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  • HS2 closure of lane 1 Hampstead Road northbound

    Created by Mixhael // 1 thread

    I know HS2 aren't very cooperative with cycling needs but I was wondering if anyone would have any influence to bear on them with this.

    They have closed lane 1 of Hampstead Road before Granby Terrace for no reason I can see. They don't corral deliveries in it, they don't store plant in it, they don't even park in it. It seems to be closed for no reason other than that they can close it.

    Motor traffic at this part of Hampstead Road is always speeding as quickly as it can between the bottle-necks of Euston Road and Mornington Crescent. It is unpleasant and dangerous having to merge with fast moving lane 2 traffic. Is there any way we can ask HS2 to allow cycles to pass on lane 1?

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  • Cambridge Biomedical Campus Transport Needs Review

    Created by Sam Webster // 2 threads

    Cambridge Biomedical Campus Transport Needs Review report came out a couple of weeks ago.  Whilst some of it is good, I think the cycling stuff is poor in general:

    1. They look at cyclist safety in the surrounding area but due to the dates and area selected, they claim no fatalities.  Ignoring Steve Moir's death is insensitive at best.
    2. I didn't see any mention of NCR 11 passing through the site which suggests to me they didn't even realise
    3. A tiny bit about air pollution but the word climate doesn't even appear
    4. 'The segregated route alongside the CGB' - Do they mean segregated from buses?!
    5. 'Site observations showed the route alongside the Busway to the west of the site to be particularly well used by pedestrians and cyclists and of high quality'.  It's unsafe due to lack of separation from buses and pedestrians, too narrow for numbers and given speed differences over bridge and crosswinds.
    6. Nothing about the bus stops in mandatory cycle lanes
    7. Section 5.3.3 - peak counts/hour would be very useful
    8. 'Site visit observations suggest that cycling infrastructure near to CBC is currently performing well with the current demand' - CGB path is way over capacity at peak times.  I don't know about the other routes.

    I propose complaining about the standard of the cycling part of the report.

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  • Barnet Air Quality Action Plan 2017-2021

    Created by JonC // 1 thread

    Barnet Council say:


    ...So that we can continue to improve air quality across the borough we have produced a new draft Air Quality Action Plan 2017- 2022 (AQAP) which is also part of the council’s duty to contribute to London Local Air Quality Management.

    This new plan builds on our previous plan and outlines the steps the council will take from 2017 to 2022 to improve air quality across the borough. The plan gives details on how the council will:

    - continue to meet its statutory obligations for managing air quality;
    - work across many council services and with partners to minimise emissions from transport, existing buildings, and new developments, including Brent Cross and other regeneration projects within the borough;
    - continue to raise awareness of air quality issues to the public and encourage residents to do their bit to reduce levels of pollution and raise awareness of the importance to reduce their exposure to poor air quality; and
    - work in partnership with others to press for more action to be taken at all levels of government.

    We are now consulting with residents on the contents and the actions we have identified in our draft Air Quality Action Plan 2017 - 2022. To find out more about our proposals please take the time to read the full Air Quality Action Plan 2017 - 2021 here.

    Why We Are Consulting

    Our draft Air Quality Action Plan will ensure we can continue to monitor how we are doing and sets out clear targets on what we want to achieve by 2022.

    Before we finalise the draft plan we want to give residents the opportunity to have their say to ensure the plan is appropriate for all our local communities.

    The consultation is open to everyone and asks your views on the overall document, its actions and how we can all support this work.

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  • Historic Core Conservation Area Appraisal

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 1 thread

    Cambridge City Council is consulting on an update to its Historic Core Conservation Area Appraisal.

    The Historic Core Conservation Area Appraisal covers 70+ streets in the city centre which are defined according to their significance. This significance can be their historical, architectural or social impact on the character and appearance of Cambridge.

    The original appraisal, which was published in 2006, has been reviewed to ensure that it is up to date with any new developments within the city centre, and that any new pressures on the historic heart of Cambridge are recognised. This revised document is now out to public consultation.

