainder of 'Parcel A' for E(g) uses including office, research and development, car and cycle parking, landscaping, infrastructure and associated works, with all other matters reserved except for access, Full Application for ecological enhancements to 'Parcel B', Full Application for landscape improvements and access to 'Parcel C'.

    Land South Of Coldhams Lane Cambridge Cambridgeshire


    Application reference : 23/01683/SCOP

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  • A users first approach to cycle infrastructure design.

    Created by Jonny Camp // 1 thread

    How can we tell whether a bicycling environment is good or bad? How many times have you been cycling along a piece of existing infrastructure only to find the word 'end' written on the pavement and yourself forced back onto the road into traffic? 

    With this in mind, I am undertaking a piece of research as part of my masters dissertation at Queens College, University of Cambridge. I am  gathering primary data of existing users of the current cycling network across Cambridge. From this data I will be able to assess the coherence and directness of the existing cycle network and identify potential 'bottlenecks' and issues from the point of view of the users. 

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  • Greenway: Lode to Swaffham Bulbeck

    Created by Martin Wheatley // 1 thread

    Because of a combination of subsidence and grass tussocks growing through the path, my wife's e-trike tipped over on the Greenway path between Lode and Longmeadow this afternoon.  Fortunately she is only bruised and shaken but it could clearly have been a lot worse. I have reported it to Cambs Highways as an emergency.

    Unless and until it is repaired, I would advise extreme caution on this section of the Greenway or use the Bottisham Greenway, Tunbridge Lane, Park End and Swaffham Bulbeck High Street instead. The on-road sections of the latter are usually pretty quiet.

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