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  • East-West Cycle Superhighway - phase 2 consultation

    Created by Rosie Downes // 11 threads

    TfL are consulting on plans for the East-West cycle superhighway in Hyde Park and St James's Park. The proposals can be seen at

    The LCC office has set up this thread to facilitate discussion in advance of submitting its response to the consultation. The consultation closes on 29th March.

    To ensure that your comments will be taken into account when composing LCC’s response please make sure that your registered identity on Cyclescape includes your full name and whether you are a member of LCC and any local LCC group. (You can add these details by clicking on your name at the top of the page and then the Edit Profile tab.)

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  • Elsinore Way/A316 - TFL consultation on removal of section of cycle track

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 1 thread

    Google streetview link:

    From TFL:
    Elsinore Way junction with the A316 Lower Richmond Road

    Please find attached a letter that will be sent to local residents regarding proposed changes to the junction of Elsinore Way and the A316 Lower Richmond Road.

    We propose to cut back the kerb immediately to the east (upstream) of the junction, to allow a better turning circle and prevent turning vehicles coming onto the kerb and the cycle path. A shared cycle/pedestrian space will be marked around this junction. Please see the plan attached.

    We are consulting the local community for their opinions regarding the proposals and we would also like to know your views. The consultation is open until 21 June 2013. Please let us know your views on the proposals by visiting our consultation website at, emailing us at (with ‘Elsinore Way’ in the Subject line).

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  • TfL Consultation on Finchley Road - Boundary Road

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    TfL proposes some changes related to the QuietWay "Gladstone Park to Regents Park, see map

    Their proposals

    Finchley Road

    1. Ban the left turn for all northbound traffic (motor vehicles and cycles) from Finchley Road into Boundary Road. (Note "And Cycles"!)

    2. Extend the northbound bus lane on Finchley Road

    3. Changes to traffic islands to provide extra space and protection for cyclists travelling east-west along Boundary Road and crossing Finchley Road, as well as providing an improved waiting area for southbound cyclists turning right into Boundary Road from Finchley Road

    4. A new 5-metre part-width Advanced Stop Line (ASL) with early release (a few seconds) on Finchley Road for cyclists travelling southbound.

    5. Widen the existing pedestrian crossing to 3.2 metres on the southern arm of the Finchley Road junction

    6. Enlarge the footway on the south-west corner of the junction,

    Boundary Road

    7. A new 3.2 metre wide signal controlled pedestrian crossing on the western arm of Boundary Road

    8. Relocate and resize traffic islands to improve cyclists’ comfort

    9. Widen the existing pedestrian crossing to 3.2 metres on the eastern arm of Boundary Road

    10. Widen the central cycle feeder lane on the western arm of Boundary Road

    11. Replace speed cushions with a ‘sinusoidal’ speed hump across the full width of the carriageway on the west arm of Boundary Road

    12. New cyclist detection system on Boundary Road, meaning cyclists no longer have to use a push button to activate the traffic signals to cross or access Finchley Road

    See the consultation at:

    Reply by 27th September 2015.

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  • TfL consultation on junction Farringdon Road/Calthorpe Street/Margery Street

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 2 threads

    N-S Cycle Superhighway consultation

    TfL proposed that the N-S Cycle Superhighway should stop at Greville Street but LCC's response to the consultation stated that the route should continue on Farringdon Road to at least the junction with Calthorpe and Margery Street (under discussion here).

    After the consultation TfL replied that they would explore options north of Stonecutter Street(which is actually south of Greville Street!). The N-S Cycle Superhighway may be completed by Spring 2016 but we have no date for it being extended any further north.

    Link to our discussion on CycleScape


    Junction Kings Cross Road/Farringdon Road/Calthorpe Street/Margery Street

    See consultation on TfL's website at:

    which has a link to their junction plan

    Plan to build September 2015


    TfL's proposals include the following:

    On Farringdon Road - Grays Inn Road

    - right turn pocket for northbound cyclists turning into Margery Street

    -1.5 m advisory cycle lane on Kings Cross Road for cyclists travelling southbound with one instead of two motor lanes and on northbound carriageway north of the junction

    - footway build outs

    Calthorpe Street

    - longer ASL and low-level early release signals

    - footway build out

    Margery Street
    - widen contraflow
    - longer ASL box and low-level early release signals

    Immediate issues:

    - no space for cycling on Farringdon Road south of the junction

    - northbound approach on Farringdon Road left hook issue

    - no attempt to provide protection for cyclists crossing the junction; Farringdon Road is wide enough to put in the infrastructure needed for a separate signal stage for northbound cyclists or for "hold the left turn".

    - the early release signals are only as effective as a longer ASl box, not protecting cycles that arrive during the green stage.

    Dates: consultation 20 February 2015; reply due 6 April 2015.

