Roding Valley Way cycle route extension (CAP App. I.2.2)

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Added by Chris Lord

Provide cycling infrastructure from Buckhurst Hill Tube Station and improve connectivity to the Roding Valley Way route at Cherry Tree Rise (Roding Valley Tube Station) in LB Redbridge.
* Existing/planned Roding Valley Way infrastructure to the south of the District in LB Redbridge should be linked up with cycling route options in Essex / Epping Forest District.
* Provide on-road cycling route in both directions and consider parking restrictions / TRO to formalise car parking on the footway, and remove central hatching/wide centrelines along Buckhurst Way to enable road space to be better utilised and allow cycle lanes to be created up to Elm Close.
* Unsegregated shared-use footway / cycleway alongside the northbound Buckhurst Way north of Elm Close to just south of the bridge over the Central Line Tube.
* Alternatively a quieter parallel on-road route could be created along Chestnut Avenue, Oak Rise and a footpath conversion leading to Cascade Road and Lower Queen’s Road.


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