Station Road Histon - close to through traffic?

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Added by Joe Adam

Station Road in Histon seems to have a large, and in my view inappropriate amount of through traffic.
I assume the majority of the traffic is attempting to avoid the traffic lights and the Green and shave some time of their drive through Histon.
There is a large amount of foot and cycle traffic along this road, as the direct route between two schools with many parents having children at both (infant and junior).
The foot paths are very narrow and the amount of traffic makes cycling (espcially with children) intimidating.
I think the situation (for people on bikes and foot at least) could very cheaply be massively improved by blocking Station road to through traffic, restoring thee road to what it should be, a quiet residential street.
I suppose this would lead to some traffic jams, at least at first until people get used to it.

I've recently spoken to several people, mostly other parents, who have similar opinions. Does anyone have a view on a good way forward in terms of campaigning on this?
I wondered about trying to set up a petition, which I could circulate amount parents to try and show that there could be significant support for this. Or course there may also be significant backlash.... Or should I try and talk to the parish council first. Any thoughts welcome.
I've suggested this to the parish council several times (as have other parents I discover) but nothing has yet happened (I've not even had a reply...)


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