Cambridge Biomedical Campus Transport Needs Review

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Added by Sam Webster

Cambridge Biomedical Campus Transport Needs Review report came out a couple of weeks ago.  Whilst some of it is good, I think the cycling stuff is poor in general:

  1. They look at cyclist safety in the surrounding area but due to the dates and area selected, they claim no fatalities.  Ignoring Steve Moir's death is insensitive at best.
  2. I didn't see any mention of NCR 11 passing through the site which suggests to me they didn't even realise
  3. A tiny bit about air pollution but the word climate doesn't even appear
  4. 'The segregated route alongside the CGB' - Do they mean segregated from buses?!
  5. 'Site observations showed the route alongside the Busway to the west of the site to be particularly well used by pedestrians and cyclists and of high quality'.  It's unsafe due to lack of separation from buses and pedestrians, too narrow for numbers and given speed differences over bridge and crosswinds.
  6. Nothing about the bus stops in mandatory cycle lanes
  7. Section 5.3.3 - peak counts/hour would be very useful
  8. 'Site visit observations suggest that cycling infrastructure near to CBC is currently performing well with the current demand' - CGB path is way over capacity at peak times.  I don't know about the other routes.

I propose complaining about the standard of the cycling part of the report.


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