Camden Park Road and Torriano Avenue Safe and Healthy Streets

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Added by Jean Dollimore

Camden Council is proposing the following changes intended to improve bus journey times, cycling and pedestrian facilities:

  • A northbound 24/7 bus lane on Camden Park Road and Torriano Avenue
  • An advanced stop line and early release for cyclists on Camden Park Road, at the junction with North Villas and Cliff Road, to improve cyclist priority at the junction
  • Removal of parking bays on Camden Park Road and double yellow lines within 10m of South Vilas junction
  • Wider footways for an increased waiting area for parents outside Torriano School, to aid social distancing
  • Remove parking bays to provide more footway space for parents/carers and children accessing Torriano School
  • Additional speed reduction measures along Torriano Avenue, such as more signage and improved speed bumps, to improve pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle safety

But they have forgotten to consider removing the speed cushions in Camden Park Road

The drawing also mentions the potential for vehicle activated speed signs on Torriano Avenue.


  • No changes to the junction with Camden Road (the nearside lane will be used by left-turning motor vehicles). People cycling into Torriano Avenue need to be at the front of the ASL and go as fast as they can to reach the bus lane which starts again soon after the entry to Torriano Avenue (in the same place the cycle lane starts now).
  • There is the same left hook risk when passing Busby Crescent which urgently needs a filter (at least a ’No Entry’ but a closure would be better).
  • They don’t mention the railings outside the schools

Drawing here


December 21st, 2020 14:00


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