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  • Meadow Lane

    Created by M Stanley // 1 thread

    Really exciting proposals for Meadow Lane leading over Leeds Bridge and to the Corn Exchange.

    Currently meadow lane is an inner city dual carriageway. It is proposed that it will become a single carriageway in each direction for motor vehicles and the space repurposed into pedestrian and cycle facilities. Consultation is now closed but it still needs to go to detailed design stage. Full details can be seen at the attached web link.

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  • Dog Kennel Hill Bus Lane Widening

    Anon // 1 thread

    Dog Kennel Hill Bus Lane Widening

    Closes 29 Sep 2019

    Opened 23 Aug 2019


    Lola Olanlokun

    (Project Manager)



    We want to improve bus journey times along Dog Kennel Hill, as it has been identified that the bus lane is on a steep hill in this section and cyclists can hold up buses significantly as the lane is currently too narrow for buses to safely overtake cyclists travelling up the hill.

    In order to support this, we are proposing to widen the northbound bus lane on Dog Kennel Hill, either side of the junction with Albrighton Road. We are also considering changing the bus lane hours of operation to 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This will reduce conflict with other vehicle types and help buses keep to timetable.

    These proposals should improve journey times for passengers using the 40, 176, 185 and 484 bus routes. By making bus travel more reliable, this supports Transport for London's Healthy Streets indicator: 'People choose to walk, cycle and use public transport'.

    To do this and maintain the carriageway width for other vehicles, we plan to reduce the width of the central reservation. This will involve the transplanting of one tree, but we plan to plant an additional new tree, so the net impact would be additional tree cover.

    Please see the plan for these works here:

    If the project goes ahead, works will be undertaken in early 2020. We would try to minimise any disruption, and no full road closure should be required.

    Why We Are Consulting

    As there may be some disruption for local residents during construction, we want to make sure you have the opportunity to review the proposals and let us know if you have any concerns.

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  • The Avenues cycle route

    Created by Richard Jennings // 1 thread

    The Avenues Shambles

    Few people who live in the area will be happy with the situation on The Avenues. A couple of years ago the city won a grant to improve cycle routes around the city, called a “Cycle City Ambition Grant”. The first route to be improved was the one that came along the Avenues, known as the “Pink” route. After two years of planning, public meetings and proposals we are left with the dangerous inadequate mess we see today.

    Why is The Avenues Special?

    Far more bikes use The Avenues than any other road in the city, "nearly 700,000 in 2016 according to the Air Quality Status Report for 2018. Most are students at UEA or workers at the Hospital and Research Parks. It’s also the route hundreds of children should be using to cycle to the City Academy School, so the potential number of cyclists could be even higher if the road were not so dangerous. Logically it should have been the highest priority for providing proper cycle tracks, but it didn’t turn out like that.

    Why is it bad?

    The road markings only allow enough space for one direction of flow on a two way street, so if it needs to pass traffic has to drive in the cycle lanes and when it gets busy the cycle lane simply disappear. There is basically far too much traffic for this type of design.

    Why did we end up with this mess?

    That’s a good question but there are clues, take a look on Tombland and the expensive paving around the cathedral gate. All this meant there just wasn’t enough money left to build the proposed cycle tracks and the present botch is the result. The council decided that the cost of doing The Avenues didn’t represent good value for money, yet doing Tombland did. This is a very suspect situation which has left us with an unacceptable, dangerous mess that simply can’t be left as it is.

    What can be done?

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  • Babraham P&R to Addenbrookes cycleway

    Created by wookey // 2 threads

    Out of the A1307 Linton Greenway consultation has come a plan for the section between Addenbrooke's roundabout and the Babraham P&R, which the county/GCP are keen to move forward. There was an initial invite-only consultation event on Thur 31st Jan for local residents/residents associations to comment.

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  • Station Road Histon - close to through traffic?

