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  • Close passes

    Created by Stephen B // 1 thread

    Unfortunately the road I travel a lot on in Littleport is badly pock marked and muddy from frequent farm machinery use. 

    In these circumstances close passes are even more critical than on better roads if they exist. Many cars give a decent safety pass adhering to the new directives in the Highway Code but many do not. I was shocked to be close passed by a police vehicle this morning and have reported it. I did not want to make a particular complaint but wanted it logged in an incident forum. The call handler suggested I would have to make an official incident report so I had to go down that route.

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  • North Road - narrow passes

    F. A. // 1 thread

    North Road is too narrow for both cycles and buses/lorries to circulate side-by-side when there are cars parked on both sides. As it is an uphill route cyclists travel fairly slowly and both buses and cars try to overtake passing very closely to the cyclists.

    It is not possible to dismount and walk on the pavement as there are some sections without pavement.

    Perhaps the City could remove a lane of parking and use that space to make a bike lane.

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  • Coleridge Road

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    Perhaps this will be less of an issue when the Chisholm Trail is built? But I'm sure there are plenty of cycle users of this road for whom the Chisholm Trail will not be an appropriate alternative route, mostly people going shorter distances than I'm going or needing to do short stretches of it and not heading for Addenbrooke's.

    Owing to various pathworks on Stourbridge and Midsummer Commons, I've been taking a different route from Milton to Addenbrooke's, going through Romsey and down Coleridge Road the last couple of weeks. It's horrible. Parked cars in random places make it fairly unpleasant as you have to weave in and out with cars which aren't exactly adhering to the 20mph speed limit going past you.

    I know this is a pipe dream, but wouldn't it be nice if Coleridge Road was given the Gilbert Road treatment.

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