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  • A19 Southbound at Germany Beck pinch point

    Created by Mick Allan // 1 thread

    Cyclists travelling southwards on the approach to Germany Beck Spine rd are seriously pinched by traffic. Drivers have always sped up here as they near the 40mph zone with the promise of the ring road beyond. With the recent addition of traffic lights at this point they are even more inclined to speed up for fear of being delayed by a changing traffic light. There's a nominal slip road for traffic making a left turn (towards Fordlands and GB estate) and the lane narrows like a funnel at this point. To make matters worse the mild sweep to the right and a slight change in slope on the approach to this point makes it very difficult to see that the road gets narrower. There's also a drain cover precisely on the apex of the pinch point which requires bicyclists to make a choice - ride over the drain cover or pull out to go around it. Riders who adopt a strong primary position going through this junction, but those who ride in the gutter will get squeezed. And there's certainly not enough space for a car to make a safe pass of a cyclist here. The idea of riding through here with a truck or a bus on my arse fills me with dread. It's an accident waiting to happen. 

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  • Barry Road Road traffic calming & Southwark Spine route consultation

    Created by Luce // 1 thread

    Southwark became a 20mph borough in 2015. However, a review of average speeds has shown that in some areas speeds are much higher than this. On Barry Road average speeds exceed 24mph, with many vehicles exceeding 30mph. Residents have told us that these speeds can make the road dangerous for pedestrians and other road users. We have a responsibility to take action to ensure that legal speed limits are observed and protect the welfare of all road users.

    Our review of Barry Road concluded that speeds remained below 24mph between Upland Road and Peckham Rye, therefore this scheme only looks to address high speeds between Goodrich Road and Upland Road.

    Following TfL's Healthy Street guidelines, we have proposed a series of changes to the road which we think will bring speeds down to a more acceptable level and make the street a safer and more accessible environment for all. We are conducting this consultation to find your views on the measures we are proposing and whether there are additional actions we could take.

    Additionally, it has been proposed to alter the route of the planned Southwark Spine cycle route. This is intended to create a safe route for cyclists of all abilities. The route will now run along Goodrich Road and down the southern section of Barry Road, linking with the cycle quietway from Peckham Rye to Wimbledon.

    We are at the early stage of planning this, and would like your views on how we can make this section safe and accessible for all road users.

    Why We Are Consulting
    Local people are the experts on their area. We want to know what you think about these proposals, whether there are things we haven't considered or opportunities to make the plans even better.

    The questionnaire below includes a 'healthy streets' section, where we ask for a snapshot of conditions on Barry Road right now. This will help us assess your priorities, and also whether the changes we make achieve meaningful improvements for local people.

    Other sections consider the South (where the Southwark Spine is proposed to run), Middle and North parts of the road, so you can offer detailed comments on the proposals that affect you, if you wish.

    Please review the plans below before responding, and take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

    Your data will be anonymised and only used by the Highways team for the purpose described above. However, there is an option to provide us with an email address if you would like feedback on the outcomes from this survey, and to receive information about other Highways surveys and consultations in your area.

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  • Millfield Lane

    Kate Ravilious // 1 thread

    Millfield lane suffers badly from traffic rat-running along, to avoid congestion on Hull Road. Much of the traffic travels at well over the speed limit. Local residents are petitioning for speed control measures. We'd like to see the road bollarded off so that only residents can access it, and we also believe that Millfield Road could then become an excellent cycle alternative route instead of Hull Road.

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  • Rat-running in Orchard Ave / Hurst Park Ave area

    Created by Matthew // 1 thread

    Local residents report that Orchard Ave & surrounding streets are being used as a high-speed rat-run more and more lately: a Speedwatch group reported that something like half of the cars observed were speeding. These normally-quiet streets comprise an alternative cycling route to Arbury Road: one that is being promoted as part of the Cross City Cycling scheme.

    This Cyclescape issue will be used to keep track of any additional reports on this matter.

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  • Coleridge Road

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    Perhaps this will be less of an issue when the Chisholm Trail is built? But I'm sure there are plenty of cycle users of this road for whom the Chisholm Trail will not be an appropriate alternative route, mostly people going shorter distances than I'm going or needing to do short stretches of it and not heading for Addenbrooke's.

    Owing to various pathworks on Stourbridge and Midsummer Commons, I've been taking a different route from Milton to Addenbrooke's, going through Romsey and down Coleridge Road the last couple of weeks. It's horrible. Parked cars in random places make it fairly unpleasant as you have to weave in and out with cars which aren't exactly adhering to the 20mph speed limit going past you.

    I know this is a pipe dream, but wouldn't it be nice if Coleridge Road was given the Gilbert Road treatment.

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  • Gateway to High St encourages traffic to speed

    Rupert Crosbee // 0 threads

    The gateway gives priority to traffic entering Street. There is a narrow cycle by-pass and short approach cycle lane, but this is often obstructed by queuing traffic. Traffic entering Street tends to accelerate towards the gateway, and overtake cyclists where the road is only just wide enough for passing and too narrow for safe overtaking. The slight incline entering Street slows cyclists.

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  • Confusing, dangerous, cluttered road

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 1 thread

    Terrifying stretch of Gilmerton Rd around Robin's Nest needs complete overhaul. Pinch points, blind corners, parking, cratered surface, and school exit, also on a hill where cycling and driving speeds vary a lot.

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  • Hamlet - Auckland - Lancaster Rat Run, Bro/Cro border

    Created by angus hewlett // 1 thread

    Hamlet, Auckland and Lancaster roads are used as a rat run by traffic avoiding jams on the Crystal Palace Triangle. Several schools along here and no real need for through motor traffic to be allowed - there are two "A" roads on parallel routes (Church Road / S Norwood Hill, and Croydon Road) within a short distance.

    Use of this road as a rat run also creates extra through traffic on Fox Hill, Sylvan Hill, Southern Avenue and other roads that access it. It's not particularly dangerous by usual London standards (apart from getting beeped by impatient van drivers - no space to overtake along a lot of it) but could be made a lot safer so that the kids at the Harris Academies can cycle to school.

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  • Manor Road traffic speeds

    Created by christhebull // 1 thread

    This section of road is surprisingly hostile to cycle along on account of the restricted width, parked vehicles and high traffic speeds. I have had drivers behind me screech to a halt when they realised that they are likely to collide with me or an oncoming vehicle, and moving out to pass parked vehicles is needlessly stressful.

    There is a vehicle activated "30 mph" light-up sign along this road but it is hopelessly inadequate, and more substantial methods of reducing traffic speed are going to be necessary.

    Note also that the option of using Snowdon Road and then Fishponds Road is not only longer and steeper, but still involves awkward pinch points northbound along Fishponds Road. This is an important route linking the Hollies (halls of residence) and UWE Glenside with the centre of Fishponds and thus ought to be a priority within this area.

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  • Sheen Road - Pinch Point

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    Pinch point outside Courtlands on Sheen Road. Despite resurfacing, pinch point has not been addressed. Because of the poor road layout vehicles frequently encroach into the cycle lane. At off peak times the wide road encourages speeding - vehicles often approach this pinch point at 40mph.

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  • Upper Richmond Rd West / Sheen Rd v2

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    Pinch-point at zebra crossing where cyclists are forced to share space with traffic that is often speeding. Cars try to squeeze past cyclists or brake suddenly. Cars frequently speed up to 40mph on approach to this crossing.

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