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  • Travis Perkins Development

    Created by // 3 threads

    Travis Perkins Development has major impact on Chisholm Trail.

    We have a letter from the developer outlining their position - let's see if I can attach this...

    There is a lengthy discussion of the Chisholm Trail, the gist of which is that they don't see why they should make any further accommodation for it when it is mainly Network Rail's land that is earmarked for the route. They dangle a small carrot in that they might release the corner piece of land to mitigate the pinch point you identified - but only if this application is given the go-ahead.

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  • Mill Rd depot housing site

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 4 threads

    The Mill Road depot site has been mooted as a likely housing location in the Local Plan.

    We should ensure that the proposals are cycle friendly (possibly car-free or very low-car housing), and that the route is safeguarded for the Chisholm Trail.

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  • Cambridge North railway station

    Created by Robin Heydon // 15 threads

    New station that will serve the northern part of Cambridge, specifically the Science Park - but also by extension through the guided bus, villages to Northstowe.

    This provides a good opportunity to construct another section of the Chisholm Trail (especially a link over the river and on to Newmarket Road). We must also ensure that any footbridge provides facilities for those with bikes AND that there is adequate cycle parking.

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  • 71-73 Fen Road

    Created by Chris Howell // 1 thread

    The City Council through Cambridge Investment Partnership are running a consultation (pre-planning application) for their proposed redevelopment of 71-73 Fen Road, including improved cycle access to the 'Five Trees' open space. This potentially supports an improved new cycle route from Green End Road/Cam Causeway to the Chisholm Trail on Fen Road.

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  • Cambridge Cycling Campaign's "Project Orange"

    Created by // 12 threads

    Project Orange is an attempt develop our general strategy during the year 2013.

    It involves

    1) Should Cambridge Go Dutch (or Copenhagenize)

    2) A more assertive stance in our interactions with agencies: Demanding of them to make feasible what seems infeasible

    3) focus on a regional area 10 miles (15 km) around Cambridge and a dartboard network structure to connect villages,

    4) the development of a Bicycle Infrastructure Assessment Tool (BIAC) which will allow us to grade and praise provision

    5) Priority over sideroads as part of a Dutch-style approach

    5) Development of Visualisation Tools for major projects (Chisholm Trail, Newnham to Newmarket Rd, Mitcham's Corner)

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  • Coleridge Road

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    Perhaps this will be less of an issue when the Chisholm Trail is built? But I'm sure there are plenty of cycle users of this road for whom the Chisholm Trail will not be an appropriate alternative route, mostly people going shorter distances than I'm going or needing to do short stretches of it and not heading for Addenbrooke's.

    Owing to various pathworks on Stourbridge and Midsummer Commons, I've been taking a different route from Milton to Addenbrooke's, going through Romsey and down Coleridge Road the last couple of weeks. It's horrible. Parked cars in random places make it fairly unpleasant as you have to weave in and out with cars which aren't exactly adhering to the 20mph speed limit going past you.

    I know this is a pipe dream, but wouldn't it be nice if Coleridge Road was given the Gilbert Road treatment.

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  • Railway Route between Cambridge and Cherry Hinton

    Created by Simon Nuttall // 3 threads

    The railway line from Cambridge to Newmarket turns out across Coldham's Common and right through the middle of Cherry Hinton, and then carries on passing to the north of Fulbourn.

    There are currently (2013) two main routes from the east of Cambridge to Cherry Hinton - the Tins and Snakey Path. However both have long very narrow sections involving pedestrian conflict.

    The railway line is single track - but satellite images show the bridges crossing Barnwell Road and Coldham's Lane were both built for dual track. So this means there should easily be enough room to accommodate a cycleway alongside the railway.

    This route could then connect up with the Chisholm Trail and provide a direct fast cycle route to and from the city and the Science Park area.

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18/1372/CAP18 Application for Prior Approval under Part 18 for construction of new gated east side stairway from Mill Road to provide access to...

Converted to Issue:

18/1372/CAP18 Alterations to railway property under Mill Road bridge


Application for Prior Approval under Part 18 for construction of new gated east side stairway from Mill Road to provide access to train drivers walkway, including alterations to arches 5 and 6 to facilitate new sidings, walkway and passive provision for Chisholm Trail.


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