Queen's Crescent Area Scheme Public Consultation

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Added by Jean Dollimore

Following consultation in January 2021, Camden put in a trial scheme using ETOs in May 2021.

The main features of the trial scheme were:

  • a pedestrianised section in Queen’s Crescent between Basset Street and Weedington Road (south) 
      plus closures at QC on the side roads Allcroft Road and Weedington Road (north)
  • a road closure on Grafton Road outside Carlton School (just north of its intersection with Queen’s Crescent).

Camden is now proposing to make the scheme permanent but with the following changes:

  • shorten the pedestrianised section of Queen’s Crescent to  between Allcroft Road and Weedington Road (south)
  • move the Grafton Road closure further north (just north of Crestsield Close)

These changes still ensure no rat-running on Grafton Road and on Queen’s Crescent, which is very important for cycling since C6 runs along Grafton Road and Queen’s Crescent provides a useful route to it from the western end of Prince of Wales Road (although cycling though isn’t convenient on market days).

Camden’s stated motivations for the changes in QC are 

  • more parking and loading opportunities, in response to issues raised by businesses.
  • to improve access for motor vehicles

Other proposed additions:

  • wider footways and continuous footways across several side road junctions
  • new sinusoidal ramp on Grafton Road by the bend near Vicars Road.
  • new seating, trees and bikehangars


March 16th, 2022 11:00


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