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  • Steps on Tonford Lane bridge

    Created by Gregory Williams // 1 thread

    Steps at each end of Tonford Lane bridge make it difficult to take wheeled modes of transport such as bicycles, scooters, push chairs, wheelchairs, and mobility scooters from one side of the river to the other.

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  • Dropped kerb and ramp

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    A dropped kerb should be added at the foot of Braidwood Gate so that cyclists don't need to dismount. A chicane is *not* needed at the bottom of the hill, either.

    A ramp should also be added, either in place of or beside the steps from Dumbiedykes Road into Holyrood Park.

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  • Remove railings

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 0 threads

    Remove the railings at the steps, unnecessary street clutter that narrows the pavement and makes crossing Old Dalkeith Rad more difficult.

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  • Remove steps on ramp down from Union Road footbridge to A4143

    Created by Fraser Stephens // 0 threads


    There are relatively shallow paths that run from both ends of the bridge down to the A4143, but both have shallow steps that stop them being useful to cyclists. This means that people heading out of the hospital wanting to cycle down the A4143 towards Llanfoist have to cross the road with the traffic, rather than the safer alternative of crossing the bridge and coming down the ramp.

    Note that openstreetmap's map of this is incorrect. I'll submit a correction (11-04-2014)

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  • Twickenham Bridge to Thames Path

    Created by Paul James // 1 thread

    The cycleways along the Thames Path and along Ducks Walk are not connected with the south/east side cycleway across Twickenham Bridge and only to the north/west side cycleway via a long detour through Old Deer Park or along The Avenue.

    A ramped way down from the bridge would create a useful route for people into and out of Richmond town center that is currently only possible by using two flights of steps.

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