    Created by Joe Adam // 1 thread

    Station Road in Histon seems to have a large, and in my view inappropriate amount of through traffic.
    I assume the majority of the traffic is attempting to avoid the traffic lights and the Green and shave some time of their drive through Histon.
    There is a large amount of foot and cycle traffic along this road, as the direct route between two schools with many parents having children at both (infant and junior).
    The foot paths are very narrow and the amount of traffic makes cycling (espcially with children) intimidating.
    I think the situation (for people on bikes and foot at least) could very cheaply be massively improved by blocking Station road to through traffic, restoring thee road to what it should be, a quiet residential street.
    I suppose this would lead to some traffic jams, at least at first until people get used to it.

    I've recently spoken to several people, mostly other parents, who have similar opinions. Does anyone have a view on a good way forward in terms of campaigning on this?
    I wondered about trying to set up a petition, which I could circulate amount parents to try and show that there could be significant support for this. Or course there may also be significant backlash.... Or should I try and talk to the parish council first. Any thoughts welcome.
    I've suggested this to the parish council several times (as have other parents I discover) but nothing has yet happened (I've not even had a reply...)

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  • Vision for Mill Road

    Created by Liz Irvin // 9 threads

    In a recent newsletter edition, CamCycle presented a vision for Mill Road with reduced through traffic, allowing more room for cycling, pedestrians, buses and 'people parking'. Now that this vision has been presented, we would like to organise two public consultation sessions to get the views of people who live, work and travel in the area. The plan is to hold one session of each side of the bridge so we cover Petersfield and Romsey.

    The Petersfield event will be held at St Barnabas church on Tuesday, October 16 from 4-7pm (to capture the after school, after work crowd). The Romsey event will be held at St Philips church hopefully the following week, but I am yet to confirm a date.

    It would be great to get some input into these events, as I am new to the area so getting some historical/planning background would help. And if anyone would like to help with organising them that would be great as well. We're planning on printing off big maps of Mill Road and having them spread out for people to draw and write on. We will also have stickers for people to add to points they agree with.

    It would be great if we could have an online method of contributing as well, as I know sometimes turning up in person isn't possible. I think an interactive map that people can add comments to and then other people can 'like' would be a good way to do this. So if anyone has ideas about building something like this, that would be very useful.

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  • Nice idea but ... until access to Rainham Station is sorted out it is useless!!

    Created by Jeff @ Havering Cyclists // 1 thread

    Until road access to Rainham Station is made safe for cycling it is pointless plus Beam Valley Country Park is not maintained by Barking & Dagenham Council, therefore, cycling to Dagenham East Station is also impossible.

    So, what is the point of building a new estate and making it available for sustainable transport when there is no way of cycling safely to a station that gives access to Central London?

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  • North Road - narrow passes

    F. A. // 1 thread

    North Road is too narrow for both cycles and buses/lorries to circulate side-by-side when there are cars parked on both sides. As it is an uphill route cyclists travel fairly slowly and both buses and cars try to overtake passing very closely to the cyclists.

    It is not possible to dismount and walk on the pavement as there are some sections without pavement.

    Perhaps the City could remove a lane of parking and use that space to make a bike lane.

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  • Roding Valley Way cycle route extension (CAP App. I.2.2)

    Created by Chris Lord // 1 thread

    Provide cycling infrastructure from Buckhurst Hill Tube Station and improve connectivity to the Roding Valley Way route at Cherry Tree Rise (Roding Valley Tube Station) in LB Redbridge.
    * Existing/planned Roding Valley Way infrastructure to the south of the District in LB Redbridge should be linked up with cycling route options in Essex / Epping Forest District.
    * Provide on-road cycling route in both directions and consider parking restrictions / TRO to formalise car parking on the footway, and remove central hatching/wide centrelines along Buckhurst Way to enable road space to be better utilised and allow cycle lanes to be created up to Elm Close.
    * Unsegregated shared-use footway / cycleway alongside the northbound Buckhurst Way north of Elm Close to just south of the bridge over the Central Line Tube.
    * Alternatively a quieter parallel on-road route could be created along Chestnut Avenue, Oak Rise and a footpath conversion leading to Cascade Road and Lower Queen’s Road.

