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  • Cycle crossing signal timings

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Issue derived from June 2017 monthly meeting: this issue tracks information related to the timing of traffic signals that control cycle crossings (e.g. Maids Causeway / Fair St, East Road / Norfolk St, Queens Rd / Burrell's Walk, Gonville Place / Gresham Rd, all along Guided Busway, appearing on various countryside routes, etc).

    We would like to gather the following information:

    a) how are the signals programmed currently (and when they change, what have they been changed to?)
    b) who is responsible for the programming of the cycle as well as the placement of cycle detectors (if any)?
    c) when needed, what levers can be pushed to get signals changed to give more priority to people walking and cycling?

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  • Brookgate / Brooklands Ave / Hills Road junction

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Two issues, really:

    (1) It has puzzled me for some time that there is no way to cycle from Brookgate onto Brooklands Avenue. The traffic signal only shows a left green arrow from Brookgate onto Hills Road, which serves the buses, but Brooklands is a major cycle route and would make sense to access it directly from the station (there is a long way around via Clarendon & the busway otherwise).

    As it happens, when the left green arrow is showing, I have never seen any other conflicting traffic movement (although presumably Hills Road left onto Brooklands Ave is green at this time? I haven't checked). So it seems like it would be very simple to fix this problem: just convert the green left arrow into a green ball & cut any conflicting movements.

    (2) Regardless of that change, there should also be an advanced-stop-line on Brookgate, which there currently is not, so that buses do not sneak up and left-hook people. Even when making a left turn from Brookgate you can be left-hooked by a left-turning bus if they are not careful. So the lack of ASL here is rather strange.

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  • Badly phased lights

    Created by christhebull // 0 threads

    Heading westbound along Bridge Road towards the junction with Rownham Hill, one sees a narrow (90 cm wide) cycle lane leading to an ASL (lacking the appropriate markings), however, the main issue with this junction is the time given to cyclists heading across Rownham Hill into Ashton Court Estate. A slow cyclist who passes the stop line just after the signals turn amber will struggle (uphill) to cross towards the gatehouse before traffic coming up Rownham Hill gets a green light. As cyclists will have previously navigated the debacle that exists on both sides of the Suspension Bridge, this is hardly a welcoming introduction to what is actually a very nice estate to ride around.

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