York Street area residents' parking zone

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Added by Martin Lucas-Smith

Cambridgeshire County Council has published proposals and consultation to introduce a residents’ parking scheme in the streets around York Street and New Street.

This is a long-overdue scheme.

There are a couple of issues:

- Builders vans and so on, never mind deliveries, are difficult, resulting in blocked pavements, etc.

- Making the case for the scheme in the face of opposition in a few streets because of a reduction in spaces where there is currently parking on both sides of the street (which means domination of the space for private motor vehicle storage).

- At last, elimination of pavement parking and the ability to enforce any pavement overrun.

- Building support for the scheme - residents' parking proposals have a key strategic role in reducing unnecessary traffic, by almost eliminating circulation by drivers speculatively looking for parking.

- No cycle parking is proposed.


December 17th, 2018


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