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  • Friars Walk needs an all-weather surface

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    Currently Friars Walk is uncomfortable in summer, messy in winter and not legally cyclable from its east end. A short connecting cycleway to the Southgates Roundabout and some tarmac on Friars Walk would enable this dirt track to be used as shorter motor-free route between Hardwick and the Friars all year round.

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  • Surface of Hospital Fields Road

    Kate Ravilious // 1 thread

    The surface of Hospital Field road in the westbound direction is becoming very poor in the area where cycles travel. This is of particular concern as the worst bit is the edge of what appears to be the resurfaced conduit which is exactly where you want to cycle. This means cyclists are moving out into the road to avoid the poor surface (dangerously so in places) potentially into the path of east bound vehicles who are avoiding parked cars on the north side.

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  • Excessive Punctures on Bus-way Cycle path?

    Created by Skippy62 // 1 thread

    Hello All! I have only been a member for a few days, but have a question:
    Does anyone else get an inordinate number of punctures on the Cycle path on the Bus-way between St Ives & Histon? I have had 4 punctures in 6 trips!!!! Bike is new, (Raleigh Pioneer) has Schwalbe Silento puncture-resistant tyres, Pumped up hard! Size 700c x 35.
    I don't ride over brambles/barbed-wire/broken bottles (lol). When i mentioned this to a local bike shop, i was told by the shop assistant, that punctures on the Bus-way are common, & he would never use it!!!!. I'm in my '50s, & am trying to lose a bit of middle-aged spread!, & absolutely love cycling along the Bus-way, peaceful, tranquil,looking at the scenery etc, & it's not too huge a journey to cause cardiac arrest!!!I live in Willingham, & if i stick to roads, i don't get punctures, but i don't get the same pleasure as on the (peaceful) Cycle-way.
    Sorry to have waffled on... i put it down to my age!!!
    Any thoughts?...Anyone?.. or have i just been very unlucky?
    Thanks for your time :)

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