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  • Roding Valley Station to W/bridge & West Hatch School (CAP App. I.2.1)

    Created by Chris Lord // 1 thread

    The current on-road route to cycle between Roding Valley Tube Station, Buckhurst Hill and West Hatch High School is 2.3 miles in length, an off-road could be safer and approx. 1 mile shorter.
    Partly 3m wide unlit off-road and part on- road approx. 1.3 mile long cycle route along existing bridleway, from Hornbeam Road under the Central Line and over the River Roding and M11, along Luxborough Lane to West Hatch School.
    * Scheme could continue south-west along the A113 Chigwell High Road to the LB Redbridge border.
    * West of Roding Valley Tube Station along Station Way and Farm Way, a part off-road (to Forest Edge) and part on-road route
    could provide a link to North Woodford.
    * Indicative Cost does not include stats diversions and new bridge over River
    Medium Term

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  • Loughton Way, Valley Hill and Oakwood Hill (CAP App. I.1)

    Created by Chris Lord // 1 thread

    To provide on-road cycle lanes that link Buckhurst Hill and Loughton Central Line Tube Stations – this may encourage residents to cycle to the Tube Stations for onward commuting rather than drive or be driven to them.
    * Provide on-road cycling route in both directions and consider formalising parking restrictions / TRO to enable car parking on the footway, and remove central hatching/wide centrelines along Loughton Way, Valley Hill and northwards to Oakwood Hill, to enable road space to be better utilised and allow cycle lanes to be created from north of Hurst Road.
    * This scheme links in with the proposed off- road route alongside the River Roding (Scheme 7 below) and also via a link to Scheme 10 (see below), has potential to link to Debden Tube Station.
    (Map here follows the wording of the CAP proposal, not the map (which extends to Debden)).
    Medium Term

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  • Circular route connecting Epping Forest, West Loughton & Debden (CAP App.I.13.1)

    Created by Chris Lord // 1 thread

    Many people find the prospect of cycling on the A104 Epping New Road intimidating. This scheme could offer a quieter and perceivably safer primarily off-road route linking potential scheme 8.2 and the A104 via Loughton Camp and Golding’s Hill to Debden Green and a quiet on-road route south to Hillyfields, which then links in with potential schemes 12.1 and 12.2 leading to Debden itself.
    * Provision of a Quiet Lane Route as a less stressful and perceivably safer primarily off-road route alternative to the A104 Epping New Road
    * The scheme could form part of a circular
    route around the Loughton and Debden area. Section 1 to the north-west of Loughton would help to link up potential schemes in the west and the A104 via Loughton Camp and Golding’s Hill with Debden Green.
    * From Debden Green a second section comprising a quiet on-road route could then be provided along Debden Road and England’s Lane, heading south to Hillyfields or west along Clays Lane, which then links in with potential schemes 12.1 and 12.2 leading to Debden itself, and on- road schemes 10 and 1 leading back to Loughton and Buckhurst Hill.
    Medium Term

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  • Willingale Road, Grosvenor Drive, Chester Road cycle route (CAP App. I.11.3)

    Created by Chris Lord // 1 thread

    Improve Non-Motorised User connectivity between Theydon Bois and North Loughton, avoiding faster busy roads.
    * Provision of an on-road TfL-style quietway (approx. 1 mile length) that would link Theydon Bois Tube Station with North Loughton via potential scheme 11.2.
    * An off-road segregated footway/cycleway could potentially be provided between Grosvenor Drive and Pyrles Lane along the existing wide footway.
    Medium Term

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  • Chigwell Rise cycle route (CAP App. I.6)