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  • Greenhill - "Improving traffic flow and reliability"

    Created by Dexter Johnstone // 1 thread

    The council are "considering ways to further ease congestion, reduce journey times and improve road safety in the area. "
    Initial plans were scrapped as they deemed too expensive.
    They were planning to part fund the scheme with £350,000 of Sustainable Transport Exemplar Program money which is supposed to be spent on cycling links and other sustainable transport links.

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  • Waterfront development

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 2 threads

    According to the Evening Star a developer has purchased the wine rack.
    The proposal involves calling for a multi storey car park although the developer also acknowledges the very high traffic volumes on the Star Lane gyratory.
    To make it more appealing for people to access the Waterfront from the town centre he proposes an elevated pedestrian walkway.

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  • Underpass unfit for cycle use

    Created by litwardle // 0 threads

    The most frustrating part of the journey is when I get to the square. To get to Castle Street you either have to cycle under the bridge. This underpass is far to narrow and has blind entry..It makes a heart racing cycle when someone comes in the opposite direction narrowly avoiding collision! The surface is also very slippery in the wet. The only way to avoid this is by continuing to the T junction at the square and turning left... Ooops No left turn!! Of course, even if you could there is no way to get to castle street without going over the bridge and doubling back! Any improvement here would make a huge difference!

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  • Warwick Road Congestion

    Created by Jon_B // 1 thread

    Warwick Road is marked as an "Advisory Cycle Route" on the Suffolk County Council cycle map.

    However, in morning rush hour it is frequently backed up a considerable distance heading south towards the traffic-light controlled 4 way junction with St Helens Street / Spring Road / Grove Lane.

    There is an ASL on these lights, but in practice the carriageway is too narrow to allow cycles to pass the stopped traffic on the left hand side - particularly as the route is used by buses which occupy the space right up to the kerb.

    Overtaking on the right is not a safe option where there is queue of stopped traffic as this is a two-way road with the added complication of traffic pulling out from Lancaster Road.

    Given that the motorised traffic flow seems to be mainly south bound it would seem appropriate to make this a one-way street with a proper cycle lane including changing the phasing of the lights to allow cycles an advance phase to make the turn into Spring Road / St Helens Street.

    One-way flow up another of the cross streets (probably Palmerston Road ) in the Northbound direction would complete the "loop" for cars and also ease traffic flow on that road which is currently difficult for cars or bikes to negotiate in a northbound direction in rush hour.

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  • Carmageddon: Improving Congestion Message Signs in Cambridge

    Created by // 3 threads

    On Hills Rd Bridge (etc) a large message sign displaying 5 lines of text and two screens warns of delays because of upcoming building work in central Cambridge (Lensfield Rd etc)

    I am minded to write to the city early on Monday

    Re: Message signs warning of congestion due to street works

    Dear Madam, Sir,

    We would like to make an suggestion regarding the text displayed on the mobile message signs currently warning of major road works and congestion. Our suggestions would be to add the words “Thanks for cycling” and “Try the bicycle to avoid delays” (alternating).

    We believe it is entirely appropriate to use any major road-works as an opportunity to encourage the use of active transportation, because it is proven to reduce congestion. Such messages will also deliver an important message about the status of cycling in the city. The expression of gratitude expressed in the first suggestion is especially important, as it sets a tone of public appreciation.

    We would also like to remind you that a recent Freeway closure in Los Angeles was widely advertised by local authorities as “Carmageddon” and residents were encouraged to participate in local bike rides, organised by the regional transportation authority (METRO), to overcome the expected delays. Given our own little Carmageddon, should Cambridge not do the same ?

    Feedback please, contacts, CCs to the press, Travel to work, etc

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  • Park Street car park to be demolished?

    Created by cobweb // 5 threads

    This is an idea, reported in the Cambridge News, to demolish the Park Street car park and rebuild it, so that the car parking is underground but leaving the cycle parking above ground. Flats would be built on top.

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