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  • The TfL North-South cycle superhighway consultation

    Created by George Coulouris // 4 threads

    Full details of the consultation are at:
    closing date for comments is 19 October 2014.

    Camden Cyclists we propose to send a response to this consultation on behalf of our members. This will focus only on the part within Camden (the section between Charterhouse Street and Euston Road - as detailed on the map attached). But note that the alignment of the route north of Greville Street is not agreed between Camden and TfL and is not formally considered a part of the consultation.

    So it makes sense to have two discussion threads for the sections in Camden south and north of Greville Street.

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  • Wandsworth Gyratory - TfL scheme with zero cycle lanes!

    Created by CycleSi // 2 threads

    TfL are undertaking major junction improvements at several gyratory systems. All of them include protected cycle lanes/tracks, except Wandsworth!

    The local London Cycle Campaign group is not campaigning and virtually defunct. We desperately need to organise local cyclists and campaigners all over London and beyond to challenge this bizarre scheme.

    Oval, Vauxhall, Elephant & Castle, Stockwell, Archway, Aldgate, etc, etc are all getting extensive safe space for cycling.

    TfL for some reason (I suspect the blame lies with the borough) have instead decided to claim that the awful shared footpaths and streets with no cycling infrastructure at all that have been designated as 'cycle routes' form part of a 'cycle network'. They are even planning to have Cycle Superhighway 8 run along Wandsworth High Street with not even a painted cycle lane - cyclists will be mixed in with extremely heavy bus traffic.

    It seems like no-one is talking about this other than me!! Seriously-argh!!!!

    Suggestions, ideas, offers to help campaign all welcome.

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  • Buckingham Palace - Spur Road

    Created by Colin Wing // 1 thread

    Spur Road and the road in front of Buckingham Palace form a section of the East-West Cycle Superhighway between Constitution Hill and Birdcage Walk.

    The plans that Transport for London presented to the public for consultation in February-March 2015 failed to include any specific proposals for this section. Following successful campaigning by cyclists, TfL published proposals on 20th August 2015 for consultation up till 4th October 2015.

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  • A21 Bromley Common / Hastings Road and A233 Oakley Road junction improvement

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Working together with interested parties - including cycling, pedestrian and motorised road user organisations – we have reviewed the design of a number of key junctions identified as having road safety or other significant issues for cyclists and / or pedestrians.

    This junction was identified as having a particular cycle safety problem. We have therefore developed proposals to improve safety at the junction, in particular for cyclists.

    The responses to this consultation will help inform our decsion making as to whether we go ahead with the scheme as proposed or make changes to the scheme.

    Why We Are Consulting
    Our review of this junction has shown that there is a road safety issue for cyclists, in particular those travelling northbound along the A21.

    Our proposals for this junction are designed to improve sight lines to make it easier for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians to see each other and hence improve junction safety. In addition the opportunity will be taken to improve the informal pedestrian crossings to make these more visible and easier to use.

    Our proposed improvements include:

    Amended A21 and Oakley Road junction layout to bring the junction closer to a right angle – this will improve sight lines

    The cycle lane on A21 north bound (towards Bromley) will be widened to increase the separation of cyclists from other road users.

    Revised informal pedestrian crossings will be provided across Oakley Road and across A21 Hastings Road. A central island will allow roads to be crossed in stages. Informal crossing points offer pedestrians a safe point to cross, with tactile pavement for those with visual impairments.

    The right turn from Hastings Road to Church Road, which is not currently physically possible, will be specifically prohibited. The revised junction layout would make this a possible manoeuvre but it would conflict with right turning traffic into Oakley Road from the north and would not be a safe movement.

    We are not changing any other aspects of the junction. Traffic will still only be able to turn left (north) towards Bromley from Oakley Road, while Church Road will remain one way eastbound, with changes to the kerb layout to deter illegal movements.

    The map below illustrates our proposals.

    You can have your say on our proposals by following the link at the bottom of the page.

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  • A316 Marksbury Avenue crossing

    Created by timlennon // 1 thread

    Text of message from TfL:


    We are proposing to convert the current dual PUFFIN crossing at the above location to a dual TOUCAN crossing, formalising the facility for cyclists.
    The initial design is attached, which includes localised resurfacing of footways and some carriageway works. A lighting assessment has also been undertaken which recommends a full lantern replacement of the columns retaining all lighting columns once structural testing has been completed and passed.

    We also propose to extend the shared use footway further north on Marksbury Avenue and further south on Manor Grove to enable safer entry/exits for cyclists to the TOUCAN crossing.

    The impact (if any) is currently being determined by Traffic Signals.

    If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me have these by cop Friday 27th June.

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  • TfL Consultation: Cycle and pedestrian improvements on the A21 Bromley Road from its junction with Canadian Avenue and Bargery Road, to Culverley Road

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Transport for London (TfL) would like your views on our proposals to make cycle and pedestrian improvements at the above location.