    Created by Chris Lord // 1 thread

    Improve Non-Motorised User connectivity in this area and a route between the GGSK College and Chigwell Tube Station.
    * Provide an off-road segregated footway / cycleway (if possible) alongside the eastbound carriageway of the B170 – this may require improvement to the parapet height over the M11.
    * The off-road route could continue to the start of the existing housing at Chester Road, with an on-road cycle lane route
    from here along the eastbound carriageway to Lee Grove.
    * The scheme could then cross Chigwell Rise at the Spanbrook existing crossing point, and then comprise an on-road cycle route along Brook Way and Brook Mews, avoiding Chigwell High Road.
    * Access to Chigwell Tube Station could be via a segregated footway outside the car dealership to either the existing zebra crossing or an upgraded toucan crossing.
    * Provision of a new unlit 3m wide shared cycle/footway through the Nature Reserve, crossing the River Roding via the existing infrastructure already in situ. Requires signage, path surface works, and barrier removal.
    Medium Term
    £600,000 (Assumes all widening within highway boundary and no stats diversions)

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  • Durham Road - hazardous access to Aykley Head roundabout for cyclists

    F. A. // 1 thread

    Cyclists can face different problems when entering the roundabout.
    1) Cars do not leave enough room on the left for cyclists to enter the roundabout in parallel with motorised traffic. This forces cyclists to merge with all other vehicles and most of the times this results in a loss of momentum because the traffic queue waiting to enter the roundabout.
    2) As a result of the previous issue, when entering the roundabout uphill from standstill, cyclists are very slow and vulnerable to be hit by the cars that enter the roundabout downhill from the B6532 and leave the roundabout towards Aykley Heads. At peak times not many of these cars indicate that they are leaving the roundabout nor they use the outer lane when exiting the roundabout.

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  • Belgrave Road consultation

    Created by Mat Scull // 1 thread

    Consultation on the Belgrave Rd options.

    28th June to 4th August

    In short, it's a choice between one and two lanes in each direction. The images released (23rd June) have no visible evidence of space for cycling unless you count advanced stop lines.

    Consultation -

    Leicester Merc article 23rd June (usual caveat re the comments)

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  • South Road, Southall

    Created by Martin Gorst // 1 thread

    Ealing council is proposing a new road layout for South Road in Southall. It will remove an access road to create a wider pavement, but provides no extra space for cycling.

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  • Canada Water Masterplan

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    "Since March 2014, there has been an on going community consultation process to look at the future of the Canada Water Masterplan area. This includes redevelopment of the SE16 Printworks Site (formerly known as Harmsworth Quays), the Surrey Quays Shopping Centre Site and most recently the Surrey Quays Leisure Park Site. British Land is working with Southwark Council to bring forward a mixed use development for the Canada Water Masterplan, as part of a new town centre for the area."

    It will be important to ensure that:

    1) The main street through the site is constructed according to Making Space for Cycling principles ( - currently the proposed road will have cyclists in the main carriageway, and the route is a through-route for cars rather than access-only.
    2) There is accessible cycle parking for all the new buildings
    3) The greenway through the site is direct and avoids conflict with pedestrians
    4) Any existing cycle routes are enhanced where possible

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  • Cycle infrastructure needed

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 1 thread

    The Brook Lane road badly needs cycle infrastructure and there is definitely the space available and small changes here have the potential to have a big impact on the route. Easy changes would be to resurface and open up the ends of the Brook Lane service road to allow continuous movement along it, as well as putting in a crossing for the Yardley Wood road. On the easterly section a protected bicycle lane for cyclists ascending and descending the hill could be created by moving the parking in the left lane further away from the pavement and using the resulting space (especially important for cyclists travelling up the steep hill).

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  • Beighton Space for Cycling request

    Created by Dexter Johnstone // 1 thread

    Create protected space for cycling along Eckington Road between West Street and Owlthorpe Greenway. This would provide a safe and pleasant route which would enable students to cycle to Westfield Sports College from Sothall.

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  • Birley Space for Cycling request

    Created by Dexter Johnstone // 1 thread

    Implement a 20mph limit on the roads surrounding Birley Community College and Birley Community Primary School to enable children to walk and cycle to school safely. The 20mph would apply to Birley Moor Road, Birley Lane, Fox Lane and all the residential roads that they encircle.

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