    Why We Are Consulting
    Canadian Avenue and Bargery Road form part of the London Cycle Network (LCN) in Lewisham. However, cyclists and pedestrians find it difficult to cross the A21 Bromley Road in the area, and there are a high number of cycle collisions on Bromley Road at its junction with Canadian Avenue. These proposals are aimed at reducing traffic speeds and making the area safer for cyclists and pedestrians.


    A mandatory 2 metre wide cycle lane is proposed on Bromley Road southbound, from Culverley Road to the bus stop just south of Bargery Road. Bromley Road will be reduced from two to one lane southbound to accommodate the cycle lane. Traffic islands on Bromley Road around Bargery Road will allow physical segregation between the mandatory southbound cycle lane and other traffic, and kerb build-outs on Bargery Road will slow traffic at the junction itself.

    A 1.5 metre mandatory northbound cycle lane, widening to 2 metres, is proposed from south of Canadian Avenue to north of the junction where it merges with the existing bus lane on Bromley Road. The Canadian Avenue exit lanes onto Bromley Road will be reduced from two to one lane by building-out the kerb and providing a raised table to reduce the speed of those turning left towards Catford.


    A staggered zebra crossing across Bromley Road is proposed south of the junction with Canadian Avenue, with shared use areas on either side for pedestrians and cyclists (although cyclists must dismount to use the crossing). A new informal crossing is also proposed just north of the junction with dropped kerbs and tactile paving.

    The pedestrian refuge opposite St Laurence Church will be relocated further south towards Penerley Road where the road is slightly wider, so that the proposed cycle lane is a consistent 2 metres in width.

    Please see the drawing for more details:

    The width restriction into Canadian Avenue will remain.

    Given no unforeseen delays we intend to make these improvements in Autumn 2014.

    How to comment on the proposals:

    Please give us your views by completing the online form below by Friday 28 February 2014.

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  • TfL Consultation: Proposed improvements at the Nag’s Head on A1 Holloway Road

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    A1 Holloway Road - Nag's Head
    Transport for London (TfL) has developed proposals to improve road safety for pedestrians and cyclists on the A1 Holloway Road in the Nag’s Head area.

    The main objective of the scheme is to put in place a pedestrian crossing on the A1 Holloway Road, enabling people to cross the road easily and safely and to improve access to businesses on the south-western side of the road.

    In summary, the proposed measures include the following:

    New signalised pedestrian crossing outside the Nag’s Head Shopping Centre

    New cycle lanes in both directions

    Advanced stop lines added to the junctions of Holloway Road and Tollington Road/Camden Road and Seven Sisters/Parkhurst Road

    Resurfacing of the footway and carriageway
    In order to make space for these improvements some other changes are required. These include

    Relocation of the northbound bus stop (Stop L) approximately 50m north of its existing location

    Changes to parking and loading provision, with and overall slight reduction in parking and loading availability

    Loss of one small tree on the median island where the crossing will be located. There may also be the potential loss of one other small tree and two relatively mature trees due to kerb cutbacks required in order to relocate the bus stop.

    Relocation of several items of street furniture including the removal of a redundant telephone box
    The proposals are shown on the attached map. In addition to these proposals, an informal pedestrian crossing with a central refuge island is planned for the A1 Holloway Road adjacent to Jackson Road.

    All of the measures that we propose are subject to change as a result of this consultation. Given no unforeseen issues, it is anticipated that the scheme will be implemented in Spring 2014.

    Please gives us your views by completing our online consultation form below by Monday 6 January 2014.

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  • TfL Consultation: Bricklayers Arms Roundabout – Subway Closure

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Bricklayers Arms Roundabout – Subway Closure
    Transport for London (TfL) is proposing to make changes to the roundabout to improve personal safety for people crossing the junction.

    In June 2012 a pedestrian survey of the footway and subway system was carried out. The survey showed that between 50-70 crossing movements are made through each of the subway bores between 7am-7pm, with the majority of people preferring to use the crossings at ground level. A key factor in this is the design of the central island and subway network, which attracts crime and anti-social behaviour

    The main scope of the work being proposed is to block up the subways and improve the crossings at street level. Further detail is outlined below and on the attached plan:

    Decommissioning and infilling of the subway bores, ramps and stairs;

    Re-paving of the perimeter footways.

    Providing a new street level crossing facility to increase accessibility to the northeast corner (Tower Bridge Road) of the roundabout.

    Removal of the concrete wall which surrounds the roundabout.

    Improved street lighting.

    Retention of mature trees and new tree planting.

    The subway closure works are programmed to commence from mid-February.

    If you have any questions or comments about these proposals please contact us by 8 February 2013.

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  • TfL Consultation: Further safety improvements at Bow roundabout

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Further safety improvements at Bow roundabout
    Transport for London (TfL) is working with interested parties - including cycling, road user and safety organisations - to review and improve cycling provision at junctions.

    Why We Are Consulting
    As part of this work, we have developed proposals to further improve safety at Bow roundabout.

    What we’re proposing and why

    Bow roundabout is a key junction for cyclists travelling between central and east London.

    Cycle Early Start
    A cycle early-start would operate at the traffic signals on the westbound approach to Bow roundabout.

    This would provide a dedicated green light to allow cyclists to wait ahead of other traffic before moving onto the roundabout.

    A new mandatory cycle lane on the westbound approach would allow cyclists to get to the roundabout entrance without having to filter through traffic.

    The early-start area would be 18 metres deep, so there's a clear space for cyclists in front of any traffic.

    This cycle early-start would improve safety, due to the reduced risk of conflict between cyclists travelling straight ahead and vehicles turning left. It would also provide a quick and direct route through the roundabout for cyclists.

    The eastbound early-start was completed in June 2012. Our provisional monitoring to date shows that the eastbound early-start has been effective in reducing the left turning conflict risk that it was designed to address. It also shows that the cycle lane on the approach is well-used, with significantly fewer cyclists using the footway than before. We will continue to monitor and analyse the operation of these facilities.

    Cycle Bus Stop By-Pass
    TfL is proposing to introduce a new cycle lane around the back of the bus stop on the approach to the roundabout to help cyclists get ahead of other traffic and reduce the risk of conflict between cyclists and buses pulling in and out of the bus stop.

    To accommodate the new cycle lane, the bus lay by would be filled in so buses would stop on the carriageway instead. .

    Please click here to see the map for further information on the proposals.

    We continue to explore further improvements for cyclists and pedestrians as part of planned longer-term regeneration of the Bow area.

    We intend to begin work at the roundabout in January 2013. We’ll write to residents and businesses nearer the time to advise on the timing and impact of construction work.

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  • TfL Consultation: Proposed improvements at the junction of Mile End Road and Burdett Road

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Transport for London (TfL) is working with interested parties - including cycling, road user and safety organisations - to review and improve cycling provision at junctions. As part of this work, we have developed proposals to improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists at the junction of Mile End Road and Burdett Road.

    Why We Are Consulting
    About the proposed changes:

    Our review of the current junction layout showed that there is an above average level of collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists coming into conflict with turning vehicles.

    The proposed improvements are shown on the attached plan and include:

    Removal of the slip roads to reduce the potential for conflict between vehicles and cyclists.

    Reducing crossing distances and number of crossings for pedestrians

    New mandatory cycle lanes on Mile End Road and Grove Road to allow cyclists easier access to the advanced stop line.

    Increased cycle parking around the junction.

    Wider traffic islands, new trees and levelled footways.

    New street lighting system to be combined with traffic signals to create more space on the footways.

    To incorporate the above benefits, we will also need to change the traffic lights operation to allow vehicles to exit Grove Road and Burdett Road at the same time.

    Please click here to view the map for further information on our proposals. We plan to begin works in early 2013.

    How to comment on the proposals:

    Please give us your views by completing the online consultation form below. You can also contact TfL’s Consultation Team at: Please let us know your views by 10 December 2012

    About the Better Junctions programme:

    TfL is making it easier and safer for people to cycle in London. As part of this work, we’re meeting with a number of different organisations to review and improve junctions on the Barclays Cycle Superhighways and the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN). We’re planning a variety of improvements, ranging from initial upgrades at some locations, to more substantial and innovative redevelopment at others. Please see for more information.

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  • TfL Consultation: Proposed banned left turn from Tower Bridge Road into Abbey Street

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Transport for London (TfL) is working with interested parties - including cycling and road safety organisations - to review and improve cycling provision at major junctions across London. Please see for more information.

    Why We Are Consulting
    As part of this work we are developing proposals to improve safety at the junction of Tower Bridge Road and Abbey Street.

    What we’re proposing and why

    We are proposing to ban the left turn from Tower Bridge Road into Abbey Street to reduce the potential for conflict between cyclists and left-turning vehicles. Traffic counts show that fewer than 4 vehicles per hour make this turn at peak time.

    We intend to ban the left turn towards the end of December 2012 and will advertise the changes to the Traffic Order in November.

    Other planned changes at the Tower Bridge Road/Abbey Street junction

    We are also developing proposals for more substantial improvements for cyclists and pedestrians at this junction, including improved pedestrian crossing facilities. More information will be available early next year, once these proposals have been developed further.

    Earlier this year we marked-out Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs) in green and put blind spot safety mirrors on the signals at the junction so cyclists are more visible to vehicles turning.

    Please click here to view map for further information on the proposals.

    Have your say

    Please give us your views by completing the online consultation form below by 14 November 2012.

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